DOA2/2/2013 12:52:01 PM

Pros: Looks like a cheap pair of speakers, but expected acceptable quality based on brand name

Cons: Of two refurbished Logitech products I ordered this time, both were defective

Overall Review: I used to have a high opinion of Logitech and their products. Now, in the space of one month not only have I received 2 out of 2 DOA products, but my experiences with their customer support for Harmony remotes has been so disgraceful that I'm having to pursue a remedy through Amex. Oh Logitech - how you have fallen ...

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BBest option for grinding coffee beans3/26/2010 10:03:36 AM

Pros: Once you get used to freshly ground coffee beans it's hard to go back. After going through several cheaper "blade" style chopper / grinders I decided to try a bur mill grinder and bought this model. We've used it every day for about four years and it's still going strong, however some basic maintenance is needed on occasion - maybe once or twice a year. I detailed what has worked for me under "cons". The design is really very simple and there's not much to go wrong. "Blade" grinders are simple too, but the blades go blunt quickly and there's no easy way to fix that. Since the burr gears are already blunt, that problem doesn't exist with this type of grinder.

Cons: Here are tips I've picked up cleaning and maintenance over the years. Not really cons in my opinion. The only real "con" I can think of is that, as another reviewer said, the catcher seems to "cling" to ground coffee, and I've refrained from putting the catcher in the dishwasher frequently to avoid "plastic fatigue" and cracking. Tips Make sure that the hole between the grinder and the catcher isn't blocked. Just unplug and use the tip of a knife to clear any blockage There's a small safety sensor under the catcher. If the catcher isn't all the way in place it stops the grinder from running and a small amount of coffee in the back corner of the recess can be enough to prevent it from engaging You may need to unscrew the hopper and clean the bur gears once in a while, especially if the hole to the catcher gets blocked.

Overall Review: Sadly, it's rare these days to come across a product that lasts. I think most of us (and I include myself) have gotten into the mindset of replacing an item with something newer and shinier before making a simple exploration of easy fixes. I was on the verge of replacing my grinder when I discovered the "safety catch" gotcha. I learned my lesson with this grinder and the other two times it's stopped working on me I've been able to get it running like new in under ten minutes with a little bit of basic maintenance. I have to applaud Cuisinart for making a simple, well designed high quality product that's saved me from buying a new blade "grinder" every year!

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