This is just about everything I was looking for in a laptop4/16/2021 8:39:17 AM

Pros: - Second monitor- Port selection- Battery life

Cons: - Ram is not upgradable- Trackpad is not what I want for daily use- I'm not a fan of the lack of dedicated Home / End keys

Overall Review: I was looking for a laptop to use as a portable photo editing station. I primarily use Capture One. Recently I came from a series of Dell XPS laptops that all had different hardware / software problems. This laptop is less expensive than those and far superior in design & practicality.This laptop has plenty of speed, no memory issues, etc. Everything just works so well that the computer "disappears" and let's me get to work. Both screens are excellent. I'm finding the second screen to be even more useful than a second monitor as it is already in my line of sight, unlike a second monitor which would require me to look away from my main screen.I do use a Bluetooth mouse with this laptop, as the trackpad is too small for my daily needs, but it will work in a pinch for quick coffeeshop work. The keyboard is smaller than I was used to, but I have adapted to it quickly.

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