This has worked flawlessly so far, had a year now1/26/2021 7:27:37 PM

Pros: It works with Google Voice on my home wireless phones. I have no costs for my home 4 phones at home which connect to the hub this is plugged in to. Set up was easy, followed directions. I'm not a techy but i'm pretty good at following directions.

Cons: I am always wondering how long It will work cause technology always updates on me and makes things not work! So far so good, over a year.

Overall Review: It did what I needed it to allowing me to use it as a phone box to plug in my phones and run my google voice number to my home phones.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
My 7th Box1/26/2021 7:20:37 PM

Pros: I see complaints about the ear pieces breaking but my husband and I are both essential services, he uses a few a day i use one in a 10 hour shift now that they are available easier (I was saving them and wearing a regular mask over top to try and get two days out of them at first). Between my husband and myself we have broken 4 masks in those we have used. They actually fit us both quite well but I use a clip instead of just over the ears to get a snug fit on my face that doesn't hurt my ears; my husband has a largish head size and finds many mask too snug this one gives him a good fit, snug but not too tight. Great value for quality and so happy to have a source that I can afford as my warehouse work only supplies the surgical masks and being indoors for 10 hours with people I really wanted better quality mask. Great quality when compared to a regular surgical mask and I love the way they sit off the nose and mouth area instead of against. Just a little less annoying.

Cons: No more a con on these masks then any, just remember to keep an extra with you in case you need it for a torn ear or it gets wet, or dirty.

Overall Review: I have ordered 7 boxes now and they have all been the same good quality and so far I've had no issues and will continue to source my kn95's from here.

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Why did I wait so long to buy a Dyson cordless?9/14/2020 11:59:26 AM

Pros: SUper light weight does a great job on all my floors, wood, carpet and tile Does my car great too

Cons: Runs for me the 30 minutes stated and I rarely need the max suction on. If i do put on max suction it is hard to get it to go back off, always has been but when i bought it Newegg was going to give me money back as they were out of stock but I like the vacuum so much i kept it even with the issue. If it does run out of power before I am done it takes 30 minutes to charge but this rarely happens, doesn't take me that long usually to get my vacuuming done. More often it is used for 3 or 4 days then I recharge.

Overall Review: I love this vacuum, I will definitely purchase another, probably a v8 refurbishment with the hardwood floor attachment. Seriously never thought a battery operated light weight vacuum could work for me but it does, and I'm picky.

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Wow, had no idea an antenna could make such a difference.8/13/2020 1:35:45 PM

Pros: Doubled the over the air channels I receive in Charlotte, NC suburb area. - it was very reasonable in cost for something that works. -The large portion of the antenna hides behind my window blind -it's very light weight and can be hung with double sided tape. -No plug in necessary if you have a USB port on the back of your TV to plug it in to power it. - it has a very long 36' cord so you can run and staple it to corners of your room or if you wanted to fish it through a wall to an outdoor area.

Cons: It is a cable connection so you have a cord, no way as of yet to make these wireless or use my existing in wall HDMI unless i was to purchase a box/dvr or some time.

Overall Review: I literally doubled my reception channels. I plugged in the usb to the back of my tv, I attached the cable piece in and i put the antenna in the nearest window. I was receiving 20 channels with my RCA indoor antenna and I hit search with the antenna in the window and if found 40 channels that come in great. Hopefully it continues to work for years in the future, I need another for my other TV. I had no idea I could get this many more channels and I want to get the same in my bedrooms now so I will be ordering more.

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Work well, comfortable and stay on my neck!7/11/2019 8:15:22 AM

Pros: -lightweight and stay on neck - easily join multiple blue tooth devices and work simultaneously on them - Buttons are in an easy spot to access and pick up the phone when it rings, turn up the volume or down and turn off my music if i want or back on. Very easy.

Cons: - Finding the right fitting little rubber end to make them stay in ear - battery charge time when playing music is too short to last for my full long bike rides.

Overall Review: So I am impressed with these. I get good sound, people can hear me and they stay around my neck very well when i'm cycling, running or doing other work outs. I have literally forgot they were around my neck after i removed the ear bud portion and found them there when i got ready for bed, amazed i hadn't lost them somewhere and forgot about the piece around my neck. This surprised me as I thought I would really dislike that piece hanging around my neck. They give good sound when I'm cycling and I can answer my phone with the button on the plastic piece around my neck, i like this because it's very easy to find while I'm riding or working out. People hear me even when I'm riding along to the mic must be good enough. They block out the noise pretty well of the wind so i hear my coaching app and my music, the music turns down and the coaching app says my speed and how far i went and I hear it all. Since just the earbuds are in my ear they fit nicely under my bicycle helmet. I love how easy the buttons are to turn the music on and off to my iphone are just at my neck, volume works well and picking up phone calls and hanging them up. I feel very comfortable using them while I ride my bike or do other workouts. I wish they last longer. If i am playing my music for the full ride they will usually only last 2 hours max. I ride longer than two hours usually. so then i have to either switch to another pair of head phones (i have a second) or just let the phone coach me and turn off music. They do last long enough with just one for my gps or coaching app. I wear them in the car to be hands free sometimes and it will easily work for hours when just giving my gps directions or allowing me to answer the phone with the button on the neck. So I'd really like them, shame they don't have a larger battery.

