Great so far8/13/2020 1:13:27 AM

Pros: Fast Gsync works great Larger than I expected Decent sounding speakers Great resolution

Cons: Rgbs have no purpose. They are apart of the rgb alliance or whatever, but if used in conjunction with razer keyboard it becomes a seizure inducing strobe light. Weird mirroring on left side after it goes to sleep, but think this is more to do with gsync than the monitor. That's it

Overall Review: Was worried about the light bleeding, but havent had any so far. Not a single problem so far. Ended up being delivered two days early. Worth every penny, truly exceeded my expectations. Colors are very bright, and gysnc transformed my computer from a stuttery mess in most games to truly smooth. Doom Eternal is something to behold at 144hz. Couldn't be more satisfied.

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