Perfect drive!!!2/25/2021 11:26:44 AM

Pros: Seems very fast, fasted ext drive I've had and it still on USB 2. Very small footprint and lightweight. Looks good too!!

Cons: The USB cord or cable is extremely short, maybe 18 inches at best.

Overall Review: At 5TB (4.5TB actual) it's lots of storage for me and I very seldom throw out files. If I ever fill this one I will definitely look for this again. Now to see how long it lasts!! Keeping fingers crossed as I love this drive!!!

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Fun one!6/15/2019 12:54:00 PM

Pros: Extremely Stable for being so small and light weight, decent flight time with one battery (is it ever long enough?) Easy to pack along for anywhere fun. Great Price here at Newegg, even at $99 (DJI price) it's a lot of fun for the buck!

Cons: not really a con but.. Should come with two batteries, one at 13 min flight time is just not enough. Not that it will cost an egg but it recharges battery in the unit so no flying while charging if you had multiple batteries. Again not going to take an egg for it but the camera is not something to write home about. Works well for flight and if you do need a snapshot but its going to be low quality compared to what cameras can do now a days.

Overall Review: I have a DJI Phantom 3 Standard too got this for in the house during winter time, its becoming my favorite! I've actually flown this more times in the first two weeks than i have the Phantom 3 in two years. Its just so much fun and so easy to fly using the phone app. Will definitely be getting another battery or two maybe another Tello even!

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Card is a card, works.. reader was junk!5/21/2017 11:24:25 AM

Pros: Memory card was as advertised and works as expected.

Cons: The USB reader is a piece of junk, plastic and worked one time then failed. Disappointing as I purchased for the reader and the memory card was the bonus.

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Great Flashlight!!11/21/2016 9:16:50 PM

Pros: Small and lightweight, strong construction too! Comes with everything you need to use after charging. Was very surprised at how strong the light beam was.

Cons: None so far!

Overall Review: I have always wanted a Mag Light since they first came out but were so expensive i never could justify the expense. This LED Cree unit has a stronger beam than my son-in-laws Big Mag Light. Love the idea that when power is out i can use a stock of AAA Batteries for when i can't charge the Li-Poly that came with it.

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Save your money!4/26/2016 12:37:19 PM

Pros: none

Cons: Too smart for it's own good. You have to power the thing down if you want to charge a different device and it has no power off button so you have to unplug it. This alone kind of defeats the purpose of the convenience factor. Although in the manual that came with it said it was compatible with my LG G3, it darn near ruined the battery. It charged it fine but from that point on i was lucky to get 24 hours use of it. It Flat out refused to charge my Asus T 100 tablet. I seriously doubt it can charge more than one item at a time unless you were charging multiple phones of the same make and model.

Overall Review: Once it nearly ruined my LG G3 battery ( i was able to drain and reset the battery ) I was afraid of trying anything else, boxed it back up and threw it to the trash. Save your money and buy a power strip and use the factory charge cables.

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First VR experience2/22/2016 1:16:17 PM

Pros: Beings my first VR experience and all, its hard to say how good these are in comparison. What i can say it is was worth the money (on sale for 37 bucks). The imaging was fantastic and the no adjusting lenses were perfect. I'm pretty blind without my glasses and they didn't fit inside the hood but still the images were perfect. The pads provided did come in handy cuz the nose bridge sorta hard on ya but one pad fixed that right up. The remote is handy if it worked with all apps. More on that in the cons section!

Cons: As mentioned above, the remote did not work with all apps but pretty sure that is an app issue as you can maneuver around your phone just fine while its in your hand. Kinda a Pain in the Neck having to remove the armor on your phone to use it. All our phones have armor cases and although mine is rather thin, you still can't close the front regardless of the cushion being taken all the way out. If they just had a bit more room inside and provided maybe a couple of different thicknesses of cushions to pad it you could get away with a thin case.

Overall Review: Took off one egg for the fact of having to remove my case each time i want to use it or show it off to someone. Would definitely buy again and recommend to friends. I'm sure as time goes on the apps will become better as this is relatively new hardware. And no.. haven't tried VR apps of the "adult nature" on it....... been asked a bunch though. ;)

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Not so sensitive2/20/2016 11:52:21 AM

Pros: Good bright light, lights up a fair sized room with enough light to get around well. Fair angle on the sensor, my guess is about 45 degrees

Cons: Not so sensitive really which i guess can be a good thing. No setting for duration light stays on other than always on or sensor activated. In sensor mode it does not stay lit very long, maybe a minute. Sensor is not active while light is on so regardless of continued movement, the light will shut off before it can be activated again by any movement.

