Affordable, practical, and efficient4/8/2019 10:58:49 AM

Pros: Compact size Affordable (after rebate) for a 750W 80+ gold PSU from a reputable supplier Modular means no extra cables to hide

Cons: Not a fan of rebates.

Overall Review: Seasonic has been my go to source for PSUs for ages and they've not let me down yet.

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Compact size, good efficiency3/31/2019 6:48:23 AM

Pros: Compact size fit nicely in my mini-itx build 550W is plenty for any cpu/gpu combination I'll fit in this Full modular means no unnecessary cables cluttering up my case

Cons: cables too long for my Elite 110 case ;)

Overall Review: I've used SeaSonic for years and have not had one fail on me yet.

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Know what you're buying1/25/2019 9:35:37 AM

Pros: Fast reads, big capacity

Cons: I knew what I was buying, so I have no complaints.

Overall Review: The negative comments you see are mostly from people who didn't bother learning what QLC is and how it should be used. It is very fast for reads, and has a cache so short bursts of writes are equally fast. For sustained writes that fill the cache, then yes, the speed drops significantly. So, it you are constantly writing large amounts of data, this is not the drive for you. If you are storing large amounts of static data that you rarely write, but read from often, then this is perfect for you. I'm using it for a large steam game library, but it would also work well for any sort of library that doesn't change often (clip art, pictures, stock video footage, etc). Just store your work on another drive.

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Old model11/8/2013 6:30:13 AM

Pros: Not a bad deal at the $65 sale price for certain applications. Running two in RAID 0 would probably give better performance than a single 7200rpm drive for a little more money. If you have an older raptor, you can re-use the heatsink and save some money.

Cons: Old model, and doesn't include the icepack heatsink, which will probably lead to early death if you run it without one. These drives get hot!

Overall Review: After reading the reviews, I just had to comment. First, let me say that I don't own this particular drive, but have other Raptors. This model is not the latest and is about 3 years old. It's still faster than current 7200RPM drives for some things (small random reads/writes), but has lower sustained throughput. Of course it's nowhere near SSD performance. The reviewers who were disappointed should have checked the model and when it was released before purchasing. Also check the dates on any reviews you read online. The high praise you may see for this model was in comparison to other drives on the market at that time. Finally, please stop commenting about it not fitting in a laptop. It's not meant for that purpose, and it's a good thing it doesn't fit, or we'd probably see a bunch of reviews from people foolish enough to have tried it and complaining that they melted their computers.

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Excellent deal, but not from these guys12/8/2012 3:35:58 AM

Pros: One of the greatest movie series of all time.

Cons: Available for much less from others

Overall Review: Browsing through this seller's inventory makes me wonder if he isn't just buying from a well known seller in the UK and marking them up. (Sorry, not allowed to name them, but I'm sure you can find them easily enough) Very few seller reviews, but mostly positive, so you'll probably get what you purchase, just pay more than you should. Smells like some guy working out of his basement. Anyway, great flix, but save yourself some $$$ by shopping elsewhere.

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