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Tidy cable, best male connector12/4/2020 8:26:28 AM

Pros: * Male connector that will hold latching connectors * Design that can be stripped down for parts to build your own custom lengths

Cons: * Female connectors are not latching type

Overall Review: This is a nice cable for expanding power runs in your case. The main selling point for me is the design of the male connector as it is one that has the lip to hang on to latching connectors. In my cramped case I've had a problem with the more common "open" male connectors not being well gripped by the female connectors plugged into them and as things may shift as I'm buttoning the case up can separate enough to lose the connection. Unfortunately the female connectors on this cable do not have the latch themselves which is a con, but I've had less problem with those when plugged into terminating devices. I wish more cables used latching connectors but I know that is a cost saving decision for manufacturers. These are also "punch down" type connectors which allow you to separate the components of the cable and reassemble in a custom way to fit your needs and spacing, if you're so inclined. I've done this in the past but I would not advise re-using the wiring as the previous cuts through the insulation leave a path for a possible short.

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Anker comes through again10/8/2020 9:34:08 AM

Pros: * For a refurb product it appears brand new. * Sound quality (to my non-audiophile ears) sounds rich and well represented across the spectrum. * Have been comfortable to wear and no issues with them falling out. * Pairing has been simple and trouble free.

Cons: These cons are minor and at most would only knock off half an egg for me. * A couple more sizing options like what comes with other Anker headsets would have been nice. * No volume control on the buds themselves

Overall Review: ----- 2020.10.08 (2 weeks in) update: I've found comfort is not only dependent on what wing size you choose, but how you twist the buds once in your ear. With this I've found a great fit with the #2 size (if you list the sizes as 0 through 3) on both buds. Initially I was trying #1 on one ear and #2 on the other. Remember, your head may not be symmetrical so don't be afraid to try mismatched sizes! I also didn't realize that the "no wing" size is actually a 4th silicone wrap that comes already installed on the buds. I thought that was just the shell of the bud and was placing the winged wraps on over them. Made things a little easier to switch out wraps after I realized I was doubling them up and removed the non-winged wraps from the buds. When I tried real-time (non-buffered) streaming on my Samsung S8 phone I found occasional gaps in the music. I did extensive testing to try and find the source of this. It did occur on another BT headset I had. It would only occur when the screen was off. I believe it only occurred while streaming over WiFi, not cellular. Some research shows this looks to be a bug with power management in Android Pie. I could confirm that it is certainly not a fault of these earbuds. I don't generally stream so while I would like this solved by Google/Samsung this isn't a big issue for me. Still really happy with the purchase. ----- This is a "half day" review of the product. I will update more in the future if anything changes. This is my 6th Anker purchase (4x USB power banks and now 2x headsets) and my first refurbished/renewed one. This is also my first pair of completely wireless headphones. Up to this point I had been hesitant to get wireless headphones as I have had such an issue with any in-ear headphone staying in. After getting a pair of Anker SoundBuds Flow and finally having great luck with the fitment sizing accessories included I was considering a chance on true wireless buds. When a promotion came up that made these refurbs available for less than I paid for the Flows I took the chance. I'm still playing around with the sizing to find the best fit but I have not had any issue with them falling out. During my test since receiving them today I've worn them in relative comfort while doing various chores around the house and an elliptical workout session. I had been hoping for a bit wider selection of sizing attachments like had come with my Flows but I'm doing OK so far with what was included. (Included: 3 "mushroom" canal sizes, 3 "ear wing" sizes plus the option to use no wing.) In my testing I listened to 3 albums plus a single track via my Samsung S8. The albums were all my own high quality MP3 rips played with the Google Play Music app and the single track was streamed from YouTube in that app. No equalization tweaks were done. The music was: * Daft Punk - TRON Legacy Soundtrack * A Perfect Ciricle - Eat the Elephant * Deal's Gone Bad - The Ramblers * Schaffer the Darklord - The Opener (single track) This gave me a mix with a good bit of bass and the wide variety of orchestral sounds. To me everything was crisp, clear, and with an impressive bass response. At one point I heard something in one of the Daft Punk tracks that sounded like distortion but I'm going to need to go back and re-listen to determine if it was something actually in the mix or if it was coming from the headset. As it was just that one instance I'm not sure if it was in the original recording or if it was just a weird combination of frequencies that the headset didn't like. When listening to this album though it did occur to me that to date I had only listened to this in my car... all the tiny subtle notes I had never heard before that came through on the headset were amazing. There is no volume control on the headset. The buttons are tactile so you do need to put pressure on your ear to activate the buttons. Controls are: * 1 click - play/pause audio, answer/end call * hold for 1 second - skip track forward (right) or back (left), reject a call, transfer call between phone/headset, switch between held and active calls * double click - activate voice assistant (Siri, Google, etc.) I have yet to try any of the phone call or voice features, I have no input here at this time. For me these will primarily be for music anyway. Despite what I've seen mentioned in reviews on another ecommerce site, you can in fact have these paired to multiple Bluetooth devices. That said, you can only have one connected at a time. In order to do this you need to make sure the headset is not connected to any existing device; it will then be free to pair to a new one. I've successfuly connected these to two phones and been able to bounce back and forth between them by going into the phone's Bluetooth settings disconnecting/connecting as desired. I've been happy enough with this bargain that I've already ordered up another pair to play around with tonight before the sale and promo ended.

