Best heatsink I ever owned2/9/2015 1:54:56 PM

Pros: This heatsink is a killer. It keeps my AMD 8350 a cool 32c idle. Under full load playing games, Rfactor, Rfactor2, Assetto Corsa, GSCE, Iracing I have never gone above 48c. I love this fan and have become even more of a Phanteks supporter recently. I knew I could add three140mm fan but just never felt I needed to, but finally just wanted to do it for kicks. I looked for a mounting kit online but could not find one anywhere. I went to Phanteks webpage and put in a support ticket asking where I could find the mounting kit. They replied the next day and told me to supply my invoice and they would send over a mounting kit. Well I went straight to account history and printed the invoice to pdf and emailed it back. Now I'm waiting for the kit. I was impressed by the quick response I got for the manufacture and there kindness to send out the mounting kit. Thank you so much, you just won a customer for life.

Cons: Ok this is not a con but for those looking to buy this you better make sure your case will fit this bad boy because it is a monster. I first had it in a Sunbeam Acrylic case and had to remove the side panel support bar so I could close the side cover. I then purchased a Antec 1200 and had to remove the fan from the side cover because it would not close. Neither of these issues mattered to me I knew the heatsink was huge. Just a word of advice measure you case and make sure it will work for you.

Overall Review: Love this heatsink!!!

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