Lasted me 2 years 4 months8/30/2012 11:54:01 AM

Pros: Many pros about this psu, price for wattage, cool lights to match your rig. modular is always a plus.

Cons: Ive noticed the last couple of months my pc performace has degraded, my fps dropped dramatically and would have terrible decreases from 120 to 1. I had no idea what was going on figured it was my video cards, well today i turned it on it booted up i was just browsing on the internet for no more than 5 minutes until i heard the loudest popping sound and a bright spark shoot out the back of the psu, filled my whole pc with smoke. I guess 2 and almost a half years is very good for a psu but it wasnt used at a constant 100 % i turned it off every time i wasnt using it. so the computer itself was never on for more than a day.

Overall Review: I wouldnt reccomend this psu if you're going to plan on having it for a few years.

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