Overall Review: I am disabled and use a wheelchair. I have it placed on a low shelf near my bed and it activates if i raise my hand and that allows me to be able to transfer to my chair from the bed with some light. It will shut off before i actually transfer but just a raising your arm will bring it back on, then transfer and it shuts off again before you can get to the light switch but as soon as you move it comes back on and your good to go. Took off 1 star because i wish it would stay lit longer, 3 minutes would have been ideal for me.

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Not woth a dime7/20/2015 10:22:03 PM

Pros: none

Cons: keep in mind these are not mechanical keyboards, they are silicon activated switches. In a perfect world the will work if the precise pressure is applied and in the exact spot of the key. Played with this for an hour and after that short time, the backspace key just quit all together. Several of the other keys did not function at all. As the title says, not worth a dime even as a novelty item.

Overall Review: As stated in the con section, purchased this as a novelty item to see how they work, got it through neweggflash and i did find out how they work..... they DON'T! I'm really surprised that newegg is even offering this item for sale on their main site. there is no novelty to something that won't even work to show off your roll up keyboard. I only paid $9.99 for it and it is a kinda nice rubber pad. I'm sure at some point i will need a rubber pad or non-conductive material for something.

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bought similar7/20/2015 10:01:47 PM

Pros: cool to say i have one, came with USB and a PS2 TO USB adapter. Rolls up nice... BUT

Cons: as stated, these are not mechanical and require precise pressure and location of keys in order for them to output. The keyboard i got from neweggflash was similar, looks exactly the same but from China, had a slightly different item number. After several attempts to get some keys to work they would then just stop working, maybe i pushed to hard for the silicon stuff.

Overall Review: Regardless of make or model if it its a roll up keyboard it is silicon activated keys and you can not expect them to act as a normal keyboard. I did however expect it to work to some extent. I did buy it as a novelty item and didn't pay much for it (9.99) but kinda hard to show off your novelty toy when the damm thing doesn't even work.

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Love it1/22/2015 3:00:12 PM

Pros: Was on sale for $55 but after using it would pay $100 with no hesitation. Love the fact it is wireless and basically stands alone. Download the Brother Android app and prints from phone or tablet.

Cons: Doesn't make coffee?

Overall Review: Was not looking for an all-in-one device but gotta tell ya.. its the only way to fly. Love the task tray icon that will show you ink levels. Ink prices are not too bad either. This is a great printer and can't be more happy with it. Feel kinda guilty I got it so cheap!

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Norelco User6/23/2014 2:47:53 PM

Pros: Having used Norelco triple head shavers for 40 years, this is by far the best i have ever used. Closest shave of any shavers before, as close as your gonna get to a razor shave. Incredibly easy clean up with the hinged swing away head and rinse out and let dry. If i didn't know better i would swear it had the vacuum feature, every thing goes inside an nothing on the sink or counter. Great battery charge life, get four shaves easy on one charge.

Cons: I honestly can't think of one... oh wait, yeah, it doesn't put the after shave on!

Overall Review: I truly expected to be paying over $100.00 when i decided to replace my aging shaver and was shocked at the price of this at $69.00. Too good to be true kept running through my head but its shaver i have ever owned at a great price.

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Good monitor for $5/23/2014 2:57:28 PM

Pros: Bought two of these for a dual setup to replace older acer 19's. The image shown on this item is not accurate, the view on the screen does not go to the edge as shown and there is a 1/2 in black border to the desktop. It does have a glass panel over the screen that does go out to the edge. The lack of a DVI port did not bother me as i had Acer in before so just used the existing cables (VGA/D-sub). Will look forward to using the HDMI when i upgrade video card in future.

Cons: As mentioned in the Pro's section.... these have a glass panel that covers the front. It's a good thing sort of, as ease of cleaning goes. But the glass is not non glare..... very shiny and reflects everything behind you. Although its noticeable at first like when its black screen, working with them its not so distracting.

Overall Review: For the money and although i do miss the non glare finish my Acer 19's had, these are a great purchase. In addition to the Cons; The menu buttons including power switch is on the bottom right edge of the screen..... when i say bottom i mean underneath so your pushing buttons by feel. Never even saw them when i unpacked and set them up, they are very small and blend well with the bezaling. These could have been put on the front and been easier to use and not tarnish the clean look of the product. Will probably donate one of my power strips to just the monitors and use that as the off and on swItch.

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Died early5/1/2006 10:48:00 PM

Pros: Came out of the box looking great, very little tweaking to get a very high quality imaged.

Cons: three months of use and had issues booting up. kept coming on and off repeatedly for a few minutes before staying on. after two weeks of this it finally failed to remain on at all.

Overall Review: SAVE THE BOX!!!!!!! or your gonna have a very expensive and cumbersom paper weight.

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