Can overclock G3258 - see notes12/14/2014 6:22:41 AM

Pros: Cheap, solidly built motherboard. Quality seems good. Feature rich UEFI although H97 chipset is limited in how to use these features. For a budget build it's been good, motherboard, CPU and memory for about one fifty. Re-used a case, PSU and had a spare cooler. The combination runs my World Community Grid units about 3 times faster than an old 2.8Ghz Core2Duo machine I had dedicated to it.

Cons: Don't be fooled by MSI's website, the manual or the BIOS about easy overclocking on a H97 motherboard. The H97 is not designed for it. It was originally designed for business use and stability. The manual is shared between the Z97 and H97 and lots of features (such as CPU overclocking) are not available. There is a work around (see other thoughts). Half the time the motherboard would not recognize my SSD when booting until I disabled 9 of the 12 boot options.

Overall Review: Back in July 2014 a hacked bios was released that allows this motherboard to overclock the multiplier. It's not available through MSI but several sites link to it (called E7923IMS.TK2). Owning a G3258 it allowed me to take the 3,2Ghz CPU up to 4.2GHz with minimal tweaking. It should go higher but I am learning the steps, currently I've hit a wall at the 43x multiplier :(

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Worked for 2 days4/5/2013 2:05:48 PM

Pros: Cheap with promo code. Look pretty stylish.

Cons: One channel died after only 2 days of use. They weren't used in a harsh environment. Not sure I want to waste time and money organizing and RMA and shipping these back to Newegg.

Overall Review: I've purchased lots of MEE headphones over the past few years. They usually last a few months before something happens to them. I have always felt we were getting our moneys worth out of them. Unfortunatley it looks like I may have to look at a different brand in the future.

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Follow up - Still Hopeless10/6/2012 8:37:26 PM

Pros: I am struggling to find any. The camera appears to work pretty well in low light. I have hung on to this camera in the hope of firmware / support improvements... But they haven't come.

Cons: I've had this camera almost 2 months and even though D-Link has released two App updates for ios5 issues and the release of ios6 this camera still crashes the mydlinklite app. I also purchased the mydlink+ app and the app is unable to ever connect to this camera. Remote access appears only available on a Windows PC.

Overall Review: I purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment for my business, and currently D-Link is contacting me about becoming a VIP+ partner. I don't think I am interested if you are going to not support you products. I have now seen the more expensive Logitech cameras in action and viewed on an iPhone.... If you are looking for a remote camera solution, then maybe looks at those.

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Disappointing8/16/2012 10:08:47 PM

Pros: Video quality appears good, setup of camera and online mydlink account relatively easy.

Cons: The packaging promotes remote access to camera from iPhone, iPad and Android Apps. I installed DLinkLite App on both my iphone 3GS and iPad3 and the apps crash as soon as I try to connect to the DCS-940L. The app sees the listed device but there's no way to view video. I can log into my account from a PC and see the camera (website requires several plugins to be installed), however I can't log into the mydlink website to view camera from Safari on my phone and iPad as it requires a Java plug in!

Overall Review: I updated the camera firmware and Googled for solutions but there seems to be little information on this camera or related problems. I'm very disappointed as installation went smoothly, but I don't want to be limited to a Windows machine for remote viewing of the camera. I will do some more research and post an update if I get it working.

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Awesome8/4/2012 8:16:24 PM

Pros: Cheap, work well with my inexpensive ASUS mini bluetooth adapter hooked to my PC. Audio quality is very good for a small behind the neck headset. I can pick up lots of subtle undertones and they don't seem to distort, however I don't use them up that high on the volume.

Cons: The flashing blue activity light is very bright. In a darkened room (say watching a movie) the light is annoying and distracts. I will probably paint over the plastic to reduce this. They seems a little cheap (plastic wise) but they electronics seem fine. I hope they last... I might consider getting another one. Second Kinvio product and both are worth the dollars.

Overall Review: Oh my, I didn't realize just how great these would work out for me. Currently listening to music and writing this review while my wife is sleeping close by. I find them confortable and the seem to last several hours on one charge. I can't fault them at all.

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Great little box.6/23/2012 7:46:44 AM

Pros: Sturdy metal enclosure which appears well built. Transfer speeds are considerably higher than USB external enclosures. I was able to eject the drive tray while the unit was connected to my QNAP NAS without issue (hot swappable). Includes a riser card to connect to SATA port headers on your motherboard if you don't have a dedicated eSATA out. Drives cannot be ejected from enclosure without a push key (or paperclip) which they include. So you can't accidentally pull a drive out.

