Works very well, with some minor caveats related to wireless audio9/3/2019 10:47:38 AM

Pros: -great audio quality (unless you're audiophile and picky) -wireless works well -battery life is great -7.1 emulation works fine

Cons: -small hickups in wireless transmission (audio) in specific scenarios -some audio sources sound better in certain play modes than others, resulting in switching between audio profiles depending on what I am doing -Corsair application seems to hang and needs to be killed and restarted if computer has been on for a long time, such as a day

Overall Review: Overall, I feel like this is a very polished and great product! I didn't notice the emulation of 7.1 audio in 2 speaker heaphones, so not sure what to make of it. It technically works fine, though. Headphones are comfortable and wrap around your ears. This does present a problem, though, as ears become sweaty after prolonged listening, such as over an hour. I would not recommend for constant all-day usage, but it works fine and is a problem with all headphones of such designs. Wireless transmission is near perfect, but I did encounter a problem. When listening to a song, it will hickup once for about a split-second about 3/4 of the way through the 3-minute song. This doesn't happen when watching a 2-hour movie, as using same software player and same audio setting in Corsair app. I find it strange and perhaps this is because more audio-stuff happens in a music video than in movie soundtrack. At any rate, I found all movie, including action ones, work perfectly, while a music video will hickup the audio once and only once in each song. I also would say that some audio settings work best for some sources. I usually leave it on 2ch Pure sound mode most of the time and switch to 7.1ch emulated mode for movie only. Corsair app does allow you to customize your sound settings both manually and with presets. This is enough for me. Battery life is very long and is a non-issue. It is enough for multiple movies, back to back, at a range of 3.5 meters from the transmitter, with computer in-between headphones and USB dongle. Once you run out of battery, speakers warn you before shut off and you can plug in USB to charge and continue talking on mic, listening and doing what you need. So, while charging, all functions are usable and headphones basically turn into wired headphones. I am quite happy with these.

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Works perfectly fine is my friend's computer for months9/3/2019 10:28:15 AM

Pros: -exponentially faster than hard drive -no issues for past 4 or 5 months

Cons: none

Overall Review: Works fast in my friend's pc. No issues with stability and no slowdowns whatsoever. I would buy this SSD again if I needed to. It looks great!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, We appreciate your 5-eggs review! And thank you for choosing Team's product! We also have other great products, feel free to check other TEAM products on Newegg! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any question about the products. We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us. We would be happy to hear from you Technical support email: RMA email: TEAM GROUP
Improved laptop performance greatly and runs fine!9/3/2019 10:24:57 AM

Pros: -fast -worked for a month so far fine

Cons: -no cons that I can think of

Overall Review: I didn't benchmark this myself, simply looked at some charts and compared in price to other SSDs to get best bang for the buck. It worked! This SSD is fast and improved laptop performance for my mom's laptop greatly! Windows boots fast and laptop no longer stalls thinking about stuff. Worked fine so far for about a month.

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I love this board due to its' features and relieving my concerns9/3/2019 10:18:29 AM

Pros: -Quiet south bridge fan, which has a plug under the heat spreader, so if someone wants to, they could probably disconnect, though I haven't bothered. -ECC RAM support, running in ECC mode via BIOS option -Looks better than in pictures (but still plain compared to other X570 boards) -Plenty of USB ports and expansion slots -4 USB 3.2, Gen 2 ports and 2 USB 3.2, Gen 1 ports, which is a lot of high-speed ports -No problems with setting up, manual is fairly clear too -Rock-stable (but, I expect that)

Cons: -Installed BIOS version was pre-July 7 (was stable, but flashing to newer BIOS took like 15 minutes!) -Audio panel on the back only offers three 3.5mm ports (enough for my 5.1ch audio, but not ideal and may not be enough for some people) -Rear panel is not cut properly and mis-matches motherboard ports by almost a millimeter. All ports work, but it feels dirt-cheap, looks awful and may cause problems in future with USB device plugging in. As it stands, it does work ok, though.

