As expected, great but not perfect9/23/2015 7:54:26 PM

Pros: 1. Roomy 2. Good mounting system 3. Allows 140mm fans in the front and back 4. Space for radiators 5. Mid Tower

Cons: 1. 1 stripped screw thread, unable to use that hole 2. The front of the case takes 140mm fans but you must use the radiator screws to achieve this not the self tapping ones you'd normally have. Took me a moment to figure that out.

Overall Review: I actually did not expect this case to be perfect when I got it, every single case I've ever bought has had issues with something. Usually threads or mounting positions/screw holes being off. Here is no exception either. The area where you'd attach the Phanteks PWM Fan Hub with screws was not properly threaded. 1 thread went inward toward the motherboard (correct) while the other went outward away from the motherboard and was not the same size. It was unusable as the screw would not fit through. I managed to drill it out and cut the excess off using a razor but that was NOT FUN. I'd honestly just have preferred screws and nuts which is what I'll end up having to do anyway now. Also the Drop-N-Lock SSD Bracket is a nice idea but there are 2 things I'm not fond about. The first is basically it's tight, so sliding your SSD into the bracket will pretty much scratch the sides of it or the bracket itself. Something I'm used to but why couldn't they just make the bracket differently to prevent scratches in the first place? Next the screws used in the Drop-N-Lock SSD Bracket are not my favorite. Sure they work but how many times will you be able to lock them before they wear down? I'm unsure but it seems like that's something that will eventually happen. Over-all the case is fantastic but some design elements are things I'd have changed.

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So far so good8/27/2015 8:08:43 PM

Pros: 1. Cheap 2. External antennas 3. Easily beats out routers not supporting AC 4. Dual band support 5. Has a many options available after logging in

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: The reviews here are varied, I'm going to wait and see just how this router acts. If it turns bad I'll report back. As for the time being the ONLY reliable router I've ever had was the Apple Airport Express. It never, ever, ever drops connections period. Wish me luck!

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Doesn't fit correctly9/5/2014 7:23:20 PM

Pros: 1. None

Cons: 1. None, couldn't use it to find them

Overall Review: I am not knocking this product but pointing out that on my system I couldn't get it to fit correctly. The pressure required to get it in the USB port was not normal, I did get it in the main port of the case and then a usb 3.0 powered hub which would not read it as being inserted. From what I can tell it's just to tight and you need to literally push down hard to get it in a port, any port. I threw it out the first day because of this, I don't seem to have damaged any ports but really how annoying I even tried. If it won't fit then don't use it period.

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Unsure8/27/2014 9:16:55 PM

Pros: 1. Fast 2. Intel 3. Overclock-able 4. Great quality

Cons: 1. Temps are to high even with higher end cooling 2. I'm unsure the wattage they list is that on full load with turbo running, I suspect not.

Overall Review: I don't own this but instead bought a Xeon 1231 v3 and from my testing with Prime95 28.5 full load easily approaches 90C+ with a vcore of only 1.140 Absolutely ridiculous! My old 3770k had similar temp issues until I delidded it and used liquid pro on the die, then I got a full load temp of 80C with an NHD14 with a vcore of 1.250. The H100i couldn't keep the temps on the Xeon under control running full speed I got 80C at a mere 1.14 vcore just pathetic. What I'm saying here is firstly you people need to start testing full load temps with small ffts and Prime95 28.5 not earlier versions where the temps will be lower. There is absolutely no way the temps showing up on the forums and here in this very area are REAL. Watch your temps shoot up with 28.5 running small ffts then report back. As far as Haswell goes and Ivy the temps are just to high without delidding and I no longer see the reported temps as real because half of them don't even list the vcore just their GHZ overclock.

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Fantastic fan!8/18/2014 8:38:43 PM

Pros: 1. Excellent quality 2. Uniquely designed pads dampen noise and they really work! 3. Long lasting 4. Comes with 4 rubber pins if you'd like to use those instead of the screws. 5. Nice coloring scheme

Cons: 1. The only thing I can tell you personally is you want to avoid the PWM fans at all costs unless you like hearing low frequency whining all the time, they are terrible. 2. Are these loud? Not really just use an inline resistor with 5v or 7v and it'll be perfectly quiet. All fans require one if you want silence period otherwise they run around 1000 rpms or 1200rpms (all fans) at 12v and it can drive you insane having 4 of those.

