So far so good7/11/2017 11:06:42 AM

Pros: Laptop boots in less than 10 seconds

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Going from a laptop 5400rpm hard drive to this ssd is incredible. A bit limited on space but the price was right.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support!
Great ram6/5/2016 10:02:43 AM

Pros: Got it at a good price, ram has finally dropped in price, took years to go back down and now that it has I'll buy some more. faster than my old 1600mhz stuff. Got it running at 2400mhz with the TridentX timings (see other)

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: At first I couldn't get this ram to post on my system unless I ran 2133mhz or less. kept resetting my overclock settings. I would go back into the bios and reload my OC and what made this ram work at rated speed was enabeling xmp AND changing all my manual timings to auto. After booting into windows I checked CPUZ, was running at 2400mhz. Went back into the bios and manually entered the TridentX timings of 10-12-12-31 and again it booted fine and have been running it ever since with no issues. I still don't understand why it wouldn't work at first but I don't care, its working now. I always go with G.skill, have used them since I started building PC's. This is my 4th personal rig and G.skill continues to impress. I still use some 1 gig sticks in my very first pc build (DDR2 800mhz I think lol)

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Update on my purchase.7/15/2013 9:49:47 AM

Pros: It is good ram, been running strong since Dec 2011. Looks good in my case. G.Skill is all I've ever used because it is the best.

Cons: Price has doubled. SEE OTHER THOUGHTS.

Overall Review: Reason for my update is price. Cost of ram is enough to knock an egg. I planned on buying more of this ram for a family members build. I remember what I paid a year and a half ago ($34.99) for two sticks of this stuff. Why the price hike? Is there a ram shortage? Nope...Seems like gas prices...raise it up for greed reasons. Its difficult for me to pay $70+ knowing what I paid not that long ago.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear this RAM looks good in your case and it has been working extremely well in your system. With regards to pricing, it is not something we control. If you compare with other brands, prices have gone up as well and even higher than G.Skill. With G.Skill, you always get the best quality product, service, and support. DRAM is like a commodity, pricing fluctuates based on global supply and demand. There may not be a shortage, but there is no longer a surplus. You may have purchased it during a period of time of surplus, so in some cases prices were below cost. Since then, the market pricing has corrected, which is why you see a increase in pricing. Hopefully prices will lower in the near future, but don't be surpised if an uptrend continues. For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
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Why are you all complaining like children?3/10/2013 4:43:03 PM

Pros: Great story, got it on sale, looks decent enough for a port, long, I spent 25 hours exploring around and never got bored.

Cons: like some have mentioned it would freeze up at a certain point but there is a fix! (see other comments) ORIGIN...I hate it, everyone hates it and it seems like EA requires all their current games to run of this garbage. They won't allow Steam to offer the games so you are required to install Origin if you want to play the latest EA games.

Overall Review: Ok, like others have mentioned, the game would freeze on me about 3/4 through. All I did was log onto my origin account, go to "My Games" and RIGHT CLICK over mass effect 3 and then click on "repair install." Once I did that the game worked and I recently completed the story. Hopefully it'll work for you guys as well. Speaking of the story, I don't understand why you people are complaining so much about this games ending. The ending was great, drawn out yet the majority of you threw such a fit about the end that Bioware actually came out with free DLC for an alternate ending which I chose NOT to download. These people created a game with plenty of game time (most games only take 6-12 hours to beat at most) and no, its not perfect, has bugs, but I found a way to complete the game and am happy with it overall. Especially for what I paid ($15 as a download only) I'd like to see all you whiner's make a game half as good as this one and see what the critics say.

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My first mechanical keyboard11/27/2012 8:40:04 PM

Pros: Small footprint compared to my other gaming keyboards Mechanical! white/black tone, matches my corsair 600t white case! large foot pads prevents the keyboard from sliding around my desk, I got it for a muc lower price due to black friday, feels extremely sturdy, has some weight to it, like other reviews, love the clicking, I actually don't mind lengthy typing now.