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Solid product5/28/2020 10:55:05 AM

Pros: * Clean, slim, compact design that fits my needs. * Plenty of ports, plenty of power. * Standard C7 ("figure 8") connector power plug that makes for easy replacement of shorter/longer cord if desired, and wall outlet side doesn't waste space that a wall-wart would. * Port overload protection. (see overall review section) * Universal 100-240v input, great if you work in data centers with the higher voltage plugs in the racks.

Cons: * May not charge devices that require a certain hardware handshake or other power source indicators. Example, the Sony PS3 controllers I have. I knew about the limitation of the PS3 controllers going into the purchase so calling this a "con" is a bit of a stretch. I assume but can't confirm this is why Anker lists the charger as not supporting Qualcomm quick charge and some other devices. The description on Newegg properly calls these out.

Overall Review: Only a week in but no problems to be found. This is probably my 4th and 5th (if not more) Anker product purchase. I picked up two units to upgrade two older 71AN7105 (5-port, 40W) Anker chargers I've been using since 2014. Unfortunately these old models were prior to Anker adding in the reset-able individual port protection and I blew out two ports of one of those chargers. (Had a cell phone that seems to have developed a short in the charging port.) Anker later added to those models the "circuit breaker" port overload protection in place of the "fused" protection, so if a port gets overloaded you can reset and have the port available to again you by simply unplugging the charger from the source power for a few minutes. They have continued to bring this upgraded design into their later products. While I'm not going to force-test the protection, I have trust that it will work as designed. Possibly overkill, Anker has an eye on the packaging of their products. Nicely designed, high end feel. An additional nice touch is the inclusion of a couple accessories. The included power cord has its own hook and loop strap already attached, but a second is added in the box that can be used to tidy your USB cables. A piece of double-sided mounting foam is in there as well if you want to anchor the Anker to... an anchor. :) I've been happy with my past Anker products and so far with these A2123 I have zero complaints. Anker has provided a product with the quality I've learned to expect from them.

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Working as advertiesed12/5/2014 9:08:56 AM

Pros: Max 2.4A per port or 8A total. Uses a standard unpolarized C7 ("figure 8") power cord if you want to use something other than what is included. Accepts 100-240v, 50/60Hz input so this can go worldwide and be used with foreign power cords. Included power cord is (eyeballing it here...) about 6 feet long allowing you plenty of flexibility as to where you can set up. The cord also includes an attached Velcro strap for bundling slack or packing for transport. No LEDs to interfere with dark environments.

Cons: Can slide around on a smooth surface, if you intend to permanently have it set up in one way (say, accessible on a desktop) you might want to invest in a few little rubber feet to keep it better in place. While I listed "no LEDs" as a pro, at the same time it is a drawback that you don't get confirmation that the charger is energized. If Anker were to make any design changes my only one would be to add a "soft glow" LED somewhere inside that maybe could glow through the plastic or behind the ports.

