Awesome Monitor12/7/2008 3:06:53 PM

Pros: Nice and crisp, no dead pixels on arrival, 22 inch wide screen....just as advertised.

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: It's a bit high off the desk, but you get used to it. Some people like their monitors close to their desk, if you're one of these people, don't get this monitor lol.

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Amazing.11/14/2008 2:22:10 PM

Pros: Runs like a dream. Does what it's supposed to. Definitely "Duo Core" because I have a bad habit of running multiple programs at the same time, and I noticed no lag or delayed response unlike my laptop that has a weak Athlon 64 X2 hehe. BTW, has awesome boot up time. around 15-20 seconds.

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: <33333

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