Overall Review: A few manufacturers take their work seriously, Cougar is one of them. The fans are absolute works of art and better than anything price/cost ratio-wise. I am completely impressed by their accessories which include a connector 3pin - molex, and the rubber pins. A must buy if you're building a new PC definitely!

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Perfect except for heat8/16/2014 5:33:24 PM

Pros: 1. Fast 2. Intel 3. No pins like AMD, they are on the motherboard instead 4. Looks awesome 5. Part of the refresh line-up, a modern CPU for sure

Cons: 1. Runs hot, even with after market cooling. 2.Must undervolt to properly get temperatures under control.

Overall Review: I used to have a 3770k that ran at 1.250 vcore at 80c full load using Prime95 (delidded of course) with an NH-D14. Guess what this thing can do? Using the Hyper Evo 212 and 140mm fan it runs with an offset of - 0.075 and reaches temps of 82c full load! That makes the final vcore on full load 1.053-1.058! At vcore 1.140 it was going over 90c easily even with an H100! You can see now the Haswell line-up is clearly inferior because of the thermal paste and voltage regulator causing absurd temps. Now I did use CPU-Z to check the wattage and these are temps achieved in boost mode with all cores in sync running at 3.8ghz with a wattage of 110 according to CPU-Z. This thing is rated for 80 watts and at that level it would be around 70C I am pretty sure, but it looks like they don't take into account the boost mode when rating it's wattage which is the problem here. I will be very careful buying any CPUs in the future because the use of thermal paste here is ruining Intel's thermals.

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Superior quality8/16/2014 5:22:10 PM

Pros: 1. M.2 support 2. 4 SATA 6 GBPS ports 3. S/PDIF out header with the ASUS bracket available elsewhere 4. TPM connector, module available elsewhere. Yes I'm using it and found the software, just type in TPM on their support site. Still have no idea how to configure it though. 5. 2 fan connectors 1 CPU fan connector. You can can just use a splitter I think, I tried but it didn't seem to work so I have 1 fan plugged in with each connector now. 6. Hyper Evo 212 fits on it correctly, I'm using a pull with a 140mm fan because my ram is high

Cons: 1. Could've used 2 more fan connectors 2. M.2 slot should be relocated elsewhere so heatsinks don't block it, probably the lowest right of the motherboard. 3. Need to include the ASUS quick connector for the front power, reset, etc.

Overall Review: A modern motherboard of the H97 variety. As good as it gets when not overclocking due to the 3 pcie x1 slots and 1 pcie x16 slot. So far no problems and boot up takes a few seconds at most. I learned my USB 3.0 Bluray burner causes it to hang at boot but this occurred using another motherboard as well so it's clearly not the fault of this one. I'd buy it if you don't plan on overclocking.

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Excellent8/14/2014 8:50:02 PM

Pros: 1. Direct contact 2. Copper pipes are part of base 3. Small 4 Easy install

Cons: 1. Backplate can be messed up a little

Overall Review: I've had this thing before, it's a good cooler and you can basically use any fan you want, I have a 140mm with 120mm holes mounted on mine. Pretty much can take whatever you want fan-wise. Cooling performance is good and you won't be disappointed. I've had 2 others but the 3rd had a problem with the backplate, the screws actually turned when inserted but they are grooved straight along one end so shouldn't. Not a big deal I just tightened while holding them by hand but still rather annoying. Seems the backplate is not always measured precisely. I was able to screw in the main screws pretty easily and they didn't turn at all with the nuts so it's fine.