Overall Review: I've got a USB voltage/amperage meter I've used to test with. I've seen my devices easily draw 1.5A through the Anker which is what the tested devices are spec'd to draw for fast charge. Am using with quality USB cables and when possible the originals from the devices. My list of gear I have charged with no problems on the Anker: * Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD XT926M (stock Kitkat 4.4.2 ROM) * Sero 7 Pro (DOPA Kitkat 4.4.4 ROM) * 1st gen Kindle Fire (stock ROM and PAC-ROM Kitkat 4.4.4) * Asus Transformer Boot T100 (Windows 8.1) * Blackberry Torch * iPhone 5C * Garmin Forerunner 305 * Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip (Rockbox) I'm pretty confident this would charge anything I threw at it.

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Works great... but the screws...6/20/2014 9:42:55 AM

Pros: Perfect way to get extra use out of the spare bay in my PC case. When closed the sides of the drawer are close to the solid top of the shell so if you transport your case with goodies inside it isn't likely that they'll slip out or jam up the drawer.

Cons: Designed to have coarse screws tap directly into plastic. If you've got a case like mine (old AOpen A600 that I will take with me to my grave) that uses custom screws for toolless insertion/removal of drives you'll need to be careful getting them threaded. As other reviewers noted I would expect even the supplied screws to be difficult to get threaded for the first time. The only reason for 4 eggs instead of 5 was the screw issue.

Overall Review: This went into my case without much issue. When I realized I was going to need to use different screws than the ones provided I approached handling this carefully. I had to use the fine thread screws like you would use on an optical drive to get this mounted in my case due to the "shoulder bolts" that my case is designed to accept. The first screw was difficult to start but did go in eventually. For the later screws I first used the center point of a spade drill bit (probably about a 25° angle point) to slightly taper the insertion side of the holes BY HAND. I only wanted to remove just enough material to help the screw threads get their initial bite, using a power drill likely would have been difficult to control. This helped the last 3 screws go in a lot easier. For those using the supplied screws this would probably help as well, just be careful with how much plastic you remove as if you remove too much you can't go back. If Evercool wanted to take this to the next level I'd recommend either molding in threaded metal inserts for the screws (in standard 5-1/4" optical drive screw size/thread) or switching to at least either having the bottom portion of the tray be metal or run a tap through the current plastic holes during manufacturing. If I had a tap in the size that I needed that is what I would have used instead of brute-forcing the screws to thread. I may see about finding a short and lightweight spring (1" diameter probably) to glue to the back of either the drawer or shell. This would help to give the drawer a little more push on open. The current push from the spring loaded retaining clip is pretty good but a little more would be nice. The gloss black matches my case perfectly but yeah it won't be for everyone. No less of a fingerprint magnet than the rest of my case. :) Now I'm going to check to see if they've got a 3-1/2" version!

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Great UPS for the last 2+ years and counting!6/13/2014 7:30:34 AM

Pros: LCD display for quick check of status even when not being used with a PC. LCD display is only lit when you check it so it isn't constantly shining. Green options that power off secondary devices when the main device is in low power (standby, hibernate) mode.

Cons: Uh, requires you have an available outlet to plug it in? Doesn't come with cake? Seriously though, only minor things I could think of that don't even bother me. If you'd rather have the LCD constantly on, guess that would be a con as I'm not aware of a way to force it. Could be a plus if it was allowed to be modified via the software. Example, set it so it is always on and maybe cycles through the multiple readouts at X second intervals. Blue "power on" light may be a bit bright for some.

Overall Review: The "PowerPanel Personal Edition" (PPPE) software that is listed (I think included on CD? Can get it from the CyberPower website) for this unit is acceptable although with the majority of users being on Windows PCs they can plug the UPS right in and have Windows interact with it the same as it would on a laptop with a battery. Even Linux has some native support (I'm using Ubuntu 14.04) but I suspect if you're running Linux you're probably also going to be interested in power-user type control. The PPPE software does allow you to see more information in the UPS that the OS itself wouldn't report though. Compared to the Belkin Bulldog software for Windows that had come with the Belkin UPSes I used to love (and are no longer manufactured) the PPPE software is lacking some features. An important one for me was network notification if you were supporting multiple PCs on the single UPS. That said, the "PowerPanel Business Edition" software (again, available on the CyberPower website) is compatible with this unit. Way overkill for your basic user but very nice for someone who has multiple computers on the one UPS. Have used 3 of these for 2+ years with zero issues. I read the current "most useful negative review" re: simulated vs pure sine wave, and while I understand the problem it isn't a guaranteed issue. I've recently run a battery test of my CP1500AVRLCD via the 2 PCs attached to it and neither had a problem. I don't recall if at the time both PCs had Corsair CX430 or CS450M PSUs, but either way both PSU models are Active PFC and did not have an issue. Will test again later though as I just learned of the potential issue today and want to ensure I'm OK with this UPS and the CS450Ms.

