Light weight and sleek!!1/21/2021 10:18:28 AM

Pros: -Lightweight PSU -More than ideal wattage for a great price -ECO mode which helps it run quiet literally all the time

Cons: -None yet

Overall Review: Very good deal in price for the great output, lightweight feel of the PSU and also very quiet with the ECO mode, have not heard it turn on at all since installing it. Have no complaints, would recommend to anyone looking for a good name brand PSU on a budget, will update later if anything changes.

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SPEED!!!1/21/2021 10:15:05 AM

Pros: -Much speed -Such fast -Wow on great price

Cons: -None yet

Overall Review: Work great and incredibly fast, not even tweaked just running on default settings and I can't complain at all. The packaging is quite simple but that's not a big deal really since everything worked right out the bat. Will update later if anything changes.

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FAST! and amazing!1/21/2021 10:07:05 AM

Pros: -Easy install, plug into NVMe port and ready to go -Loads fast and no issues

Cons: -None yet to report

Overall Review: I would totally recommend this to anyone looking at getting a M2 at a budget price with great performance. I've had it about 2 weeks now and its amazing will update later if anything changes.

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More beautiful than most Instagram Models1/7/2021 1:17:02 PM

Pros: PROS: -If you are reading this, you already know how gorgeous of a MOBO this is -Spoiler Alert: It looks better in person than in the pics -Works amazing and great right out of the box -EVERYTHING detailed properly on the board in big, white letters for proper cable install -A few SATA cables included which was a nice touch for sure

Cons: CONS: -QFLASH instructions could have been a bit better written (5600x CPU BIOS update) -MOBO showed a few debug codes that were not on the code list in the booklet prior to flash

Overall Review: OVERALL: Great motherboard that has ruined my view of what is beautiful in the world. Works amazing, feels very lightweight compared to other motherboards. Very few cons as mentioned but beyond happy with purchase, nothing warranting to dock an egg from review. Would 100% recommend this board to anyone looking for a great motherboard with multiple features available than thought possible (built in WIFI, Blutooth). Great 1st time builder MOBO with the huge detailed names for connectors on the board.

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Bright, cool and great!1/7/2021 12:43:11 PM

Pros: PROS: -Straight forward to install -Work amazing and very quiet -Great color options and easy to change with control (battery included!!)

Cons: CONS: -Not the prettiest packaging, could be grounds for damage during transport (not worthy of removing an egg though)

Overall Review: OVERALL: Great fans at a good budget, very good color options controlled by remote for either single color or multiple color mix (pre-programmed). Easy to install for all, new computer builders rejoice. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to spice up their desktop with some good colors and quiet fans.

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Fast and effective!12/7/2020 8:04:44 AM

Pros: Simple packaging as its small and easy to install/mount on your desktop. Works super fast and reliable, installed OS on it and the results were immediate, boot up time went from about 30-40 seconds on HDD to literally "press power button...welcome to your main screen". Games boot up amazingly faster and even fixed some issues for a few games that were timing out because I guess my HDD was running them too slow (???? Tarkov is a weird game, tbh).

Cons: Only cons to mention is that the description does not mention if it (it doesn't) comes with cables. Luckily I saw another person mention that as well in their review so I dug into my box-o-random cables, because every guy has one of those, and found a few. Not really a big deal but thought I mention it in case someone is considering getting this and was not aware of that in advance.

Overall Review: I've had this for over a month now and would 100% recommend this SSD to anyone that would ask me for recommendations on one. Will try and remember to come back after a few more months to update but as of right now I am super delighted with the purchase and glad at how amazing it really is. 4 month updoot: still running amazing, no signs of slowing down and thinking of getting a 2nd one soon.

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Awesome colors and amazing cooling12/7/2020 8:01:27 AM

Pros: Instantly lowers CPU temps, can run games at ultra settings while streaming videos and stress test CPU to 100% AT THE SAME TIME while temps remain between 40-45 C which is just beyond ridiculous (CPU not being OC). The ARGB is super great, full customization of the fans and CPU cooler head individually using MasterPlus program.

Cons: Instructions are beyond terrible, 3 pictures showcasing 5 steps. 2 videos required to find out proper wiring of cables from ARGB to MOBO and PSU cabling which was way more than the 3 pictures showcased and more than the 5 steps shown.

Overall Review: Absolutely amazing, would recommend to anyone thinking of going AIO on their system. Works great, colors are great and major improvement to cooling. You'll more than likely need a 3rd hand to install the CPU cooling head but it is possible (not easy) to do alone.

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