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Not to great8/5/2014 9:37:27 AM

Pros: 1. Cheap 2. Good power

Cons: 1. Not modular 2. Cheap wiring makes it bad

Overall Review: Long story short, I have an N200 case and bending and moving the cables on this PSU caused them to be sliced? How can that happen when it's rounded edges! It's pretty simple to understand here, the cabling is cheap and so moving around the cables causes them to easily be cut and the wiring is so close to the surface on these it's basically exposed easily. I noticed a knick on a wire, saw this silvery thing and thought it was pretty weird, bent it and discovered it indeed was the wiring. The bottom line is the cables are not really very good and won't stand up to being moved around a lot. The ONLY fix I think would be to get some flex tubing and put that around them for protection, that would've worked but I didn't realize how cheap the cables were so I lost

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Great but not perfect8/2/2014 3:44:43 PM

Pros: 1. Large 2. Fast fans 3. Decent cooling 4. Interesting interface for Corsair Link 5. Powers 4 fans itself 6. Nice mounting system, very easy to manage setup.

Cons: 1. Nothing protecting the fins when I took it out, why not put some sort of hard plastic over both sides to protect them? 2.Can be tricky to setup, possible catastrophe if not done right. 3. Loud fans, but every fans loud above 1200 rpms so don't freak out you can limit the rpms using Corsair Link software if you want.

Overall Review: I have a Xeon 1231 v3 - 3.4 ghz Boost 3.8 ghz. Pretty much the 4770k without the iGPU and potential to overclock. I used to have a 3770k I had delidded and only then did I get decent temps. I think the same is true now. I saw that because I had the Scythe Grand Cross and it's not small but my temps in prime95 went up to 95c and above, just ridiculous load temps. Something wasn't right so I went over to BB and bought this thing. I haven't done full testing yet but full load gets me 82c, I suspect it may reach 85c even. This is crazy! Yet idle temps are 35c and similar, not bad much lower than before. I really feel I should delid this CPU but I don't have the guts anymore I tried and it was harder than I remembered. I am currently using offsets to undervolt my CPU hoping it may get 80c full load. Not the best temps but not horrible either. I'm starting to believe people are posting incorrect results mainly because I don't see them listing core voltages just ghz which tells me nothing, also I see them claiming 50c full load temps or 60c which is impossible unless you're using a custom loop and even then who knows. A lot of nonsense so far as real life shows different results.

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Excellent value8/1/2014 9:24:34 AM

Pros: 1. Small 2. ITX or Micro ATX 3. Removable 3.5 hard drive cage 4. Supports water cooling 5. Unique top mounted fan, can use a 140mm or 120mm. Has a silly filter but the mounting holes for the 120mm allow you to move it away from the motherboard! Great! 6. Front panel can be removed for easy cleaning because the power led, reset button, reset switch, etc are not part of the panel but snapped onto the case! Brilliant and about time!

Cons: 1. A little taller would've been nice so I could reach my hands to connect the fans, I had to struggle once the heatsink was on. 2. Snap on front, please just stop it already use screws what's so freaking hard about that? why would you use plastic snap on parts when screws will work just as well? It makes no sense. 3. Tight cable management, but expected with it's size. I still was able to hide a lot of excess cable. 4. eVGA GTX 670 FTW LE doesn't fit properly, infact no graphics card I know of will fit 100% right. I say this because the top slot has a lip that blocks the HDMI and DVI ports from being fully plugged into. My HDMI does fit, but the edge hits this lip and prevents the cable from going in completely. A DVI cable might not work, I'm using the bottom DVI port instead. Very confusing but maybe you can fix it with tin snips?

Overall Review: This is a great pc case and I think you'll find the snap on front not having the power led, reset buttons, etc attached to it is a huge time saver. No more unplugging them and pulling them out to change fans. To bad every case isn't designed that way. There is enough room to fit 4 hard drives, I used 750 wd blacks designed for laptops and it worked well. You will however find space running out when you go higher, enough so that routing is a huge pain in the neck. Behind the motherboard tray on the other side of the power supply is a somewhat large area to hide cables, I hid 2 of mind there using cable ties and it works well.

