Lasted 6 months9/9/2007 4:12:29 PM

Pros: worked good for awhile, extended the usefulness of the socket 939 components I have

Cons: 6 months isn't that long to permanently blue screen and take out 2 gigs of XMS high $ ram with it.

Overall Review: Never could get the raid to work, voltage readouts on process monitors showed them to be low on the 12v side at all times. Since it was a return for a year, the other one's on its way, I might keep it for a backup. Newegg rocks for service, have to say, even if I did have to buy a replacement overnight system to cover the rma time. They kept their end of the warranty aggreement with absolutey no hassle. One of the main reasons I do bidness here.

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Great bang for buck9/9/2007 3:49:04 PM

Pros: THis stuff is every bit as good as the XMS CAS2 stuff I paid over twice as much for. Inexpensive Reliable

Cons: cons... does that mean negatives ? Can't think of any

Overall Review: I'm still using a lot of this PC3200 ram in cheap rebuilds for systems originating within the last couple years. Wish it was this cheap when it was cutting edge.

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Good stuff3/13/2007 6:07:52 PM

Pros: Does what it advertises. After building a few handfuls of systems over the last 10 years, I've come to rely on Corsair, whether it's the Value-Slect or the XMS. (now, where's my free promo ?) :)

Cons: None

Overall Review: You can't beat the price / quality of this if you're looking at using PC3200. I just built a new system using a socket 939 and a single core for dirt cheap that rivals anything you can get at the Big Boy Stores

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Fast, Furious and Cheap3/13/2007 6:03:17 PM

Pros: What can be said that hasn't already been said ? This is an awesome price for this cpu. I actually downgraded from a Core2 Duo e6400 because a few of my programs didn't work well with dual core. I don't really notice any speed difference, but I'm sure the benchmarks are probably slower.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The packaging was ok, the cpu was sandwiched between two anti-stat foam squares inside a plastic container, and I had no bent pins. The savings of the mobo/cpu combo paid for the Hurry Up on the order, that was cool. ~ Thanks, 'Egg

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Good bang for the buck3/13/2007 5:58:09 PM

Pros: Great graphics, vivid colors, plays CounterStrike Source like butter. Same with Battlefield 2 and the choppers in Battlefield Vietnam got even better These were the only games I was having stuttering issues with on my 6800XT, so the upgrade was noticeable

Cons: hmmm. I'll get back with you if I find any

Overall Review: Runs about 20 degrees C cooler than my other 6800XT. (idles at 40+ instead of 60+) Kind of long, it blocks quick access to my ram on my micro-atx board, but now that I also bought more ram for the other box, I don't really worry about it

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No PATA RAID3/13/2007 8:02:36 AM

Pros: Has everything a full ATX board has. Price was good.

Cons: I bought this because I'd read reviews all over about how the nVidia RAID will work with both the SATA and PATA drives, but the board does NOT have this option... and I'm pretty bummed. The user manual is supposedly on a CD with the drivers. Really good place for it when you're trying to figure the setup out.

Overall Review: If I'd known the RAID didn't work, I would not have bought this board. Foxconn's website is no help for issues like this.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
What Kamariki Means:10/4/2006 2:51:36 PM

Pros: Kamariki is actually Japanese for: "We pwn 50% of Japan's psu market for a reason or two ~ great voltages, great balanced power, long and sheathed cabling, platinum-ish shiny case, quiet, cool ~ so why are you not buying this today ?"

Cons: None yet, I'll surely update if it loses the magic.

Overall Review: Actually, I don't know what the real meaning of Kamariki is, btw, but that pretty much sums up my opinion so far.

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Floppy ?9/13/2006 7:13:41 PM

Pros: Great features.

Cons: No floppy support ? Yet it comes with RAID drivers on a floppy disk ? What's the RAID installation secret ?

Overall Review: If it had a floppy, I'd consider buying this board.

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2 bad in a row9/13/2006 4:39:47 PM

Pros: As of now, I can't think of any pros

Cons: This is the second Masscool I got i a week, and this is worse than the first. 12 volt rail fluctuates from 11.71 to 11.77, and that's before anything even loads, because Windows won't even stay running long enough to get tests. The rest of the voltages are off, also, like, 4.7 for the 5 volt, 1.2 for the 1.5 volt.

Overall Review: So, we now have two Plus and 2 Minus votes for this psu. Maybe I just got unlucky, but..... I won't be trying a third one.

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Followup on Awesome9/11/2006 4:42:37 PM

Pros: Addendum to first post. The motherboard risers are already BUILT IN. The extras are for different sized motherboards' possible configuration differences. They screw into the hole that are not raised.

Cons: None

Overall Review: A little common sense goes a long way. The instructions are sparse, but this isn't a difficult case to assemble. Everything WILL fit perfectly and if it doesn't, double check how you're doing / affixing it.