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Arrived and works...5/3/2016 5:11:56 PM

Pros: - Very small, easy to travel with - Plugged in to the wall and it showed up and worked. Logged in and changed the SSID, saved it and logged back on. - Reconnected to the router immediately... but had to manually configure network to put in the network password. - verified firmware installed was most up to date at TP-Link site.

Cons: - basic quick start up and set up is easy if you use defaults, to change the SSID I had to know where to go to put in the SSID and save; putting it on the main quick set up login screen with the pass and rebooting will not save the new SSID, you must go to the wireless tab that shows the ip's and the SSID and put in the SSID there and hit save. - Directions for configuring could be clearer or possibly it could give a link to get clear directions on line for those that aren't familiar with router set ups.

Overall Review: I just received the router and plugged it in to check it. I did have to put in my password manually after changing the SSID; network config did not ask for the pass, just said I couldn't connect to the internet. I imagine rebooting the computer may have brought up the password request but i just set up the wireless network manually with my SSID name and the pass i had chosen and it connected again right away. I don't plan on using this every day. I will carry it with me for the rare hotel that does not have wireless (they do still exist, i'm on the road alot) and I will use it when i'm at my mom's who does not have wireless. For $4.99 it was an easy answer to an occasional issue. I can't vouch for longevity. I knocked off one egg as the quick set up had no save for the SSID or pass, you have to log in to the wireless as I mentioned. Confusing to people I'm sure.

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Perfect8/23/2014 7:13:59 AM

Pros: Easy to install, everything fits, weighty and quality covered cords and pins with lots of extra cords and velcro straps to keep it all neat all for a really great price at the 69.99 and a $20.00 rebate also.

Cons: No cons I have yet to discover, I just installed it this morning and all went smooth, took about 20 minutes to install.

Overall Review: If this was to give me any issue in the future I would be sure to come add this to my review, but right now I have installed it, attached all my drives with ease in my Gateway FX PC. I'll now have the power to put in my slide system and it will run all my drives which I have 3 or 4 and my USB 3 added on. The quality of the drive over my original and the last drive I purchased stands out in how easy it fit in the tower, screws all lined and up and plugs went together super nice.

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2 TB drive12/31/2013 10:49:14 AM

Pros: Large drive for the price. Newegg Ironclad return policy that allows me to order secure in the knowledge if something comes DOA they will take it back. 2 year warranty from Seagate. At least in past dealing Seagate has been quick to replace my broken drive, but do be sure to back up your own drives as they won't do any data recovery.

Cons: Seems to no longer carry the Iron Egg return policy, though I don't need to return the item I will not purchase an item from anywhere unless they have a no charge replacement policy for something that arrives DOA.

Overall Review: It's a good drive, and Seagate has the warranty if it dies so I'm happy to purchase it for the price I paid.

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Great Deal2/27/2013 8:45:20 PM

Pros: Stable, hook to add on weight, level, stands high. For someone that needs an occasional tripod this was a terrific deal for $20.00. It stands high, it have a very stable wide based head.

Cons: The plastic parts feel low quality but they don't feel like they'll fall apart over night, just not last as long as some others might.

Overall Review: If you need an occasional tripod for landscapes or family portraits this is a great deal. There is a hook to add some weight for stability in wind, there's a level, thought small, and it stands really tall at full height. I was very surprised with the quality for the $20.00 cost.

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Really Please So Far2/27/2013 5:36:06 PM

Pros: Dedicated Graphics! I couldn't find a pc with a reasonable dedicated graphic card for under $800.00 so finding this one with a 2GB dedicated graphic card, a quad i7 for 659.00 (i see it's more now) I was very happy. I was terrified of Win 8 but received it, went to the desk top first, installed Retroui to put my start button on as I want to try it and start 8 (both offer a free trial) and cost $5.00 if you like it after trial. Now once that was there, I just installed all my programs. Macromedia Fireworks 2004 (old program, no problem). Office XP, installed and activated with phone call, no issues. Everquest (old game) installed worked, no issues. Diablo III new game, installed no issues. Photoshop CS6 no issues, ran. Dreamweaver ran from my portable drive with no dll installs on the main pc, awesome, no issues, hp printer... had to install from the HP site their disc didn't recognize the OS, no issues with the download and install from there. My list goes on, old and new programs, updated the wireless driver at the suggestion from someone elses feedback.. never lost connection all day. Checked 4 USB ports all working. Uninstalled McAfee... Win 9 has Microsoft Security Essentials built in and updates with Windows Defender and it is my preferred anti virus and spyware tool for little bloat and it's always worked for me when others failed so I don't need another one. Uninstalled Nitropro 7 and installed the free Nitro pdf Reader, awesome, beats adobe pdf reader, have been using it some time now. Over all with all of this I have not hit any issues really with the pc or with Win 8. AFter completing all updates tonight I am running a back up to my external drive, that takes 45GB but will be my restore in future. All good. I was so scared of going to win 8 and looked hard for a win 7 pc. My son said I'd have no issues (he's an it guy though) and in the end he could say I told you. I had no issues so far. Everything worked, all programs ran, all installed even my oldest.

