Great looking cooler, but not as impressive as I suspected3/17/2021 6:28:47 AM

Pros: -Looks great -Decent instructions and kit

Cons: -Not getting temps I was hoping for. Ryzen 7 3700x hitting 75-79 deg-C routinely under load, even with an additional pull fan installed -Heard of others with Noctua coolers getting nearly 20 deg lower on OC chips -Instal was a pain, getting it on wasn't hard, but getting it not crooked in the case was trouble.

Overall Review: Not a bad cooler for the money, looks great, but not a noctua.

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Great case, QC could be a little better3/3/2021 11:23:39 AM

Pros: -Compact yet roomy enough for big GPUs and most standard CPU coolers (Coolermaster Hyper 212 Black LED at 157mm fits just right with a mm or two to spare. -Great cable management -Lots of ventilation/fanconfigurability

Cons: -Could use another CM or so above the MB for a second exhaust fan. With an aftermarket full size cooler it's quite cramped. -Screws and threads are quite cheap and come close to stripping easily -Of all the holes on the front, top, and bottom panel, only one of the sets for 120mm fan mounting aren't big enough for fan screws. There are 3 dedicated mounting locations for fans, on the panels, 2 for 120mm, and one for 140mm. But any of the holes work for fan mounting, except of course for one of the dedicated spots for 120mm fans. I myself moved my front fans to the left more so most of the air wasn't being blocked by the 24pin ATX power, and feeding directly into cpu. 8pin CPU power also prevents top exhaust fan from being centered in case on my mobo (extra cm at the top would help here too!)

Overall Review: -Great case for the money, looks great on my desk, nice and compact, but could be slightly higher quality (but you get what you pay for!)

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