Cons: I do not like the mini usb on the keyboard...if you're gonna make a keyboard with detachable cable, at least make it something that will last. In fact, just make the cable non detachable like most other keyboards, less chance of a malfunction down the road. Wish it had some sort of selectable back light option, green, blue, red, and white to cover most themes.

Overall Review: This is my first mechanical keyboard and I wish I tried these sooner. I will never use a non mechanical keyboard again. the keys feel very sturdy. When pressing the spacebar at the very edge the entire key depresses the same from one side to the other. My old keyboards always flexed when not pushing exactly in the middle. My only concern is with the mini usb. Rosewill should have made the cord permanently fixed to the keyboard. Time will tell if the mini usb starts to fail. I've had several phones with the same connector and over time they stop working right. Of course, the keyboard won't be going with me everywhere I go with constant plugging and unplugging so maybe I'm more concerned than I should be. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and find it difficult to stop typing once I get going. lol.

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Best card I've ever owned.11/3/2012 5:05:15 PM

Pros: This card runs everything I have at max settings and great framerate with a couple exceptions (see other thoughts) Great looking card, Runs extremely cool AND quiet compared to my gtx 460 sli setup (external exhaust versions) Uses less power

Cons: Knocked an egg for the price. Very expensive! I bought after the borderlands 2 gift expired, Price dropped about a week after I bought it.

Overall Review: I am pleased to have moved up from two gtx 460's in SLI to this one single card. This card beats out my SLI setup so I am impressed. Of course the 460's had 1 gig of vram compared to this 4gb monster. Currently I'm running a 24" monitor at 1080p, could I have gone for the 2 gig card? YES! Should I have? NO! I plan on buying a 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor at some point (or wait for the 4k monitors) so the 4gb versions seemed like that way to go. There are a few games that push 2 gb consistently. Skyrim! With about 60 mods running in this game including heavy duty texture packs, high res clothing, high res armor, high res "static" items this game used the most vram so far, 2150mb of vram near the city of Whiterun. I get anywhere from 55-100+ FPS in this game and it is BUTTERY SMOOTH compared to my 460 1gb sli setup (was choppy when turning due to the 1gb and high res textures) Metro 2033 was the one game that almost brought the 670 to its knees. For the most part I could play Metro at max settings but there are areas where I had to turn them down from VERY HIGH to HIGH because it was too demanding. It didn't use as much Vram as Skyrim but it definitely worked the card the most when it comes to FPS. Normally get about 40 FPS on max but there were dips into the mid 20's at times. Crysis 2. All settings on Ultra, DX11, High Res textures, game runs beautifully. No issues. I couldn't run Crysis 2 at full settings with my old 460's in SLI for the entire play through but this card handles Crysis 2 maxed out. Battlefield 3 again runs exceptionally well compared to my old setup. I can run this game maxed out and consistently get 60+ FPS with no studdering what-so-ever. One thing I should mention, my PC specs. I'm not running the newer pcie 3.0 slot motherboards yet. I'm going to try overclocking my CPU a little more, maybe to 4.2ghz. If that doesnt work I'll try a Z77 motherboard/CPU upgrade. My system as it sits now: Core i7 860 2.8ghz (overclocked to 3.8) EVGA P55 SLI motherboard (socket 1156) 16 gigs of g.skill ripjaw 1600mhz ram Galaxy GTX 670 4gb (obviously) Kingwin 850w PSU (I could easily drop a couple hundred watts if I wanted to but I will be SLI'ing at some point) Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler, Western Digital 640 hard drives (2) (SSD is coming soon) Corsair 600T case (white version)

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Pros: Played blu ray discs....................until CYBERLINKS NEW VERSION CAME OUT...

