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Great product overall

Microsoft Xbox 360  (New Design) 250 GB Hard Drive Black
Microsoft Xbox 360 (New Design) 250 GB Hard Drive Black

Pros: The console has several nice features: Form factor Touch sensitive buttons Audible tones for power on/off and disc tray open/close New chip/heatsink/fan design On-board TOSLINK optical connection Lower power consumption Built-in 802.11b/g/n 250gb HDD (I guess... should have been at least 500gb)

Cons: It has a couple cons though. Note that some of these are very subjective: The glossy finish (I preferred the matte black) Chrome (Can't stand the stuff) Rubber "feet" on bottom (when upright) don't allow very much room between console and surface, POSSIBLY impeding airflow. Still doesn't allow use of run of the mill 2.5" hard drives. (Stop locking your hardware down!!!)

Overall Review: Just because the fan is quiet doesn't mean it's not moving more air. The fact of the matter is, the new console has an improved design for the CPU/GPU, heatsink, and fan. Just because the vent on the bottom is blocked doesn't mean there isn't air coming into the console elsewhere. I had a Xenon based 360 that I bought in June '07. It just recently RROD'd. With this new design, I don't have any worries about how long it will last. I can expect this new design to last much longer than the previous revisions. The key is treating your equipment with respect and allowing enough surrounding space for proper ventilation. For those complaining about the heat that's coming out of the vent, think of it this way... it's better for the heat to be pushed out of the console than allowed to stagnate and bake the components as was the case in the older consoles. Hope this helps.

Most Critical Review

A Practical Joke?

MSI - 17.3" - Intel Core i7 4th Gen 4700HQ (2.40GHz) - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M - 16 GB DDR3 - 750GB HDD 128 GB SSD - Windows 8 - Gaming Laptop (GS70 2OD-001US )
MSI - 17.3" - Intel Core i7 4th Gen 4700HQ (2.40GHz) - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M - 16 GB DDR3 - 750GB HDD 128 GB SSD - Windows 8 - Gaming Laptop (GS70 2OD-001US )

Pros: Powerhouse - A LOT of potential Light Thin Gorgeously large screen Decent Sound Keyboard feels nice, but has MAJOR issues. 10-key Keyboard backlighting

Cons: Keyboard Keyboard Keyboard. First, let me tell you about the awful keyboard. I work in Photoshop, A LOT. Thus, I use ctrl+alt+z quite often to go between states, just to see if I like a change or not. Sadly, this "anti-ghosting" keyboard cannot seem to handle such a task. On top of that, the 's' key is so finicky, that I have to retype passwords multiple times just to get it to enter properly. The spacebar demonstrates the same thing. If I DO get one of them to work, then it will either a.) work as it is supposed to or b.) input 3 spaces or 's's. This is a gaming laptop... it was made to game. As such, the 'WASD' will simply not work as it should. Yes, you can change the keys, but jeez... paying this much for a laptop should not necessitate workarounds like this, because of faulty manufacturing. Build Quality: Boy did they cheap out on some aspects. The body, in which the keyboard resides has a noticeable bend to it. It has about 3-4mm of flex on the lower right hand side. This is NOT okay. Not only is it causing the mainboard to flex, it is likely a contributor to the keyboard issues as well. In addition, the plastic bezel around the LCD is CHINTZY to say the least. It looks like extra hobby ABS sheet they had lying around. I treat this thing like a priceless work of art. The deformation was most definitely NOT caused by me. Keyboard backlighting: I can live with the fact that the backlighting does not shine through the actual letters or numbers very well. What annoys me is the circuitry in which the LEDs are tied together. The 'wave' effect is simply three large blocks of LEDs pulsing. It is reminiscent of the 'breathing' effect, though it seems more like asphyxiation. The only reason I have the effects on is that, in theory, the LEDs not being on all the time should conserve some battery life, as I'm sure the resources required are minimal at best, and are only really present when initially changed. Warranty Void: If you so much as do something as menial as change the hard drive, your warranty is void. We, the consumer, should have the option of changing such components without voiding our warranty. I, myself, installed a second 128GB SSD into the computer. It works fine. What DOESN'T work are the areas listed, due to shoddy craftsmanship and quality control. Now, because of THEIR shoddiness, I cannot get this thing repaired under warranty because I actually IMPROVED the thing. This is my second GS70. The first one was RMA'd due to a graphics card failure. As much as I would LOVE to love this laptop, there are times when I want to hurl it out the window. Frustrated is not nearly strong enough a descriptor how dealing with this thing.

