Nice Mouse5/19/2009 4:08:52 AM

Pros: -Five buttons. I own an MX518 also (an excellent mouse too btw) which has eight buttons and I found I never use anything but five (2 thumb buttons for back and forward in web browser, left and right click, and middle mouse button/scroll wheel). -Fits a right hand very well. -Big mouse. I'm taller than 6'6" and as a result have big hands. This mouse fits my hand great. -Light. Noticeably lighter than my old MX518. -Scroll Wheel feels extremely smooth and when pressed, has a nice easy click.

Cons: -USB cable feels a little flimsy. Have to wait and see how well it holds up. -Flashing blue LED is annoying if you're watching a movie, etc. I'm pretty sure it can be disabled with Razer's software though.

Overall Review: Mouse preference is highly subjective. For some people this mouse will not be a good choice. If you... -Use a claw grip when playing games... -Are left handed... -Have small hands... ...Then this mouse is probably not for you. If you're a right handed, palm gripper with big hands, on the other hand, you'll probably like this mouse.

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Does what it should5/10/2009 10:06:25 AM

Pros: -High Capacity. Makes an excellent drive for file storage/backup as a result. -Sturdy. Metal case and low center of gravity. Built like a rock. -Cool. It doesn't have a fan, and it doesn't need one. Drive stays reasonably cool even after hours of use.

Cons: -Slightly audible scratching sound is sometimes heard when the disk is working. -Power switch would have been a nice touch.

Overall Review: I suspect that many of the negative reviews are the result of users who have no idea what they're doing. 1. It comes formatted as FAT32. I'm guessing this was done because FAT32 is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. But the first thing you should do, especially if you are a windows user, is to reformat the drive to NTFS. Some people either aren't doing this or are doing this in the wrong way and breaking their drive. In both cases, it's not the drives fault... 2. This drive is good for file storage/file backup. If you are installing/running applications from an external drive, you're doing it wrong. 3. 1TB drives have not been out on the market for long. The biggest concern that remains: how will this drive hold up under prolonged use over many months/years? No one is in a position to answer that question yet...

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