Cons: the people at cyberlink are con artists, scammers, theives...what they do is make software so you can run bluray discs from your computer. what they don't tell you is that when the new version of their bluray disc program comes out, they make you "update" your version which yes, it does update your version, but the update TOTALLY DISABLES YOUR VERSION. ALL MY BLURAY MOVIES USED TO PLAY, AFTER THEIR SO CALLED UPDATE, NON OF THEM WORK. Cyberlink is known for this rip off behavior and I will not support them ever again and I hope none of you do either. They purposely sabotage their software thinking the customers are stupid enough to buy the new software EVERY YEAR. I DON'T THINK SO CYBERLINK, I'm BREAKING MY DISC AND THATS THE END OF IT. Even performing a clean install and removing the registry files of cyberlink will not allow me to watch any blurays which previously worked.

Overall Review: Final thoughts, buy a bluray player from newegg, they're under $100 right now, forget a pc based bluray drive, its nothing but a headache unless you can find software besides cyberlink and the cyberlink copycats. Spending $80--$100 each year on cyberlinks annual upgrade is purely absurd. Do yourself a favor and put cyberlink on your "AVOID AT ALL COSTS" list.

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Beautiful case3/3/2012 4:27:58 PM

Pros: Absolutely beautiful (white version only), LARGE, Excellent cable management. It was very easy to hide the wires compared to my old CM690 Nvidia edition, Easy to remove fan filters, just a click of a button, Large 200mm fans, Removable hard drive bays. As of right now I have only 2 hard drives so I opted to remove the top hard drive section of this case to allow better airflow from the front fan to my 2 GPU's. Very large CPU cutout, largest I've seen on any other case I considered purchasing.

Cons: PRICE, its very expensive. I waited for a few months to see if this case would drop in price to the $150 mark shipped but it never did and I couldn't resist temptation any longer. I got it shipped free, since my purchase shipping is back to $19.99. Parts of the outter case are metal while others are plastic. I'm not a smoker but I hope that years from now the color between the two different materials doesn't change. Not a con for me but to some it may be the size. For a mid tower this thing is HUGE.

Overall Review: I love this case, its a nice change from my 2 year old Nvidia case. I knocked an egg cause of the price. It is more expensive than some full towers although this could be considered a full tower. Check the dimensions on this vs. some full towers. I only got this because the white/black two tone. It really makes this case look sharp. I do not care for the all black version.

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Pretty good however...10/24/2011 11:20:47 AM

Pros: 1080p, LED, Nice image, nice size, nice price, great color, dvi and hdmi capable.

Cons: After about a month I noticed one pixel is now stuck in blue color. Its hard to see but its annoying me to no end. its in the middle to upper left area of the screen and is only noticeable when watching dark scenes...I noticed it while playing doom 3. When I first bought this monitor it didn't have any pixel issues but it makes me wonder if this is the beginning of more issues to arise. Maybe in another month I'll see more and more pixel issues. Hopefully not but if that happens I'll be a very unhappy camper.

Overall Review: THis is my first Asus product and if I had to do it over again I'd probably buy again just because I got this super cheap when it was on sale with promo code. I had an older LCD monitor that this replaced which I owned for 3+ years and had no pixel issues yet after a month this one has an issue.

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If you play FPS games then you need this item!10/20/2011 1:21:10 PM

Pros: I bought this somewhere else cause it was slightly cheaper. This game pad is very comfortable, even has a pad for your wrist to rest on. Buttons 6-9 are much easier to access than on a standard keyboard. I can leave my hand in one spot without having to go across a huge keyboard. Its plug and play LED's (see other) Large buttons (See other)

Cons: Haven't had it long enough to realize what cons there may be.

Overall Review: Being a huge FPS player I had to get this. Its perfect for that type of gamer. It has blue led's, you can turn them on and off with a push of a button. The only thing I don't like is that they aren't green. I have an Nvidia gaming case with all green lights, would of been nice if it matched but at least I can turn them off. This pad is much larger that what the picture makes it look like. Its about 1 1/2- 2" longer than a standard DVD case. The picture makes it seem much smaller. Doesn't take long to get used to the placement of the buttons. All are within a keyboards general area so you'll get used to it in no time. Awesome item. I highly recommend it.

