MSI GE Series GE72 Apache Pro-242 Gaming Laptop1/7/2016 11:02:27 AM

Pros: - Fast - Lots of bells and whistles for the price - Screen has a great image for gaming showing colors and shadowing very clearly - Keyboard is impressively comfortable for a laptop. - Exhaust fans go out the back, so no hindrance with cooling if you have it set directly on a table. - The packaging was phenomenal!!!

Cons: - many smudges! Not a performance issue, but it can be an eye sore. - Only 1600mhz Ram speed. Honestly, the price difference isn't that huge, 2133 should have been installed with this beast. - Tons of extra software I could "care less about" when trying to initially set up the laptop. Not a huge deal breaker, but an annoyance.

Overall Review: This laptop is a very good buy, one I would recommend to anyone. the color scheme is excellent, and the price for performance is as good as I've found. Another note, which is more of a deal is this. I purchased this laptop less than a week ago, and it went on sale for $50 less than I bought it retail, and now offers a game with purchase. I wish there were some type of way to have a lowest price guarantee when this stuff happens.

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Cryorig R1 Ultimate8/21/2014 3:12:17 AM

Pros: -Moves tons of air -Good color scheme -Great packaging -Design left room for low profile RAM in either pairs -Quiet, QUIET, QUIET!!!

Cons: -Really, REALLY big. This wasn't an issue for case space as I'm running a CM HAF X, however, more on the "flimsiness" of the heatsink itself. This is my first time with a dual tower model, but to me, the heatsinks have a bit of bend to them I was not truly ready for.

Overall Review: Although I listed about the heatsink's flexibility in the cons, I don't see it as enough to take an egg away. I haven't had enough experience with dual tower coolers yet to know if this is a problem, but I do know one thing, it hasn't effected the noise quality this beast has. Great overall purchase!

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ASUS ROG STRIKER - GTX 7608/15/2014 4:46:50 AM

Pros: - Fast - ROG Color Scheme - Easy 100Mhz bump with no other adjutments, with an even higher OC potential - VERY QUIET - ASUS' quality cooling system keeps this card under 65c on load.

Cons: The only thing, and this is not a huge deal, but the heat sink pipe coming out of the top I felt should have been black instead of the chrome. This is a very minor detail to me and does not deserve the taking of an egg.

Overall Review: This card, especially when OD'ed, beats out a GTX 770 with 4Gb at stock or lightly OC'ed (depending on if you OC this card) and costs anywhere from $80-$100 less. TDP with my OC running at 1345 core clock is roughly 235W. Scores on 3dMark hit 31k and change paired with a stock i5 4690k and ASRock z97 FATAL1TY board.

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Coboc Model SC-SATA3-188/13/2014 7:53:11 AM

Pros: Great packaging, color and length was accurate, and the price you can't beat!

Cons: None really, see other thoughts.

Overall Review: The red coloring on the cables looks much darker in the picture than the actual color when I received the product. Its not a huge deal for most, but I will be hiding more of the cable now instead of using them for aesthetic addons for my system.

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Hanns-G HL273HPB Black 27" Monitor5/7/2014 9:31:16 AM

Pros: Fast Shipping, Great Packaging, everything was included that was supposed to be, and great picture!

Cons: Did not come with an HDMI cable. I know this was not listed, and it was a big deal since I have extras, but why advertise a 1080p monitor with no HDMI? This is the only reason for not giving a full 5 eggs.

Overall Review: The base of this monitor for some reason gave me the hardest time. I had to have someone hold the screen while I put decent amount of force to get the screw to start threading. Other than that, this monitor is a dream upgrade from my 19" Optiquest running 1440x900.

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Still #19/14/2011 10:39:26 AM

Pros: -Semi Modular -Cables are very flexible, making it easy to route them wherever you want in the case. -The clips on the connectors (cpu and mobo to be exact) make it much easier to get them connected than most other cables from other psu's that have separated connectors. Nice Touch!

Cons: -Wish the pci-e cables came as double 6-pin connectors instead of single, especially with most mid to high end cards require 2 6-pin connectors.

Overall Review: After 2 DOA's from another company, i decided to go with my original pick for psu's...should have stuck with my gut instinct! Quickly shipped, and the velvet bag is a great touch! Runs very quiet, and as said, the cables are easy to bend and maneuver, making cable management very easy.