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Still working1/21/2014 4:41:51 AM

Pros: 1. USB Safeguard 2. All Solid Capacitors 3. USB 3.0 4. i-Charger 5. SATA 6Gbps

Cons: 1. 2xUSB 3.0 ports only 2. Realtek ALC887 *just get a D1* 3. Realtek 8111E *just get a EXPI9301CT* 4. No onboard wifi, no mini pcie slot *would've been nice*

Overall Review: I'm using this with an AMD 760K Richland 3.8GHz Socket FM2 100W and it's been running stable ever since. I have tried 2 different kinds of RAM both work flawlessly with their XMP profiles. I don't use OC Genie because I want the power saving options enabled and don't know if that would disable them. The motherboard is very solid from what I can tell, good features and BIOS settings. Recently I upgraded the BIOS to v2.3 everything went smoothly. I am using a GTX 670 FTW with this and it runs perfectly fine, no issues. It's a good buy for what it does, maybe the A88x chipset is more preferred now but this is stable and fine. I expect now issues but if any arise I'll report back here. Drivers required are: 1. AMD Embedded GPU and APU 2. Infineon Security Platform Solution (if using the TPM header) 3. MSI Super Charger *for the charging of phones* 4. Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs 5. Realtek RTL8111E *ethernet* Optional 1. MSI CLICK BIOS II *useless* 2. MSI Control Center *useless* 3. MSI Fast Boot *useless* 4. MSI Network Genie *ok but cFosSpeed is better* 5. Realtek Ethernet Diagnostic Utility Hope this helps!

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Performance but not long lasting1/13/2014 3:26:23 PM

Pros: 1. Inexpensive 2. Quality chipset 3. Nice look

Cons: 1. 2 broke after a year

Overall Review: First of all my dad uses some of these, I personally never had an issue. However 2 of the ones I gave him broke, both stopped being read in the system. I assume some sort of issue inherent in the devices themselves. I do think these are fast and good but they seem to fail after a year or so. More testing should be done independently to verify that.

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Fantastic!12/21/2013 4:59:15 PM

Pros: 1. Cheap 2. Fast 3. Quad

Cons: 1. None I've experienced

Overall Review: I used to have a 3770k, however being new to them I didn't realize their pins are on the mobos not the CPU's. I accidently dropped it on them and lost over a hundred bucks! My fault yes but I bought another mobo more expensive and it worked fine, but I kept running into this issue where resetting would cause the system to hang, I'd get no reboot post. I could never figure out what caused this, it happened regularly. I bought a board to replace that and it was having problems with locking up for no reason. I was so tired of this I trashed my build and switched to this thing I am satisfied. It's been stable for over a month and doesn't hang on resets, it works normally. I no longer like the chipsets used by the other manufacturer they caused me nothing but issues. I'm going to use this brand for future builds from now on. I paired this with a 670 FTW and it's amazing just and I'm happy it's stable.

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Fantastic11/30/2013 6:06:25 PM

Pros: 1. Front ports work as expected 2. Bottom mounted PSU 3. Top fans can be either 120mm or 140mm 4. NH-D14 will fit you just need to drop the 140mm center fan down all the way so it touches the base of the heatsink. 5. Wire management locations work very well 6. Midtower size 7. Power/Reset buttons are standard types you can replace by snapping out,

Cons: 1. Front fans only support 120mm not 140mm 2. Side panel has support for a fan but even when I used it with SLI for 2 GTX 670 FTW's the temps in my case stunk. 3. Slightly higher on the top would allow you to fit an H100 they are so nearly there but not entirely, just confusing why they didn't make it slightly higher.

Overall Review: This case is the best you'll find for the price. I've used the 210/220 and they are all equally fantastic. You can build yourself a decent computer for gaming but I wouldn't expect to use this with SLI. That needs to be a full tower IMO because my temps simply stunk otherwise. How would you feel with 2 GTX 670 FTW's reaching 80C full load? And the CPU temps went berserk too! I'm afraid you really need full tower for that. They should keep this case around awhile, it's better than many of the others out right now. Maybe in the future they can make is slightly wider and turn the drive bays sideways so it's easier cable management. I had 6 drives in this thing and it was horrible to manage that amount of wiring without side bays.

