HUGE disappointment1/1/2017 1:36:17 AM

Pros: - Price. I bought this as a RX480/i5-6600k/2-games combo. Total $400 after rebate. It's huge for people like me, who are seeking mid-to-high performance within budget.

Cons: - Loud. I'm using this GPU primarily for playing Overwatch on a 144hz display. When you push Overwatch on steady 144 fps +, it's a heavy task for both CPU and GPU. My cpu, cools with Noctua NH-D9L, overlocks to 4.5Ghz, can run under 55 degree with ease. As for this RX480, on my first Mini-itx case, it constantly crashed my computer due to high temperature. I figured the case (RAIJINTEK METIS) does have bad design for video card heat exhaust, can't blame this video card too much. Then I switch to Thermaltake Core V1. Very good case with extensive cooling design. The problem is, I still running around 72 degree with very loud noise (fan speed 2700rpm+). I arrange decent cable management, the air flow is clean, the case cooling design is fantastic, the CPU is cool all the time, the pre-installed front 200mm fan is powerful and quite. I really don't know who I can blame, other than this card. I don't want to buy a few more Noctua case fans to relieve the current issue since I do have a budget. -Performance. I do expect RX480 could run Overwatch with low setting for 144 fps + without any sweat. But it failed me. I know I shouldn't list this as a "con" since each card has its own preset performance. I should do the work before buying. But, it doesn't meet my expectation anyway. So if you plan to buy RX480 for playing Overwatch with 144hz display, don't buy this, buy the GTX 1060. Bonus tip, i5-6600k is the minimum CPU requirement if you want steady 144FPS+. -Look. It doesn't look as good as GAMING edition.

Overall Review: I can't return this for a GTX 1060 because it's a combo purcahse, if I return individual item of the combo, Newegg will void discount and charge me fully. It means I have to pay additional $120 for 2 games LOL. So basically, I can't return it. I love AMD and MSi. I'd choose MSI's AMD GPU for similar price/performance every single time. But this time, just a huge disappointment. I wonder could MSI, as the manufacture, help me to replace this for another product, maybe a mini gtx 1060.

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Not enough space and not enough cooling12/29/2016 6:13:31 AM

Pros: - Small -Stylish

Cons: - Space. Okay, it indicates it can suck in standard ATX PSU, but I'm having trouble to squeeze in my ATX PSU or SFX PSU, without pressing my GPU backplate. The PSU cables not just touch, but It actually presses my GPU to inclined. In the long run, the power cables or GPU, one of them must be damaged because of the pressing. ( Right now, because I had to squeeze the PSU in, the cable alright shows sign of wears, hope Newegg won't charge me for RMA) - Air flow. Don't buy this case ever if you're running a long video card. I have a 10'5 long RX 480. So I can only fit this in by removing back panel first. It's okay though. However, Due to lack of top air offtake, as well as it expand the whole case thoroughly, the video card stucks in it's own heat. How serious about it? Constantly up to 80 degrees while I was playing overwatch, then frozen and shut down. Now I'm waiting TT V1 case and open the side panel so at least I don't experience High Temperature Shut Down anymore. -No cable management space.

Overall Review: It's my first time build a mini-itx system. (I only play Overwatch with 144hz monitor, I thought mini-itx with moderate specs should works just fine) It's awful. So many "gotcha" that I was not prepared. I just wanna say, if you're planing a high performance mini-itx build, make sure you put cooling top propriety. The design of the case will be the most critical. Discard my review if you're only looking for a small case to build a HTPC. This one will do the job aesthetically.

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Absolute value7/11/2016 4:00:55 AM

Pros: -Value.$199 with serious performance. You can't find anything to beat it. Unless you can get a GTX970 with the same price, then you maybe close. -More value. This is 4G version. However, physically it has 8G VRAm in it. AMD blocks the rest 4G via BIOS. I found out this immediately after I received it because they put "4G" sticker paper on top of original package where shows "8G" ... You can flash 8G BIOS via ATIFLASh in a breeze. I have no problem after VRAM unlock. (Disclaimer: I should be the first group of people who received this item. I think AMD may cancel this "benefit" in the later production. Or merchandise will manually remove the "4G" sticker paper and unlock the bios on their own then sell for the 8G price. If you're looking for unlockable products, try your local retailers first. Maybe they still have some early productions left. Do it at your own risk) -Quite. I know people complain about the design of reference card. I don't think the design is the best for the performance sake. But I only play GTA V/ Witcher 3 kind of games. Not running 3Dmarks all day long. I'm pleasant when I just normally load it. -Easy overclock. With AMD's new Wattman app you just slide to tune the frequent. Easy and beautiful. I'm running max @ 1350 MHz. I'm working on a mic-ATX build. So the cooling is not optimistic. Maybe I'll try more.

Cons: -No back plate. I don't like to see the PCB directly. Looks cheap. -Cooling performance. Poor. Needless to say. Wait for the custom cards if you can. With better cooling system, this card has a huge potential. -Shortage. AMD promised they have abundant supplies. But RX480 is still running out everywhere.

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