Cons: Not really a con, but be aware that there are 2 eSata connections on the back of this unit. Each 3ft cable feeds one of the drives. They will be visible as independent drives to your computer or NAS. The instruction sheet is terrible and generic for the line of enclosures. It took a moment to realize you have to remove the support bar from the drive trays to be able to install your drive. The silver model looks a little cheap, wish I could have got a black version. The orange fan LED is very bright... almost annoying. The external eSata cables are very stiff and they could cause issues if you are installing in a tight space.

Overall Review: If you are looking to span drives this isn't for you. You'll need a RAID capable enclosure to be able to do that. For me the 2 independent drives work great for backup targets for my NAS. They box says the unit only supports 1Tb drives, but the website (and Newegg) state 3Tb. I've tried a 2Tb without issue. I would have given it 4 1/2 stars if I could.

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Not Perfect5/30/2012 11:55:13 AM

Pros: Relatively cheap. Intel reputation. High speed (due to SandForce controller). Testing the read speeds on the pair of RAID 0 drives brought back insane numbers close to 1Gbps.

Cons: Random freezing in a Windows 7 RAID 0 array on Z68 motherboard using 6Gbs Intel controller. I moved from a pair of 60Gb crucial C300's to 2 x 60Gb Intel 330's. I expected high performance and reliability but new install would become unstable and then Win7 would completely freeze. I was getting this issue every 1 to 2 hours. No data in event log for diagnosis, but looking online showed several people with similar issues.

Overall Review: I tried a windows reinstallation to check other components... still had freezing issue. I have now applied some BIOS tweaks to the S3 power saving functions of my 2600K processor and it seems to have helped

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great Board for Xeons5/1/2012 6:13:02 AM

Pros: Great micro ATX board, stable, reliable and easy to install and configure. Using this with a Xeon x3430 CPU and it's great. I was having trouble finding a board to support that CPU but this works perfectly with it. The usual reliable Intel build quality. Board was priced perfectly too.

Cons: Not many overclocking features, but I don't need those for this build. Wish it took ECC and non-ECC ram... but that's being picky.

Overall Review: I had no issues installing an SSD on this board, I actually used two different SSD's and the both worked without issue. With the AHCI driver installed. 2 months down the road the Vertex2 is working fine.

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Great9/23/2009 9:11:12 AM

Pros: This is basically the equivalent of the old E2220 Dual Core Pentium (which is now discontinued) except that it is a 45nm (not 65nm) chip. Plus it includes VT (virtualization) tech on the chip. This is more than a "Celeron" so don't be fooled, it has great overclocking potential. The chip is designed to run at 200Mhz (800Mhz effective) with a 12x multiplier to give 2.4Ghz. Most brand name motherboards allow you to change the front side bus (FSB) and you can easily turn that up to 266 or higher wihtout changing anything else. That puts you well over 3.2Ghz on a $50 chip. In fact there are several mentions of this chip reaching over 4Ghz on air cooling at a reasonable 333Mhz FSB (1333).

Cons: The stock cooler is minimalistic at best. Of course if you want to have a quiet, low power machine this may be great. If you are considering "playing" with this beauty then you'll need to purchase a better heatsink/cooler. The chip has limited L2 cache at 1Mb (but what do you expect for the money).

Overall Review: If you have a decent chipset such as P35 or P45 you will have a lot of fun with this chip. It's worth buying just to play with. I have it in a Shuttle G31 box running it at 3.2Ghz and it flies. I will defintely try to take it higher sometime in the future.

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Mixed Reviews, but it's been good for me.6/20/2009 5:53:31 AM

Pros: Cheap and good looking gigabit switch with small foot print. I've used a couple of these without problems for several months. I am using the relatively new v3 edition. It's fanless and silent. It now also supposedly supports jumbo frames, but finding that info is hard online.

Cons: Model SD2008 has a history of failures although the new version (v3) appears to be quiet and more reliable. I think they should have changed the name instead of keeping the stigma associated with the SD2008 name.

Overall Review: I found this comment on a board "Signifiant changes have occurred over the life of this switch. Version 1 had an internal fan and was quite noisy, albeit cool running. Version 2 & 2.1 eliminated the fan. However capacitor C251, sitting next to an internal heatsink is prone to failure after 6 - 8 months, resulting in dropped packets and link connections. Version 3.0 has solved this problem with a complete re-layout of the printed circuit board (PCB), with a redesign of the power/voltage regulation."

