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Coolmax 500 Watt Power Supply2/15/2020 8:35:37 AM

Overall Review: The power supply seems well-made. The blue LED fan projects light through the bottom of the case when traditionally mounted in a bottom-located power supply. To illuminate the case interior, the supply must be mounted in a top power supply case. Wires are average length and not sheathed. No problems to date.

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Good Replacement Board10/26/2013 12:02:33 PM

Pros: Good speed and stability for the price. This board replaced a failed motherboard in an Asus PC that was out of warranty. Runs I7 processor just fine. Easy to install and configure. No drama. Works fine with SSD.

Cons: Can't get HDMI sound from motherboard with video card installed. I may have made an error in BIOS settings.

Overall Review: Another good Biostar experience. I have been pleased with their performance and price.

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AMD Performs Nicely!!12/13/2012 5:21:36 AM

Pros: You will like it!! Very good performance even before overclocking. Cooling kit has solid mounting and quality radiator. This processor will carry the freight for the next two years! CPU mounting to the liquid cooler is good quality. Cooler electrical cord connector quality, wire lengths and wire gauges are good. Coolant tubes seem substantial and tube clamps are good. Radiator tapping for mounting screws are nicely done. Washers to spread load on plastic radiator fans are thoughtful touch. LED on cooler is kinda cool and cooler is quiet.

Cons: An inexperienced builder may have questions about installing the CPU/cooler. The instructions should tell you to first remove the plastic CPU cooler mounting flange on the motherboard and make sure the metal CPU retaining ring has its curved edges up. Be sure to tighten evenly mounting screws in 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock order. Don't be rough. Work carefully and try to minimize tube bending during install.

Overall Review: This CPU/Cooler combination is not for a small case. I recommend pulling heat out of case. The radiator is pretty efficient as rendering only requires relatively low radiator fan speeds. I was pleased at performance compared to I-5 and I-7 processors at higher price points. I use both Intel and AMD, and have not been disappointed with price/performance of this AMD product. Viva competition!

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