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Low 12v9/11/2006 4:35:23 PM

Pros: It appears well made. Sheathed cables.

Cons: 12 volt rail drops to 11.77, spontaneous lockups when using it as UT LAN server. ;(

Overall Review: Works ok in another new system that is configured with 4-250 SATA drives in RAID 0+1, 2-120mm fans, single CD-RW. Repeatedly runs Passmark Burnin Test with no errors, while running a Spyware Detector full scan at the same time. I have another one on order, I'll review that one for an average of the two, but 11.77 is unacceptable for a 460 w psu.

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Awesome9/11/2006 3:08:10 PM

Pros: Stylish, black, 2 - 120mm fans, true screwless drive rails, builtin mobo standoffs, hidden drives, good engineering, rolled edges, lots of room, just heavy enough... was fun figuring out how stuff went together ;)

Cons: None, just none at all. All hardware was included, nothing missing or broken... it even survived UPS, although they tried, the corner of the box was torn up.

Overall Review: I'm amazed at the price to quality and engineering that you get with this case. I'll buy it again and again for my custom builds. Too bad the plain black face was a few bucks more than the silver shuttered one, they're the same case. I love the Rosewill logo for some reason. The fans are acceptable as far as noise, and it's right next to me. Not silent, but not tornados.

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Well, it works....9/1/2006 8:18:52 AM

Pros: Use your DDR ram and AGP card and still be uber fast. Great crossover board to extend the life of your (probably not extinct) video and ram.

Cons: Does not like SATA single drive for boot drive. According to tech support, will ONLY run a max of 4 drives TOTAL, regardless of how many ports you have. grrrrrrrr.

Overall Review: Other than the goofy Intel heatsink fastening system (suxxors number 10), and the serious lack of drive support, this board works quite well. Overclocks ok, and you save a ton of bux on extending your existing ram and agp. I can play BF2 like butter now.

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Took awhile...8/25/2006 7:28:55 AM

Pros: Good cross-over option to run Conroe and 'older' tech ram and vid card. ~ 20-pin plug ~ Overclockable ~ Inexpensive compared to other Conroe capable boards. Increased my FPS by 50 to 100 FPS in UT2004 with no Vid Card unlocking !! Did I mention... Conroe ready ? :)

Cons: Where to start... Took over 7 hours to get a working system up because of 1) Old Bios that couldn't be upgraded in DOS because they had an incomplete bios at their site... grrrr, which meant, the SATA and Conroe support was really lacking. Could NOT ever get the SATA drive to be the boot disk, it would not reboot after installing Windows. Ended up using the old ATA as the boot drive and the SATA as the program drive.

Overall Review: Considering the hours spent vs. the money saved, it's a tossup. If you had to pay someone to do what I went thru, you might end up spending more. However, that said, once I got it up and running, it overclocks very well for the price. I'm running older DDR ram at 285, CAS 2.5 so far, and the benchmaks are right up there with the 6700 and 6800 in places, so far without a hiccup . Can't even see an AMD reference around me. ;) But, it's getting to where you can't really tell all the big a difference real life. How much faster is a 1/8'th blink of an eye ? This upgrade should last awhile if the mobo holds out. Benchmarks put it about almost twice the speed of my X3400 AMD.

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Update to previous review7/26/2006 7:42:18 AM

Pros: This ram is a lot more awesome than I realized. I use an nForce 3 250Gb chipset, and I didn't know that when using double sided ram, it drops the FSB to 333. Since I had my Mem set manually to 200, I never noticed. >see Other Thoughts<

Cons: absolutely none

Overall Review: So essentially, I was trying to run mixed ram at a much higher fsb than the board was supposed to default to. Anyway, two sticks of this will run at 400 Mhz easily, but not much more on this board. Sorta bummed that the board drops speed with more ram. grrrr. time for upgrade.... did I hear conroe whispered in my ear...

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Not for fine graphics work7/15/2006 7:05:49 AM

Pros: Great mouse for gaming, it improved my frag percentage, no doubt. The 'on-the-fly' resolution change isn't fast, but it's better than nothing. It feels good in your hand after awhile of getting used to the weight.

Cons: It's either the mouse or the Setpoint software from Logitech, but this is the absolute WORST mouse I've ever used in graphic design that requires precise control of the cursor. It will NOT draw a smooth line either straight or curved in Flash. You can see it jump around, even at the slowest settings. Logitech tech support is pretty lame. Their forum is full of fluff comments that do NOT address the issues presented.

Overall Review: If I had my $xx back, I'd not spend it on this mouse. This is one of the worst things I've bought for an 'upgrade'.

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2 gigs is a plus7/11/2006 9:40:49 AM

Pros: Corsair. XMS. what more can you say. Fast, and it works with the other stick that I purchased separately, but the same 'model' number. 2 Gigs definately made a difference in my system.

Cons: Pricey, but I guess it all is. D-ramurai price structuring ?