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Great Value Board9/10/2011 11:57:55 PM

Pros: -Price -Supports DDR2 -IDE port

Cons: -None

Overall Review: This board is great for people who want to re-birth their older systems. had an old Athlon 64 system that the mobo went bad, ended up putting this mobo in with a phenom ii 555BE processor, and voilla! basically brand spankin new pc for around $125. GREAT BUY Biostar!

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Wow...9/10/2011 11:53:40 PM

Pros: -Price -Black Edition -Easy installation

Cons: -Doesn't tuck me in at night...

Overall Review: -Easy OC to 4.0GHz, and rather cool temps for a 125W cpu. Best bang for your buck for a gaming rig, rating almost identical to the 6-core for an extra $40. At 4.0GHz, ranks a 7.5 on WEI. Not too bad.

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Great Case!8/25/2011 4:45:40 AM

Pros: -Great Cable Management features! -LARGE!!! -Houses any hardware you will find in today's market -Great price for a quality case! -Fans/Air Flow

Cons: -People who complain about the noise or air flow they are getting.

Overall Review: I almost couldn't tell if my case was running with the LED's off. This case keeps quiet and very cool temps for all my hardware. If you are looking for a great case with expansion capability, this is it! I popped a second 200mm fan in from Cooler Master in my top slot, and wow! Not one piece of hardware is over 34c at idle with this masterpiece!

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Great CPU8/25/2011 4:40:00 AM

Pros: -OC is easy through BIOS -Runs very cool

Cons: -Could not unlock disabled cores as they were defective.

Overall Review: This card is everything and more than I expected. I was hoping to unlock some cores, but that is always a gamble. Stable OC hovering around 4.0GHz with a good aftermarket HSF.

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Great HSF!8/25/2011 4:34:44 AM

Pros: -Awesome CPU Temps! -Solid Copper -Very Quiet, even on max rpm settings! -Solid build and feel when mounted.

Cons: -Can be tricky to install as others have said. Take your time, and be patient. -I missed the boat on the massive rebate as i bought this about 2 weeks ago. Still worth the money i spent!

Overall Review: My idle cpu temps are running at 23c with massive OC rates. Although the install was a bit tricky, im rating the product based off of performance...flawless! A recommendation to Zalman, place longer screws in the packs for people, as i had to use the stock backplate on my Sabertooth 990fx to even get threads started. Great HSF, but please include longer screws!

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Newegg Steal!8/25/2011 4:28:37 AM

Pros: -Easy Install -Did you see the price?

Cons: -None

Overall Review: I have no idea why they are practically giving this ram away. This price is just as low as any respectable 4Gb. set, and is from Kingston! If people don't buy this RAM with the sale price it's at, there is something wrong with you! GREAT BUY NEWEGG!

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Great Card ASUS!8/25/2011 4:23:09 AM

Pros: -Easily OC options with MSI Afterburner -Runs cool (48c) on load -SLI Support -Cheap with rebate! -Nice adapters for any monitor hook-up -Very appealing warranty! -Passive Heatsink Install was so easy a noob could do it, and as far as space restrictions, it fit into my roommates NZXT Mid Tower perfectly fine. It will take up 2 PCI slots, so make sure you arent trying to load up your MoBo with all PCI hardware. Best Bang for MY Buck Award!

Cons: -Didn't realize there was a promo code for an EXTRA $10 off... -Like everything else from ASUS, NONE!!!!!

Overall Review: I've built low budget, "muscle" machines for 6 years now, and this is a must have for gamers! Given its specs and price, even if you need a little more, you can get 2 (sli) and still save on the 570 and 580 series. For all you "1 eggerz" because you actually get a lemon, save it. 1 bad card should never deserve 1 egg. ASUS is not just a MoBo company anymore for me! -ASUS Sabertooth 990fx -Phenom II 555BE -Cooler Master 1000W -ASUS GTX 560 from GeForce -Cooler Master HafX Full Tower -Hitachi 1.5Tb HDD 7200rpm SATA 6.0 64mb Cache -Zalman CNPS9900A LED -Kingston HYPERX 8GB (2x4) 1600(12800) MEMORY

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