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EGGactly what I was looking for!~!4/1/2011 2:47:12 PM

Pros: Great aroma as the UPS dude took them off his truck in 80 degree weather. Worth the price because I was looking for something to give my ex wife/mother-in-law...gonna let them cook in the sun for at least another month Also really great for that nosey neighbor who wants to lurk around looking for something to whine about. I'll leave it in her mailbox! ;)

Cons: Only 3 eggs included. I wish they included a dozen, I have so many people I'd like to surprise with nice smelly rotten egg smell

Overall Review: Despite being limited to 3 eggs, they're worth every penny for teh "special someone"

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WASTE OF MONEY!2/8/2011 6:46:01 PM

Pros: Multiplayer looks very good in DX11

Cons: Single player runs in DX9! Looks like garbage! Why would they make the single player campaign dx9 and multiplayer dx11? Just STUPID...The single player missions are boring. Multiplayer is nothing like battlefield 2. People CAMP LIKE CRAZY, The maps suck and as soon as you spawn there's 20 people camping ready to pick you off. Its so lame. This game sucks, map design is horrible.

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Sweet lights1/28/2011 9:38:11 AM

Pros: I admit it I'm an Nvidia fanboy and this item fits my theme perfectly. I use this with my Nvidia cm690 case and it really helps light the inside up. For such a small item its very bright. I have 6 green led fans inside my case and this little thing is brighter than all of'em put together.

Cons: Molex connectors SUCK...I had a heck of a time trying to push it completely together, the 4 metal contacts move around, they don't line up correctly...with a bit of fussing around I finally got it but what a pain!

Overall Review: I should of bought an additional unit because while very bright, it doesn't illuminate my entire case evenly. Next time I order I'm gonna get another one.

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Best bang for your buck1/28/2011 9:27:26 AM

Pros: Incredible price, almost a steal! Very good sound quality, good looks, seem very durable (time will tell) Paid under $20 shipped, You won't find a better product for less.

Cons: After an hour or two of gaming, it they started to hurt my ears a little bit. I've had this problem with every brand of headphones with larger ear pieces though. Wish it came with a 360 adapter so I can switch between pc and 360 gaming...

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2 in sli, both EE versions, very good cards1/23/2011 9:29:00 PM

Pros: Even with one, I'm able to play every game with max settings. I have 2 of these in SLI and both are external exhaust versions, running right on top of the other with no issues yet. Can overclock them a bit without adjusting voltage and the top card runs around high 60's while bottom card running low 60's C. I get 60+ fps in Crysis, 80 fps in Battlefield. 200+ in Tomb raider Anniversary/legend...Call of duty 4 Well over 100 fps. Far Cry 2 80 fps easy. These are great cards, no complaints from me.

Cons: Loud?

Overall Review: They can get a little loud but what do you expect? They have to cool somehow so I do'nt mind, I play with surround cranked anyway and can't hear'em over the game anyway so its not really a con. When I first installed the second card I kept getting blue screens and lockups as soon as I'd get to the desktop. I thought it was the newer card and almost submitted an RMA. Then I remembered someone having problems in SLI and updated the bios. I also run an EVGA P55 SLI and went to the A39 bios and haven't had one blue screen or screen lockup and I play for HOURS AND HOURS.

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Awesome game but not for "sim" b-ball players11/29/2009 8:35:07 AM

Pros: Ok, I had this game for a while and ended up selling it...I just repurchased from newegg and can't wait to get it back. Its an awesome ARCADE basketball game. Looks nice, good controls and you can do things in the game that aren't normally possible. Only $10!!

Cons: I personally don't have any cons for the game but some people don't like how you can block every shot and jump exceedingly high.