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Average11/8/2013 11:04:02 PM

Pros: Reply to Manufacturer Response:

Cons: Reply to Manufacturer Response:

Overall Review: I don't understand at all what you mean backwards? The hard drive power connectors aren't what's preventing the side panel with the window from going on, it's the tool-less drive rails. The ends hang out toward the window and it hits them when attempting to put it on. The power connectors/sata connectors are facing away from the window as you suggest. I can't figure out any other way of using the rails except from inserting them from the side with the Window

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Manufacturer Response:
You are installing the drives correctly. The rails should not be hanging over the edge of the case body like you're saying. We made sure that it would close properly before manufacturing the case and have double-checked and it works fine.
Great except with Windows 8.110/23/2013 2:34:35 AM

Pros: 1. Good design 2. Cheap 3. USB 4. Looks nice

Cons: 1. Drivers are not that bright 2. Support seems lacking 3. Utility is useless

Overall Review: First of all I had Windows 8 and upgrade to 8.1, after that it went from using the ASUS driver to the Windows driver which did not work with the 5ghz channel, it didn't show one! I have seen this before when trying the MediaTek (Ralink) drivers but wasn't sure why it occurred. Now in 8.1 I couldn't get the ASUS driver to install so was stuck with no 5ghz channel, absurd. I went to MediaTek hoping they maybe had updated their drivers from last time and installed the Ralink RT3573 ones. Sure enough it worked! Now I have both channels again, however this is still silly. How can you now know your device has issue like this and release a new driver? Besides that this is the Ralink RT3573 chipset so why the heck didn't the MediaTek drivers work the first time I tried them before they were updated like now? It should have! What did you do to this adapter guys?

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Not worth it10/3/2013 8:50:24 AM

Pros: 1. Water 2. All-in-one 3. Large radiator

Cons: 1. Hoses to short and stiff 2. Fans goto 2700 rpms why?

Overall Review: I had this, then threw it away. The problem is that I already experienced the ability of the NH-D14 and it absolutely surpasses this cooling unit. First of all I had issues with the mounting, it seems not entirely flush. I had washers I bought which made it more level but even so my results were less than impressive. At 1300 rpms you can slightly hear the fans, anything higher and it's to loud for my tastes. The fans are good and corsair link is cool, but they don't include a 2nd corsair link for 2 additional fans so you are left with the 2 on the radiator. I looked online and buying another is like 10 bucks without shipping, so I feel that's unfair. The idea of this is cool but the burn-in tests show something different, results are mixed and really show the need for a true liquid cooling loop. I went back to the NH-D14 and wasn't disappointed. In all this was not a very smart buy for me.

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Excellent cooling9/19/2013 5:40:12 AM

Pros: 1. Liquid cooling for the GPU 2. Not as big as the Twin Turbo II (better airflow below when in SLI) 3. Fairly easy setup 4. Not heavy 5. Great cooling

Cons: 1. Could've had more metal parts as opposed to plastic 2. No easy way that I can see to replace the fan should it die 3. Hoses are very stiff, don't get me wrong their good quality but wow they aren't very long or easy to work with.

Overall Review: I originally bought 2 Twin Turbo II's for SLI but when I saw their temps I was astounded. I got up to 90C and knew I had heat issues inside my midtower. I decided to make one of them cooled by the Hybrid. This didn't seem to work at first, I had temps of 75c full load but that was loud because of the fans I added trying to cool everything. The solution was turning the side fan to exhaust the hot air from the Twin Turbo II *bottom* before it reached the top *hybrid* this completely normalized my temps. Now full loads with Furmark I get 66C bottom *turbo* and 64C top *hybrid*. This is exactly what I'd been hoping for with the only drawback being my room not gets hot. The parts included are alright, I am not a fan of the shroud itself having plastic mounts for the screws, I mean couldn't they just make those metal standoffs or something? Potential is there to strip the screw holes for the pump because of it. Also the same is true for the screws securing the hoses. The pump is quiet, I hear nothing. I also consider the fan wiring to be risky, let me explain. The pump has 2 connections, 1 is a molex, the other a 4 pin that can goto your motherboard but actually passes power to the fan on the shroud. The fan on the shroud has it's own connector which passes the voltage to the fan on the radiator. Seems ok but wow what a headache! I have more than enough headers to plug these into my mobo, give me extensions to do it! They think having the fan wires in the shroud is a good idea, but I found the plastic digs into the wiring and can potentially cut it. I found 2 wires almost cut that would've been useless. That's why you NEVER secure fan wiring using something that requires force. These wires just push into tabs and the force holds them there, but it also causes them to turn white from being pushed, just a few mm from being cut bare! I took the wires out of the shroud so I could watch them in the future and see how they hold up. As for the pump wiring you can clearly see bare wire when you bend it down abit, not to impressed by that but it is holding up for now. I would buy again but be aware it has issues.