Overall Review: I recommend this board due to a plethora of ports - three PCI-E x16, though not all at full speed and lots of high-speed USB ports. It seems to use plenty of power phases according to some online reviews - more power phases than some other X570 MBs - and works perfect and stable with my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. It supports a ton of BIOS settings in UEFI. Most importantly for me, it supports an ECC setting for my ECC DDR4, which needs to be enabled manually. For now, I haven't tried overclocking, as system is fast-enough, so can't comment yet on settings for O/C. BIOS took about 15min to update from USB 3.0 (USB 3.2 Gen 1) flash drive and I was concerned if power loss occured. It was ok though. Note that the rear panel (metal sheet) was very plain and when mounted, was sitting about one millimeter higher than my motherboard ports, so it looked like it would cause problems inserting USB devices, but for now all USB ports function when device is inserted. It does not feel professional and it is quite tight to insert USB devices - the metal panel scrapes lightly against USB metal port. I was concerned with the south bridge fan running loudly, as some motherboards have issues with that, but it was surprisingly quiet! I cannot hear it above my system fans, which are all Noctua NF-P12 at medium speed (regulated via my case). The Noctuas I have are not loud fans in the first place, so I feel like the ASUS fan is doing a fine job of staying quiet. Also it is way quieter than my Gigabyte nVidia GTX 1070, when that card is under Lightroom load (light load when applying effects). I should note that my case is under the desk, but basically there is no significant noise from the south bridge fan, which I am happy with. I run my 3900X cpu with Deepcool Maelstrom via AM4 bracket upgrade kit and 2 fans in push configuration. The CPU under gaming in Shadow Warrior 2 reached about 77 degrees, which is fine by me. Keep in mind again that my fans are all on medium speed, not their fastest speeds. Some people have concerns over arrangement of PCI-E nvme ssd under x16 port, but for me it seems to be a non-issue. My nVidia GTX 1070's 2-slot cooler of GPU doesn't extend over the nvme drive when installed and while more clearance could be better, it is going to be fine as is, in my opinion. Sound ports are enough to plug in 5.1ch speakers without using front panel plugs. I installed audio drivers from ASUS site and switched windows settings to use 5.1ch configuration - all worked fine. Overall, all my fears (over chipset fan noise levels, clearance of NVME SSD drive under GPU, BIOS issues, 3.5mm plugs for my 5.1ch surround speakers) have been put to rest with this motherboard. Even though BIOS was old, it did install fine, all the options were there and all worked perfectly for past 2 weeks. I would recommend this board.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good cheap headset6/11/2009 4:38:17 PM

Pros: Very loud at max volume, vibration feature is cool at lower volumes, good sound quality with range of 20Hz-20000Hz at over 109db signal-to-noise ratio, looks great, comes with a microphone, very sturdy design.

Cons: It is actually too loud at max volume (it will make your ears explode at max, or even at 80% volume), vibration feature interferes with sound in 2 ways: 1. At lower levels it is not an interference, but at mid-level, you will notice a small humming of the vibration motors (only a minor annoyance and becomes unnoticeable as time passes by). 2. At loud levels vibration is unusable, since motors rev up to max and are louder than what is playing. Also, a small con of a design flaw - because of large size of headphones, my ears begin to sweat after just 10min of wear and become uncomfortable. Sweating ears breed bacteria - so use at own risk. This is a design flaw with all large headphones, even Sennheiser will have this problem!

Overall Review: Overall, I like it and for $18 it a great headset. It's not better than Sennheiser, but is much cheaper and still good. If you are a DJ or a music buff, skip this one, as it's not going to impress a picky person, but it does impress me. Vibration is actually really cool: it can draw power through a USB port, or 2 AAA batteries on the go (audio connection is still cabled), it can be turned off if you don't want it, and can adjust amount of vibration at will. Integrated volume control is also awesome (from super quiet to super loud). With vibration on, it feels like there is more bass in sound. Vibration control is also quite intelligent, reacting only to low-frequency sounds, not anything else, thus giving more of a bass effect. Ohh, cable is also extremely long.

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This is 65nm part, not 55nm5/15/2009 6:33:52 PM

Pros: Factory overclocked, fairly fast, quiet under desktop, great memory chips rated for 1200MHz (2400MHz operation).

