Good for non-overclockers6/19/2010 1:36:04 PM

Pros: - Price - XFX warranty - Stable / dependable - Fast - Easy to do minor overclocks (mine is at 825/1150) - Fan is more efficient/quiet than reference board fans

Cons: - Non-reference board so no software voltage control - this severely limits your ability to overclock this card to it's full potential. If you are looking for 850-1000 gpu core, you won't get it on this card despite it being capable of doing it. - Manufacturer doesn't mention anywhere that this card has the cheaper voltage controller. Asus and MSI clearly state on their card specs which cards have the more expensive controller and which ones don't. XFX should do the same.

Overall Review: I'm exchanging this card for the reference board one from XFX. For $20 more, you get a much faster card... albeit a little louder.

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