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Pretty Good5/19/2009 5:45:30 AM

Pros: It's a nice looking printer with an in-built JetDirect card (for printing on a wired network). It makes great prints and seems pretty reliable. My first pair of cartridges lasted for 600 pages which isn't bad considering I was printing full colour, photo quality, pictures for many of those sheets.

Cons: The first unit I bought (not from Newegg) was faulty and would not recognize it's ink cartridges. The mechanism that keep the carts in place seems very cheaply made and the locking system so-so. The driver installation package (as other's have stated) sucks. I disable everything once the install is over as all I want to do is print things. Sometimes it pulls multiple pages if you use lightweight paper. I recommend getting bright white inkjet paper (24lb) as the unit handles it better. Not only are your prints more reliable but they look nicer too.

Overall Review: The networking feature is great. I have it hooked directly to my router and everyone on the network (including wireless users) can print to it. I never listen to the warnings about the ink running out. I've printed 100's of extra pages afterwards. There's also a bluetooth option if you can find the HP adapter. It would allow you to print from a BT device like your phone. Also they a separate duplex unit for double sided printing. I don't think you'll be dissappointed for the price.

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Mixed Feelings about NAS2003/14/2009 4:52:14 PM

Pros: Cheap, and on the whole works as advertized. Allows you to set up a safe, mirrored RAID storage as a place to store those family photos and documents. This at least might save those important items should one disk go out in the RAID.

Cons: The drives get hot, instructions are poor and the unit is slow... very slow. No gigabyte networking... in fact throughput is terrible, and you may not be able to stream some high-bandwidth content. Newest firmware update is now pretty old and even though it did improve some issues the unit can not be considered "great". My unit occassionally drops one drive from array, so I have to regularly check the front status lights. If one fails I have to reseat the drive and reboot it. That becomes tedious and annoying (especially with the rebuild time).

Overall Review: I recommend choosing a cooler hard drive (or drives), so look for newer drive ones with large single platters. If they aren't the usual drive thickness you may need to wedge them in with a wad of paper or else they may not connect to the interface correctly. Expect long wait times (if you set up a mirror) while the drives sync. There may be better options out there, but this unit is cheap. You can easily get the unit and a couple of 500gb drives for under two hundred and fifty green ones.

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Some Issues12/23/2008 9:23:47 PM

Pros: Large amount of storage for relatively cheap.

Cons: Purchased eight of these for four RAID 1 set ups. Out of those three have failed in under 3 months. Drives appear to run rather hot and break RAID. Under diagnostic testing they would fail Seagate's own short test but pass the long version. RMA was very easy although it cost a bit for insured shipping.

Overall Review: Will not buy these in the future, so will probably go with 640Gb drives with less platters. May try another brand. Recommend only adding these to a very well ventilated box. Can only give these two eggs for the 37% failure rate.

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Uh Oh8/6/2007 6:43:56 PM

Pros: Nice idea, cheap network compatible printer to hang off your wireless router. Two cartridge system for low volume printing plus photo inks for extra sparkle in your photo prints.

Cons: Unboxed printer, assembled, added printer carts, loaded driver and connected everything. But it didn't work... never managed to print a single sheet. Cradle for ink carts is flimsy, black cartridge never properly seen by printer. Paper jams on printer tests... boxed up and shipped back out.

Overall Review: I would seriously consider looking at a more substantial printer. This might involve paying twice as much but could be worthwhile in the end.

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Nice Board so Far4/23/2007 9:39:40 PM

Pros: It's a micro ATX board with a great set of overclocking features. Passive cooling, 4 phase power and support for Brisbane too. Took a boxed 3600+ x2 Athlon straight from 1.9ghz to 2.5ghz on stock cooling and no voltage tweaks. I'll try a little harder overclock after checking temps and stability. I like the black and blue coloring too. Four memory slots and dual head video on board add to the mix, although you'd need a decent video card for serious gaming.

Cons: I haven't investigated the NIC issues mentioned elsewhere, as I bought the AirPace wireless PCI-E Network Adapter. If I do encounter issues I'll put in a ten dollar NIC. I had to set the video to onboard/PCI-E in bios as default settings pointed to PCI slots, this confused me on the first couple of boot attempts.

Overall Review: There aren't many boards out there like this, and it's never had a bios revision since it was released. Not sure if that is a plus or minus, but I tend to think it's pretty well put together. The small size combined with a 65w CPU should make for a quiet, lower power PC. That might add to the longevity of this board. Time will tell.

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