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Fantastic9/16/2013 4:18:28 PM

Pros: 1. Alot of heat pipes 2. Twin fans 3. Excellent cooling 4. GTX 670 FTW from 75c to 63c full load

Cons: 1. Plastic shroud is secured by plastic handles not metal.

Overall Review: One of mine came broken, the handle that secures the shroud to the heatsink was cracked. Understandable since it is under immense pressure when clipped on. Why wouldn't they just make it metal clips of some kind instead? I had to use JB PlasticWeld to fix it.

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Fantastic9/9/2013 5:09:46 PM

Pros: 1. Quality materials 2. Unique design that works 3. Easily mounted 4. Wonderful securing mechanism for the fans 5. Strong metal/aluminium

Cons: 1. None really

Overall Review: I had been using the Hyper Evo 212 however using my 3770k @ 1.25 core voltage for 4.7ghz was producing bizarre temperatures even after delidding. What I found out is that for the most part a lot of the temperatures online are from people either not using a full load or are just plain wrong. There is absolutely no way in my experience to get this thing running at below 75c using a Hyper Evo 212, NONE. Using this I can get a steady 80c at 1.25 core voltage with full load, excellent. It never rises above this level either. Now 1.3, that would kill it because it goes to like 85c or so which isn't acceptable to me. This allows for a nice overclock on air with the fans / low noise adapter. Fits in a Source 220 case just drop the 140mm fan lower abit.

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Excellent9/7/2013 12:44:31 AM

Pros: 1. Very light weight 2. Works

Cons: 1. Nothing really

Overall Review: I had been using some heavier cables for a cable switch I had, it allows you to switch between 3 sources. Anyway the heavy cables weighed down the ports and lost their connection. These are so light weight they do the job and considering the others cost more I feel these are a good compromise.

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Great budget card8/31/2013 7:30:52 PM

Pros: 1. Inexpensive 2. Fast 3. Precision X 4. OC Scanner 5. Drivers

Cons: 1. Runs hot 2. Loud

Overall Review: The first thing to realize about this card is that it's entirely not true these things run at 60c. From my experience with temperatures on the i7 3770k and others I find that most reported temps people report are inaccurate. That's true here as well. I have 2 of these running in SLI and they crush Metro 2033 running max everything with all DX11 effects on at 60 fps, nothing stops them. Viewing many people/monsters they drop to 50 fps but now lower. The temps on the bottom card idle 35C, load 75c. Top card idle 40c load 80c. These are the real temps not 60c. Anyone reporting lower temps are using different cooling methods or not on full loads period. At 80% fan speed with full load you get 80c, end of story. Still amazing performance!

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Just got it!8/28/2013 10:00:23 PM

Pros: 1. Large 2. Light 3. Speakers (tiny sounds) 4. Viewable area is great size

Cons: 1. Seems like 1 dead pixel or dust particle, unsure

Overall Review: For what I paid I won't return it or anything, it was cheap and my other monitor had issues too. It has 1 dead pixel or dust particle, oh well. The quality is nice though

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Achieves rated speeds8/6/2013 1:45:59 PM

Pros: 1. Price 2. Size 3. Chipset

Cons: 1. Slightly bigger than most

Overall Review: I didn't believe it when I ran CrystalDiskMark but my results are slightly above the specifications listed. I easily get the following with it: Read @ 200 MB/s and Write @ 90 MB/S This is using an ASUS P8Z77-V/Thunderbolt I tried both front USB 3.0 and rear

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