Overall Review: Theres really no reason to complain about this game. If you don't like certain aspects of the game like abnormally high jumping or double dunks...GO GET THOSE SIM BASKETBALL GAMES LIKE the 2k or live series...this is an arcade b-ball game and in my opinion the best one of all. BTW, for those that don't know, you can modify the settings to play without all those unnatural features...but theres really no point.

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Far from blowing the 360 away10/20/2009 7:28:41 PM

Pros: Ok, the PS3 does have good points, I like the blu ray player built in. I use it for blu ray more than gaming. Exclusive games look nice...not perfect, but nice.

Cons: very few exclusive games on this system, online gaming SUCKS, when I bought mine it was $500 for the package, I hate the controller compared to the 360...The multi platform games (ps3/360) always look better on 360, TRUST ME! I have identical games on all 3 of my systems...usually ps3 is lowest, then 360, then my PC. Its not that the graphics are different between the ps3/360, because graphically games on both systems look identical. Its the jagged edges that make the ps3 experience lower for me. Exclusives are a different story though. exclusives look nice.

Overall Review: I'm not a fanboy of any sort. In fact, I'm really sick and tired of these people and their ignorant comments. GROW UP...I used to be a console only kinda person and had the 360 first, then the ps3, now the PC. I tell ya, after getting a serious gaming PC I prefer that over either console. I totally lost interest in console gaming. Mainly due to texture quality and anti aliasing (jaggies). On games like Tomb Raider Underworld and Call of duty 4, the jaggies on consoles are definitely more noticable and reduce gameplay for me not that I'm spoiled by a top end PC. My PC totally eliminates jaggies in every game I've played so far compared to both 360 and PC.

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So far so good10/1/2009 8:36:02 PM

Pros: This is the new version of the kingwin series. I was hesitant to get this PSU but so far so good! I have two dvd drives, two hard drives, 9800 gt in sli (soon to have gtx 275 and seems to be working just fine. Lights and modular pieces are a nice touch. Lights can be switched from none, to white, to blue. All the modular inputs are universal, plug them in anywhere you want and they work, no specific spot for the pci 6 pin plugs, plug them in ANYWHERE!

Cons: Lights aren't super bright but better than nothing.

Overall Review: I've read a lot of bad reviews on Kingwin and was hesitant to buy it. I saved a few bucks by going with them I just hope it doesn't bite me down the road. It was between this PSU and a corsair 850w...what made me ultimately decide was the $40 difference AND I read a review about the corsair having some bad paint smell...that isn't something I want to have...I don't think you can go wrong either way but if you go the other way, your wallet will be a little lighter.

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Umm, can you say recession???9/26/2009 9:23:59 AM

Pros: good card, FAST CARD, plays any game at max.

Cons: Whats the deal with the recent price hikes? The evga 275 is a good card but not too long ago it was around $200, now its $250...Not cool Nvidia, newegg, whoever else hikes the price. Is this due to the windows 7 and new gpu's about to be announced...this will cause all these cards prices to DROP significantly so I guess you people are trying to make as much cash flow as possible till the sudden drop less than a month away.

Overall Review: The so called recession is still upon us internet sales people...prices shouldn't go higher...people have reduced their spending already so jacking prices up even more will only hurt you greedy people in the long run.

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Don't understand the poor reviews8/5/2009 4:09:48 PM

Pros: Ok, I LOVE THIS GAME. Its that sandbox FPS that I've come to love playing. Go where you want, do what you want. Graphics are very good. I like being ambushed at every checkpoint, the guns are so friggin cool to shoot that I like switching from one to another just to hear the different sounds each gun makes, the reloading and chambering of the next round in sniper rifles. I just love it all. I am into hunting games and if you're like me, you know that those hunting games available from that well known manufacturer absolutely suck. I was just walking around Far Cry 2, with the sniper rifle, finding animals and blasting them. It was so cool I wish UBISOFT would make a good hunting game. It would sell! Back to the main game, when you get a mission, yes, you do have to drive half way across the map or more but thats what makes this game fun. I'm sick of those corridor shooters where there's only one way to go. This is a sweet game especially for the price. Get it and don't listen to the neg

Cons: The missions can get repetative but what game isn't repetitive? I still find it very interesting. It does require some graphical horsepower. I'm running 9600 gts in SLI and with very high settings, I get around 30 fps average, it dips into the low 20's once in a while but usually sticks in the upper 20's.