Overall Review: Perhaps MSI can release some sort of driver that increases the sensitivity of the keyboard. Maybe they can actually check the units before sending them out, or package them better so physical faults like the bend to the lower section would not be present. Instead of paying people to design useless bloatware, spend the extra dough on ensuring your build quality and quality control are up to par. This is my second MSI laptop. While I loved the last, it was not without its issues. The pci-e slots went out, thus rendering my wireless NIC card useless. I even tried two others in there, to no avail. Thus, it necessitated a USB Wifi dongle. I couldn't get that one fixed due to the warranty being voided because I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. Also, the GS70 does run warm, on idle and at full load. That said, it is to be expected when running BF4 on 'high.' It isn't a con, because in a laptop this thin, it is to be expected. In my opinion, given the thin nature, it handles the heat quite well, and I never find it burning hot. MSI, I wanted to support you because you hail from Taiwan, my family's country, but you are not doing anything to help the stereotype of products made in Asia, specifically China and Taiwan. I am utterly disappointed that I spent the amount of money I did, when I could have bought a Macbook Pro (I loathe Macbooks), SIMPLY because the build quality is next to none... You have played a practical joke on we buyers with this "premium" machine built with second-rate craftsmanship. I thought I could live with most of these little caveats, but the keyboard frustration, especially when writing multiple page lab reports for applied electromagnetics, organic chemistry, and signals and systems, among other upper division engineering courses, it became too much. I am tempted to just sell this thing and buy something else. It is getting to a point that I simply cannot handle the issues, nor do I have the time to.


Great Tower Fan

Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Ionizer
Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Ionizer

Pros: - Very quiet - Thermostat - Breeze mode - Ionizer - Filter

Cons: - Stand creaks after years of use... - Will get fried if lightning strikes and your apartment's electrical system is not properly grounded.

Overall Review: The original unit I purchased was from a hardware store in town. I used the fan for a good 5 years before lightning my apartment, or near it, causing the fan and many other devices in my apartment to fail (game systems, several light bulbs, network laser printer, etc.). When ordering a new one, I decided to go with a different brand, despite LOVING the Honeywell. Lo and behold, the new fan holds not a flame to the ball of fusion that is the Honeywell. The new one lacked a digital display for temperature information, breeze mode, and it is LOUD. After enduring the other fan's "features" all that I could in my bedroom, I made the decision to order another Honeywell from Newegg. We will see how it goes, all the while the other will find its way into the living room, where exceedingly quiet operation isn't such a big deal.

Excellent little camera

SONY MHS-PM5 Eggplant 1/2.5" CMOS 2.4" 230K 4:3 LCD 4x Digital HD bloggie Camera w/ 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Card and 360° Attachable Lens
SONY MHS-PM5 Eggplant 1/2.5" CMOS 2.4" 230K 4:3 LCD 4x Digital HD bloggie Camera w/ 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Card and 360° Attachable Lens

Pros: This little camera has several pros such as: small form factor, uses SDHC, 1080p but more importantly a smooth 720p/60fps.

Cons: Color... why in the world are ALL the colors feminine? I received one as a gift and fortunately it looks black in most light. I'm not weird about having colorful items, but come on... neutral colors, anyone? As with most, if not all, small sensor camera/camcorders, the low light performance is lacking... It's what's to be expected, I suppose.

Overall Review: I use this as a dash cam in my car and it works wonderfully with the 720p/60fps setting. The 360 lens is a nice novelty, but I haven't really messed with it. Hopefully the software has a correcting feature to flatten the image out instead of having the image look like a doughnut.

Follow-up to "Disappointed" Review

Nippon Labs 2.5" SATA to USB 2.0 External Enclosure  for SATA I and SATA II Hard Drive Model EN-25SATA
Nippon Labs 2.5" SATA to USB 2.0 External Enclosure for SATA I and SATA II Hard Drive Model EN-25SATA

Pros: Works perfectly, actually.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Had previously thought my unit was DOA or just not working properly. I was trying to use a 20gb Xbox 360 hat drive and had no luck. I hastily wrote my review and afterwards I tried my laptop's hard drive. That was recognized immediately. Thinking it was simply the way the Xbox 360's hard drive was formatted (or secured; mind you, it had already been cleared of the M$ partitions), I proceeded to completely nuke the drive to make sure any remnants of data were completely one. Alas, no luck at all. On a side note, I purchased a 640gb HDD for my PS3 and put the 60 gb HDD in the external enclosure and it's working wonderfully. I highly recommend this enclosure for both price and build quality.

Eggcellent for PS3!

Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD6400BEVT 640GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Notebook Hard Drive Bare Drive
Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD6400BEVT 640GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Notebook Hard Drive Bare Drive

Pros: Large capacity for 2.5" HDD Runs as fast if not faster than original 60gb PS3 HDD Flawless playback of 1920x1080 videos

Cons: Wish it were a 1TB SSD ;')

Overall Review: I installed this in a 60gb fat PS3 and use it to store HD videos, my whole music library and many photos. I bought this when it was $99, only $5 more than the nearest 500gb 5400rpm WD drive. This was a fantastic deal and also helped me save money on my energy bill... LOL. I used to stream video from my desktop and now I can just play directly from the drive without worries of running out of space (for now).