Initial thoughts...Just got mine!4/10/2008 2:25:17 PM

Pros: -Nothing shoddy about the way the product was packaged. -Mind numbingly easy installation on my Windows XP SP3 system. -Fired up Oblivion and noticed substantial gains across the board (response times, FPS with grass on, etc and smoothness in places my old 7300GT stuttered a lot.) -nice utility set for the tweaker type of PC enthusiast... -I don't have the greatest PC but great for Guild Wars, WoW, Oblivion at med-high settings and, most of all, Warhammer Online...when it gets here, I hope! :)

Cons: -No autoupdate for the ASUS specific card drivers (which you need to use for advanced card features like Hyperdrive) -Still not sold on Catalyst AI benefits... -No PSU requirements found on the box or in the documentation that I could find...working under the assumption that my measly 300 watter will be adequate based on the Sapphire version of this card.

Overall Review: The card is robust and somewhat hefty. I was initially worried that I hadn't measured the dimensions correctly for it to fit in my Gateway GM5472 system. looks great in my system...and sooo very quiet! Obviously. That noisy grinding PNY 7300GT fan was keeping me up at night.

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