Overall Review: Don't judge this game by people who may have different opinions about what games are fun. If you like crysis, bioshock, and other similar games where you can go where you want without being confined to a set path, you will like this game. At the current price, its a steal.

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Good card7/24/2009 8:50:46 AM

Pros: I bought the overclocked version of this card but they're basically the same. It does run well, overclocked it to 750/1825/950 and it runs like a champ, no problems at all. I bought it to run in SLI with my single slot 9600 gt...there's only one issue that I'll mention below Doubled my FPS in most of my games. Every game is around 50 FPS + (SLI) crysis is the exception of course but its like a new game compared to before.

Cons: Pricey for a 9600 gt (now-a-days) Higher end cards are similarly priced but since I wanted to try SLI I went with this one. My overclocked card didn't come with the fan wires used to adjust the fan speed. It came with a black and red wire but my other card has 4 wires going to the fan, which allows me to adjust the fan speed using EVGA precision tuning. This created a little problem with heat when I had the card in the bottom slot. I then switched the cards around so this dual slot was on top, and it runs cooler than my old card with the fan at 100%.

Overall Review: I run a q6600 at 2.4, 8 gigs of ram, with a 22" 1080p monitor and with these in SLI, I'm getting 28 FPS in DX10 with everything on very high. ( I acutally use the extreme quality mod which is even better than very high settings) So, I'm very happy. Just remember to put this card on top! I wouldn't recommend two of these cause the bottom card will overheat unless you have excellent cooling. Make sure the bottom slot card has a fan that you can adjust speed. There may be a way to adjust the fan on this card using a different method but its beyond me.

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Wow...6/26/2009 11:05:13 AM

Pros: I'll admit I was a bit skeptical before buying these. I searched neweggs entire inventory of 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, and even 5.1 computer speakers. I then noticed one set of 4.1 speakers. I never heard of a 4.1 setup before. For a computer room, 4.1 is all you need if you want surround sound. These speakers sound very good, especially in this price range! The price is unbeatable. The sub is small but does its job well enough. These speakers sound good loud and gaming is awesome. I recommend these over anything else you find at comparable or much higher prices.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: Setup is a breeze. The only thing is when I went to hook up quadrophonic sound it the description said to plug into the blue port. For some reason my computer didn't recognize them in the blue port...they were recognized in the black. No biggie, they all work now.

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excellent product6/25/2009 6:52:08 PM

Pros: This mousepad is very comfortable. I wish I bought it a long time ago! I use an HP optical/wireless mouse and it moves just fine. Price is also good.

Cons: none yet...maybe over time the wrist pad will settle a bit due to all the use but only time will tell.

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Glorified demo4/28/2009 9:20:21 AM

Pros: Its Gran Turismo, I've been following this series since the first installment. Looks good, the in car cam is totally sweet. I will only play from the in car cam now.

Cons: Overpriced, very short, I beat the entire "demo" the first day. No customizing, short races, NO DAMAGE! C'mon GT, Forza and Grid can do it, so can you...its not that I want it for crashing, but if this is a simulater when I accidentally lose control and smash into another car or wall, I expect to see the effects of my mistake. I don't want to be able to bump into a car and keep going without consequences. I want to see things like reduced HP, tranny problems, flat tires, cosmetic damage, all adds to the realism. I hope the full version of the game will address these issues but I've already convinced myself otherwise.

Overall Review: Despite my rating of 3 stars and the cons I mentioned, this is still a good game. Its pricey for what ya get but I can't pass up driving sims.

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