Overall Review: I use Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver a lot. A Flash movie I'm working on used to take right at 120 seconds to render. It now takes 95. Over time, all day, that's saving a lot of time. Battlefield 2 used to run choppy, and now it runs a LOT smoother, and when I close out of the game, the desktop is instantly back and useable like nothing happened. It used to take almost a minute to get back to normal. Smoother, faster UT2004, but the bots are also faster. grrrrr. Running X64 XP3400 Socket 754 Single Channel (no dual channel in 754), but it still rocks., and an unlocked 6800XT not overclocked. Don't forget to make your Pagefile LARGER also, for the virtual swap that XP does. (read around) If you've got the extra $100+ and multitask big programs, this is probably going to make your d

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Verified Owner
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Not bad, better than stock7/11/2006 9:29:55 AM

Pros: Heatpipe technology, copper/aluminum, big fan, low noise. Installed effortlessly on an 8kda3i board.

Cons: ~none really~

Overall Review: Seems to do a good job cooling for the price. My temps used to hit the 60's (C) when hard gaming, now, like 51 max. I run Cool N Quiet also, so normal temps are in the 30's. Can't complain, and no water mess ;)

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Button action ;(6/15/2006 6:41:03 AM

Pros: Great sensitivity and resolution for gaming. On-the-fly resolution switching, also programmable for up to 5 settings. My unofficial frag test has definately improved at least 10%, and that's a good thing. The braided cord sheath is nice. Makes the cord a bit stiffer, should maybe give it some longevity, like you ever had a cord get worn out... ? hhaha

Cons: The middle wheel (press down) button is useless because of the side-tilt buttons, and the fact that you have to press down hard. When you try to press down, you almost ALWAYS hit the tilt buttons. VERY VERY irritating. The left click button is developing a 'two-stage' click feel, you can definately hear and feel two distinct clicks and THAT's highly irritating. And this is in under a week, not heavy use at all. I may have to return it at some point in the not so distant future. The two buttons used for resolution changing are placed in a very inconvenient position, just below the wheel, so that you have to take your hand off the mouse and reposition to hit the buttons. Kinda takes away from the advantage of 'on-the-fly' switching. Who designed this thing ? not a gamer, that's for sure. One side button. ONE !!! and lousy wheel buttons. Hmmm. I'm seeing area for improvement... LISTENING LOGITECH ????

Overall Review: My first Logitech mouse in 10 years. Not very impressed with the quality of the buttons, tell the truth. They have a flimsy 'feel' to them, but time will tell. The weights are more of a gimmick than anything else. I mean, c'mon. 20 weights of two different weights to mix and match ? I just stuck all the lighter ones in, and it's fine. $xx for a mouse with lousy buttonage but great resolution. Hmmm. Tossup there. Too bad MS doesn't make a gameing mouse with a cord.

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Does the job6/3/2006 9:11:08 AM

Pros: Dropped right in my Socket 754 Epox 8KDA3 board with absolutely no hassle. Not as big as I expected from reading other reviews. Fairly quiet considering the size of the fan.

Cons: none at this point It gets a little crowded around the ram slots with the hsf and the AGP card, but nothing is blocked totally.

Overall Review: I used AS Ceramique instead of the included compound, and I think it takes a few hours to bake in. When I first booted, it was around 40-50 C, but after gaming a few hours, it's down to mid 30's the next day under normal load. One note, though, I cut a hole in the side cover of the case and run a tube to the hsf so that it can draw in fresh outside air directly, and that helps a lot.

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Doesn't play well with others6/3/2006 9:05:04 AM

Pros: By itself, it seems to be fine. The SPD for my X64 AMD 3400 came out as 3-3-3-8, but it appears to handle lower settings of 2-3-2-8-1T very stably.

Cons: I tried to add this to my other XMS CAS2 ram 'farm' of two-256 meg sticks and a single 512 stick, and no matter what configuration or combination I tried, the mix would NOT register in the BIOS or XP. As a single stick, it shows a gig. The other sticks totalled a gig, and the others worked perfectly with each other. I guess I'll have to just get another 1 gig stick eventually. Rather disappointed that I'm still at 1 gig.

Overall Review: I'm using an Epox nForce3 EP-8KDA3 socket 754 board with 3 ram slots.

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So far so good6/3/2006 8:57:52 AM

Pros: It's a 6800 series for a good price. The pipelines on mine seem to be ok when unlocked with Rxxx Txxxr with no artifacts at this point. I haven't overclocked it, and don't intend to. Doing Stat FPS in UT2004 with no bots and all visuals on highest scored a high of 220 spike, low of 97 spike, and average around 130 fps. Very playable. Played Battlefield 1942 on high @ 1024x768, and Quake 3 simply screams.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Considering the price, it's a fair deal without any games included. It came with cable and DVI adapter and driver cd. Made it here in 3 days.

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