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Follow up more than 1 month in5/12/2014 10:04:44 AM

Pros: For those that question the durability of the handles, I've got my case loaded with 5 3.5" drives, 2.5" SSD in the side panel, ITX mobo with stock Intel cooler, 430w non-modular PSU, 4 120mm fans and 1 140mm fan. My case sits in a narrow cabinet low to the ground. In my ongoing quest to organize my cables (built custom fit SATA power for the 5 drives, custom fan power/PWM splitter cable, front power/reset/LED bank) I've lifted this thing in and out of the cabinet a great number of times by the handles, including having the case tipped forwards or backwards. These suckers are pretty durable. Long term can't say how they will last as various plastics can break down depending on the environment they're in, but for now I'm quite confident in them.

Cons: Stock 120mm fans, while they seemed to be decent, were only 3-pin connectors. Since my mobo only had 2 fan pinheaders on it I opted to replace the stock fans with PWM replacements and appropriate PWM power/control. I've been a fan of the Cougar Vortex CF-V1xHP fans and have them in there now. Note the isolating mounts that come with the Cougar fans work great in this case, other mounts that stick out on the non-fan side can cause fitment problems of the front and top grilles. Still hanging on to the original fans in case I have a need for something non-PWM in the future. Support did get back to me regarding supporting the upper (3-drive) FlexCage with removal of the 5.25" tray in order to allow more/larger fans in the front. In short, they don't offer any options. Remove the upper tray and the top 3 drives aren't supported from falling over. My solution was to rotate the 5.25" tray 180°. The plastic rails for the FlexCage can be rotated back to the normal position. I think drilled 4 holes next to the original mounting holes for the 5.25" cage probably about 1cm back. Unfortunately they're not countersunk like the original holes but this has worked to allow me 2 120mm fans in the front with the full compliment of 5 3.5" drives properly secured. This does create sort of a channel up top that might otherwise allow better airflow if the tray wasn't there, but I think my cooling will still be fine. I'd prefer if BitFenix would offer some alternative bracket to support the FlexCage that was less material, but if they instead just put 4 more screw holes into the case it would be easy for anyone to do what I've done. No included internal speaker to hear POST beeps. (Wow, I've gotta nit-pick to find any more cons...) Pulled one from a PC set for recycling and was good to go.

Overall Review: It has been mentioned that some have had problems getting the front grille off. One key (I continually forget this myself) is when pushing the tabs that lock it in place DO NOT have your fingers on the front grille trim. What you wind out doing is pushing on the grille in both directions and wondering why it isn't popping off. As the trim goes right up to the edge and is a convenient place to rest fingers while pressing on the locking tabs you are getting in your own way. I swear I've done this every other time I've gone to pop the grille off. When I remember to keep my fingers off the front when pushing the tabs then it comes off no problem. I knew going into this that the power/reset buttons, indicator LEDs, and mobo header USB 3.0 jacks were on the side and that I would have some issues accessing them in my slim cabinet. The USB was easy to work with, a few adapters like Newegg item 9SIA2JX1GS9079 solved that issue. (Be sure to get the correct orientation!) Switches and LEDs were a different case. I had some simple through-hole momentary push button switches and 3mm LEDs available so I just needed to figure out how to mount. Behind the grille in the lower right there is a hole that exists on my case I assume for if BitFenix had different front options that included the controls. I had a bunch of expansion slot knock-outs kicking around, so I bent one to clip into this hole and extend down to the front "foot" of the case. For best fitment of the grille I tried to keep the part of this that is along the body of the case as close as possible. On the knock-out in the available area below the case body and above the foot I then drilled holes for my switches and LEDs. LEDs held in place from the back with simple hot glue. The pin header for these connections on my mobo was a 2x5 header with one pin missing. Found a cable that went to an old USB 2.0 front panel in a different comp, moved the blocking peg (some plugs have these molded in, I was lucky) to the appropriate location and used the cable for the switches and LEDs. I now have a nice single connector plug for the panel functions that is keyed to match the mobo header and brings the controls to the front where I can easily access them. Original cables are stashed coiled up in the plastic tray of the side cover below where 2.5" drives can mount. (Also have the bag of spare screws tucked there too.) They easily unplug from the side panel circuit board. Future plans will be to paint the mod a flat black to better match the rest of the case, but honestly it doesn't look that bad since the grille trim is also a silver color. My original review can be found on 4/1/2014 and still applies. Really digging this case and hoping the Mini-ITX form factor sticks around for quite a while so I can get many years of use from it.