Cons: Fan spins up under gaming or any GPU load, This particular card is the old 65nm part, not the new 55nm (I thought every GTS 250 was 55nm, guess not), aluminum heat sink is not efficient at dissipating heat (gets to 80C under gaming).

Overall Review: This card is a mix of good and bad. The Good: Memory is Hynix H5RS5223CFR N2C, so it is rated for 1200MHz (2400MHz effective) operation. The bad: fan sink is aluminum (with some copper in the middle, but no heatpipe and card gets very hot during gaming, even though fan is spinning at 70% or so), under FurMark burn in, I could smell something burning after one minute, so I shut it off. It functions fine, but was scary, as temp was climbing and I have no idea what max temp is for this GPU. Stock nVidia heatsink is actually better than this one. Again, this is the 65nm part, as was indicated by GPU-Z. So, don't expect high overclocks on this one.

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Very fast!5/15/2009 12:00:00 AM

Pros: Overclocked out of the box, plenty of accessories with adapters for every need, Crossfire bridge is included, Performs fantastic - very fast, relatively cool, fan can be controlled under ATI Catalyst software.

Cons: Not much further room to overclock, fan can be loud during gameplay and heatsink is not very efficient even with fan at 100% (reached 77C under FurMark).

Overall Review: I bought 3 of these and all of them showed the same overclocking results: 925MHz on Core and 1125MHz (4500MHz effective) on GDDR5. Anything higher produced corruption. Such a minor overclock didn't improve my frame rates in Crysis or Far Cry 2 and I have an overclocked AMD Phenom II 940. At default settings it runs at 77C max (fan on auto), during Crysis, and this is in a warm room. Not bad! Overall, great card for the price! Taking off a point for low overclocking potential, but at stock, it is fantastic! Plays Crysis on highest without a hitch!

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Cool and quiet4/3/2009 10:04:01 PM

Pros: Cool, good stock, heatsink (with heatpipe), unlocked multiplier, can overclock North Bridge and HyperTransport easily, very fast in everything!

Cons: None, but you can buy Phenom II 920 and achieve the same exact overclocking results, since higher than 15x multiplier is not necessary and boosting reference clock is better for overclocking anyway (since it increases NB and HT as well).

Overall Review: Even with a mid-range videocard Radeon HD 4830, it plays everything I can throw at it! Easy to overclock if you follow a guide. Stock heatsink is good, but I have an aftermarket heatsink from AM2 platform, it's compatible and cools excellent. Stays at around 40C at full quad-core load with an aftermarket Noctua cooler. Overclocking was difficult and only hit 3.5GHz at max 1.55V voltage. However, North Bridge clock and Hypertransport went very far. Here's waht I'm running now, rock stable 24-7 for months: 246MHz ref. clock, 14x multiplier (I had to drop it from stock - for overclocking), 1.4875V on Core, 1.4125V on NB, default voltage on HT; all runs at: CPU - 3444MHz; NB - 2706MHz; HT - 2214MHz; RAM - OCZ 8GB DDR2 800 @ 818MHz. So, you don't need the high multiplier to overclock, as mine couldn't go as high as other have. Mine is the very first batch of 3 months ago, so you may have advantage of unlocked multiplier. Load temp after overclocking is 52C, well under the limit of 62C.

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Cool running12/23/2008 11:45:38 PM

Pros: Very fast, good looking, superb cooler which is both very quiet and hits around 65C under load - very cool for this architecture!

Cons: Requires 2 power connectors - simply draws too much power.

Overall Review: This is the best design of 4870 graphics card and comes with a solid bundle of connectors - HDMI, DVI, Composite, Component, Crossfire cable, all are included! Good job Sapphire!

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Good card for the money.12/23/2008 11:41:43 PM

Pros: Fast enough at lower resolutions, even in Crysis on high settings. Runs cool - 47C under load, good looking, single slot cooler, plenty of accessories and full 3D Mark Vantage copy included.

Cons: Loud, very loud fan - can be heard over the entire system easily!

Overall Review: I bought it as a secondary card for physx, works well for that purpose (more powerful than any quad core on market in physx calculations), excellent low to mid-range card, but fan is just too loud.

