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Remote NAS: When flash drives just aren't nerdy enough.

BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2-Bay 2 TB (2 x 1 TB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) -  LS-WX2.0TL/R1
BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2-Bay 2 TB (2 x 1 TB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) - LS-WX2.0TL/R1

Pros: This product is shipped with two 1TB WD green drives (2nd gen I believe), which can reach temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius under constrictive conditions. As such, I’d recommend swapping the drives out on your own. I purchased two 3TB WD red drives which have a significantly lower rate of failure. In addition to this, the LinkStation itself has failsafe commands. Upon hard drive, fan, or power failure, it can send you an email or text message alert, and then shut itself off. Considering I have more than 5TB of important data, I chose striping over redundant array, with an external drive connected to the LinkStation’s USB port to intermittently back up crucial data folders every 24 hours. Remote Access availability and accessibility depends greatly on your router. Port forwarding is necessary, “println()” IP output is also necessary unless you have a static IP or DynDNS-like service. To clarify, even if your ISP serves you a dynamic IP, you will still be able to access your WebAccess interface. In two months, I have experienced 100% availability through http, https, and android application. Currently the android application does not support https, but the development team has expressed interest in implementing the service. The android allows http audio streaming and http file downloading. The WebAccess interface is similar to any offline file browser, with a slight but noticeable lag. Current capabilities (via http or https) include upload, download, share (send someone a download/stream link for a determinable time), delete, move, and play (stream audio over the web interface). Remote file transfer rates appear to cap around 400kbps (bits) for both upload and download and the system currently bundles multiple file transfers in zip folders by default. Inside the NAT, you can expect to see transfer rates of 12mBps (bytes), or about half the actual speed of USB 2.0, allowing extra processing time for data redundancy. In stresstesting the unit, I found I was able to stream 2 simultaneous uncompressed blu-ray rips without buffering. Network security both local and remote is ostensibly flawless. With every pentest tool in my arsenal, I could do little more than bring the system down temporarily, at which time the system alerted me of such. I found no exploits save for the standardized “admin” username which cannot be disabled. As with every internet portal, however, your data is only as safe as your password is complex. Local and remote User Access Control (UAC) lists and groupings allow complete control over your data; that is, who can access what? How much total data do you want them to have? And how fast should they be able to get it? DLNA, bittorrent, PS3, Windows, Linux, even my finicky WDTV live unit all ‘just seem to work.’ Plug it in, set up UAC, and your data is instantly available through all mediums.

Cons: No android HTTPS

Overall Review: Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or a single horse sized duck?

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Straight into the trash

11 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set
11 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set

Pros: I didn't really need them. Probably recyclable.

Cons: I purchased these and, to be honest, I'm not sure why. They arrived in about two weeks. Inside the 99c store box i found half of the tips rolling around, broken from the thin aluminum screwdriver bases. It doesn't say much for the packaging, sure, but it shows the product itself is quite flawed. Just for fun, I tried to unscrew something with about a 10lb torque, at which time the remaining tip stripped itself to a point.


If blade damage, don't be fly

UDI U810 Fly Wolf Combat Fighter Missile Shooting Helicopter
UDI U810 Fly Wolf Combat Fighter Missile Shooting Helicopter

Pros: "If blade damage, don't be fly, otherwise it will create the human body or blame damage" This is printed on the wing for your safety. Amazing product, and it always makes me laugh.

Cons: Probably not made in the united states.