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Working well under Win8.12/20/2014 2:35:56 PM

Pros: Inexpensive card, does what I need it to do. In the PCIe 1x slot of my Asus M5A88-V EVO motherboard my SSD gets the same benchmarks as when I have it hooked up directly to the motherboard. Note that the port on the mobo is set to RAID mode though, part of the reason I got this card was to occasionally move the drive over to it for full AHCI capability and allow my Intel SSD software to update the SSD firmware. Can't do that through the RAID set mobo ports, works fine through this card. Haven't had any issues with the card (other than the notes in "Cons") using it with bare Asmedia drivers.

Cons: The SATA plugs on the board are designed for the "force fit" SATA cable connectors, the ones that have no clip. If you have cables with the clip you may get flaky connections to the card. The only reason I knocked off an egg.

Overall Review: I've ordered a few Molex 47080-4005 SATA sockets from Digikey. These have the shroud that allows for clip SATA cables to be properly connected. Going to see if my soldering skills are up to removing the existing connectors and replacing them with what I would prefer to have. The connectors Syba used look to be similar to the Molex 67490-1220. Would have been nice if Syba went with shrouded connectors but (in bulk) it would have cost about 10c more per connector, not counting potential manufacturing hardware changes.

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If you need a cable with thin/narrow plugs this might work11/26/2013 2:57:17 PM

Pros: Can pop the plug shells off to fit the plugs into areas that are tight. (Still can't get it into the HDMI port of Galaxy 65NPH7DN7WGU in my AOpen A600 series case) Works and is flexible.

Cons: Plastic clip-on plug casings instead of better molded on options. Shielding looks to be minimal so I wouldn't use these for long runs.

Overall Review: Popping the shells off the plugs does remove all strain protection from them so you're going to need to be careful. There isn't a whole lot of strain protection in the first place given how rigid the plastic is. But at the price I paid for them these are working and disposable if needed.

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Feels cheap but working well11/23/2013 2:18:20 PM

Pros: All the items it supports. Looks good in my 3.5" bay. No major problems. Realtek drivers have some nice icons for when the cards are inserted.

Cons: Feels a bit flimsy. Fitment of ports to bezel could be better. Possible the internal SATA cable could pull off the connector. Forget which cards go in upside down. MicroSD card can be difficult to get a grip on to remove as my 3.5" bay is somewhat recessed. Concern from other problem reports here in the reviews. A couple of the icons could use some anti-aliasing. Don't know if Rosewill's bundled icons are different, didn't use their drivers.

