Really fast, runs hot5/8/2012 11:44:12 AM

Pros: Super fast card that maxes out everything I throw at it. I haven't tried BF3 yet but it's on the list eventually. Maybe I'll update then. Comes with awesome software from EVGA that lets you mod almost every firmware based aspect of the card (fan curves, frequencies (No need to mess with voltages though since it auto-volts everything), you can set alarms if anything goes out of a certain range--- the list goes on.) The card is overclocked from the factory to 900MHz. I've found that even a 50MHz change will net you about 7-10 FPS, so if you really need that extra boost you have a little bit of room to. Just keep in mind that that extra 50MHz will cost you about 5C of temperature, so watch for overheating if you mess around with it.

Cons: Fans are LOUD! if the card starts to get hot. I have my fan curve set to an exponential style curve, so it increases the fans faster as it gets hotter. Keeps it pretty quiet until it hits about 80C and then it ramps way up. Tiny fans (80mm I think) running at 4400 RPM are LOUD! The card runs hot overall I think. My roommate has a GTX 460 from MSI with the twin frozr design and his hits only 60C tops, but this card will easily top 95C if you're running Furmark. Gaming only hits about 75-80 tops but then again I haven't done much uber powerful gaming on it yet.

Overall Review: Runs really quiet at idle; basically no fan noise. Idles around 35-40C. The card definitely looks cool in my case. When the fans ramp up it is indeed loud, however it's not super high pitched, more of just a really loud whooshing noise (2x11 blades running at 4400RPM)

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