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Beware of this card12/23/2008 11:35:27 PM

Pros: Fast in games, played everything I could throw at it at max settings, great overclocking headroom, looks good, quiet cooler under all conditions!

Cons: Dual slot, cooler is inefficient - load temp: 73C, idle: 42C, no heatsinks on RAM, package has nothing in it - only card and DVI-VGA adapter, no HDMI (maybe have to contact HIS to get it shipped for free, but Sapphire includes this be default in all cards), no Crossfire cable.

Overall Review: Low rating is for problem with Shader Processors amount. This particular card (not any other HD 4830) comes with only 560 SPs enabled, instead of 640, as should be. Tried their flashing BIOS fix form HIS website, doesn't do anything. Wrote e-mail to HIS, no response. NewEgg had promotion for a free game with 2 Radeon HD 4800 cards, but no game ever came - I was advised HIS shipped only limited amount of game copies, but the promotion on newegg is still on! Poor coordination. My recommendation - stay away from this particular HIS card, it may have less SPs and HIS isn't helpful.

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Superb cooling - superb overclock11/20/2008 11:38:04 PM

Pros: Awesome looking card, 4870 architecture, very fast, pre-overclocked at 780MHz core and 4000MHz ram, idle temp: 45C; load temp: 58C (after overclocking to 810MHz core and 4400MHz ram) - amazing compared to standard 4870, also unlike on some Palit cards, this cooler's heatsink touches memory, so you can overclock sleeping safe that your ram won't burn. The bundle is great, including Power DVD 6ch version, RubyROM 1.1, 3DMark Vantage Advanced Edition and PowerDVD DVD creation bundle - the best bundle of all other graphics cards, really. Ohh and it plays all games I threw at it except Crysis and there I'm limited by my Athlon X2 dual core proc.

Cons: Only 512MB ram, at maximum load fan is somewhat loud. Not much else.

Overall Review: The cooling heat pipes are exposed, so if you have a side fan, this will decrease temperatures and therefore noise this card makes. With open case this card was doing 60C temp and 3070RPM on fan, which is kinda loud (not as loud as 3870 stock dual slot cooler on 100% though). Card has enough clearance in most pc cases to have a side fan installed, so I put in a Noctua NF-P12-1300 fan, and temp are now 58C and 2930RPM fan, which is less loud than before. In gaming louder fan is not a problem, since you have audio on, which is easily drowning the fan noise. IN GPGPU applications may be a problem, since becomes loud and there is no audio from speakers. I do both and find it acceptable either way. If you want, you can flash bios to fix fan speed at it's lowest, but your temperatures will go up. At 58C on core at full load it's the coolest 4870 card.

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Excellent card for high resolution gaming.11/12/2008 9:42:01 PM

Pros: Dual GPUs give excellent scaling at higher resolutions, fairly quiet.

Cons: Very very long, in my case it touches the hard drives! Runs fairly hot, about 80C, but well within the max specs (this hardware is designed to run at up to 105C). Since this is basically 2 3870s crossfired, any new game doesn't benefit from second GPU, eg. Far Cry 2 gives 26fps all maxed out on 1920*1200, but with only one 3870 gives 29fps, same settings.

Overall Review: This card seems to be slightly faster than stock HD 4850, but only in games that support CrossfireX. Although Crysis doesn't take anywhere close to full advantage of this card, you can still use it. I went from 1024*768 on High in Crysis to 1920*1200 on High and the framerate is identical, meaning if you want higher resolution gaming, this card can provide.

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Affordable, stable, but not for overclocking11/12/2008 9:25:54 PM

Pros: Runs reliably at the timings and frequencies specified. No compatibility issues with my ASRock AM2NF4G-SATA2. Overall I am very happy with it!

Cons: Doesn't overclock further than 860MHz (only 60MHz over stock). Adding voltage doesn't help at all.

Overall Review: When I bought it it was one of the cheapest ram sticks, so it was an excellent deal for the price. It is running in my system side by side with OCZ memory, no problems, meaning if you have 2 sticks of different brand already installed you can add this kit to them, just be sure to mount them in pairs in appropriate slots to take advantage of dual channel.

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