Overall Review: I've been using the Realtek drivers many have mentioned in their reviews and doing so under WinXP. I think there the drives would still show up with nothing in them but I also had Windows set to show all hidden files so that could be why. When I fist upgraded to Win8.1 the stock MS drivers behaved the same. If I didn't show hidden files the drives would be hidden, but turning that on also displayed empty drives. Put the Realtek drivers on just now and the drives now hide properly. Without opening it up (again) I believe the chipset is RTS5121 based on a Google search. On the Realtek site this is covered by the "USB RTS5159/RTS5138/RTS5176 card reader driver for XP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1" package. Current version at this writing is 6.2.9200.30164, built on 07/09/2013. Creation date of the archive listed on Realtek's site is 08/21/2013 and it can be found in Downloads > Computer Peripheral ICs > Card Reader Solutions > Card Reader Controllers > Software. The hardware ID for my reader is USB\VID_0BDA&PID_0181. Before installing initially I did open it up to make sure there were no concerns of shorts and such. While in there I added some internal slack to the SATA cable to ensure it didn't pull off the internal socket. This cable is just a normal SATA cable and plugs into the back of the eSATA interface just like it would to any hard drive. Replacing this with either a different cable (more flexible, different color, different opposite end connector, etc.) is easy and may help worries of it coming unplugged in the unit. I've got the eSATA paired up with a Syba SY-PEX40040 SATA III (ASMedia ASM1061 chipset) adapter card. The eSATA port properly works with the Syba internal SATA port allowing hot swap of devices. At first I did worry about a problem with my Thermaltake BlacX drive adapter only being recognized if I held the connector into the Rosewill eSATA port, but on further investigation I found that the Syba eSATA port wouldn't recognize it at all. Compared this to another eSATA cable and found that the cable which came with the Thermaltake had molding that went slightly further down the connector. Trimmed this up slightly and now it works fine on both Rosewill front and Syba rear. I had purchased a pair of these units two years ago on a sale/discount for $11 each and to date have only installed one. Have had no problems with it in that entire time. Great investment for me.

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Working great w/softmodded Wii11/16/2009 10:04:05 AM

Pros: Nothing incredible beyond what other similar drives offer... slim package, USB powered, quiet, reliable thus far.

Cons: Would have rather picked it up in white, but the blue model blue had a much better price. (I'm stretching for something here...)

Overall Review: I've been using this drive for almost 4 months now via USB Loader GX on a softmodded Wii system. It has done everything I've asked of it without issue. I can't comment on any included software (was there any? I reformatted the drive minutes after opening the container...) or portable durability of the drive. It sits in my entertainment center and only moves on the rare occasion I need to hook it up to a PC. Drive has been powered up and down at least once a day since purchase, some times more often without issue. I've already recommended this drive to a number of friends for this purpose.

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Bargain priced but full featured8/1/2007 6:15:41 AM

Pros: Flawless install, does just what it is supposed to do. External SATA a plus. Includes all necessary cables and a half-height bracket as well. NewEgg does not have this bracket listed in the description or product images, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Cons: Internal and External SATA ports cannot be used simultaneously. (2 internal, 1 internal 1 external, 2 external) When using mirroring (RAID 1) the card BIOS reports no RAID set found on post screen. Inside the BIOS utility and the Windows application the set is found as defined. This is common to other VIA RAID chipsets so not a problem with this card in particular. Lacking header on the card for an activity LED.

Overall Review: Picked this up to add a mirrored RAID array to a server as well as eventually flash my Xbox 360 DVD drive. Simple to use if you've ever worked with RAID (such as mobo on-board) in the past. No problems taking an existing HDD and adding this card to the mix, then built a mirror set. Didn't try the Rosewill drivers, went with the recommendations of others and pulled down the VIA drivers from VIAArena. NewEgg needs to add the half-height bracket to the description and images. Availability of such brackets is something important to me and many other customers when dealing with non-standard workstation designs. (Dell, etc.)

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Compact, easy to use, multipurpose5/5/2005 8:10:32 AM

Comments: Packed with features! This little bugger (about 1.5 to 2x the size of a 9v battery) has great control via the built in menu system. Full RGB control of the display color, is preset to different colors for different functions. Includes all the accessories you need plus a Duracell battery. Easy to pick up the menu controls, similar to my iRiver iMP-350 CD/MP3 player. I suspect the firmware and design may even be by the same group. Excellent sound from the included earbuds. No need to install any PC software on my XP system, connect it and it's a USB drive! Just drop your MP3/OGG/WMA files in the Music folder. Can even use it to transport files between computers! This thing should probably have the Swiss Army logo on it. This one was for my wife, but now I want one for me! Newegg had it ready to ship within hours of when I placed the order, great service! FedEx delivered AM to the east coast in 3 days, on schedule.

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