Cons: To pin many of my programs to the task bar I had to go to Windows Explorer (now called File Explorer) and right click the exe in the file to find the pin to task bar instead of pin to start menu. That's my biggest win 8 con so far, . I really don't like the number pad on the keyboard. It's smaller then the one on my laptop i'm replacing which is a 15.6" laptop so I wish they had mad that larger. Otherwise it seems to work fine and the letters are okay to use, but some buttons are small, i wish it was larger. I tried out the mic with skype which I use pretty regular. My other laptop has a very clear microphone that is better then my headphone mic, this one really isn't nice, sounds tinny and is in an awkward spot so I will have to use my headphone and mic for calls.

Overall Review: I am ecstatic that I didn't have the issues I dreaded with win 8 and to this point have no issues at all. So I would suggest you install an inexpensive program ($5.00) that allows you to use the best of win 8 and your familiar win7 start up, Start8, RetroUI, both seem nice. There's free ones too but the small purchase price gives a little more versatility on set up when you know more and want it later.

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Great Monitor for the money9/13/2012 3:05:56 AM

Pros: Nice colour, good brightness, individual brightness, colour (rbg) adjustments available for callibrating.

Cons: No hdmi, needed callibrated, set too bright. That would be standard for any monitor though. I had some difficulty getting the colour set up and callibration as the brightness needed to be tuned down to set it up correctly.

Overall Review: This is a great monitor for the money. It's not a lot bigger then the 22" I replaced (it's wider and shorter) as it's widerscreen then the other not quite widescreen, but it is very nice to have the 1080 resolution.

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awesome little gadget9/23/2011 11:01:52 AM

Pros: Great Price. I connected this on my brand new windows 7 high end desk top and my old windows XP desktop (8 years old now), with the supplied drivers and both installed flawlessly. Upon a restart I had to click the wireless net work icon on my system tray for the XP machine and search for networks, find mine, and then put in the my WEP key and that was it, it worked. On the windows 7 maching the Rosewill icon installed on the system tray and I opened it, searched for networks and put in my WEP key. Not sure why so many had trouble getting it to install on XP, as I said, I had no trouble at all. Speed measurements were half when plugged into the back USB hub (5 to 7 mb/s instead of 10 to 12). When I plugged it into the front I was getting a consistent 11+ mb/s so placement matters. It's less obstructed in the front hub. I received 10+ mb/s on the XP machine also in the front hub, awesome for a wireless hook up to get full speeds.

Cons: It looks well enough made, I prefer gadgets without loose caps that can end up lost.

Overall Review: I have no idea of longevity but if I never post back it's still working and at the $9.99 I got it on sale for, it's a deffinite 5 eggs if it keeps working. I always update a product that gives out too soon.

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Awesome!2/25/2008 7:40:04 PM

Pros: I was out hunting for a screen for some time. I'm cheap! But i wanted it to be decent. I have the 7800GT Nvidia card and I got this today, hooked up the DVI and away it went. No dead pixels. I'm quite happy with the quality of the screen and my games look awesome now. Oh, it's deffinitely large enough I'd enjoy a movie on it too. I think I should move my pc to the bedroom! Move the television out. The 16/10 aspect is great for the games and great for movies. Screen is large, crisp clear and it auto adjusted perfectly. Aslo, having the DVI cord along with the SVGA was nice, alot don't.

Cons: Not really a con, just that one has to know enough to go into their display preferences to set the monitor to 1680X1050, the native resolution. It did not auto to it or show up on the resolution list on the Nvidia desk top settings until I set it there manually first. The quick start book does say to go set it, but someone like my husband, wouldn't know how to even check his resolution; if it looked odd he'd live with it. So maybe a better explanation of that.

Overall Review: I'm just really happy with it and I should have upgraded from my 17" CRT years ago, price is reasonable now, if you're still holding out, go for it. This is a good quality, basic monitor with the DVI cord included, and full 3 year warranty. Get the 22", the great resolution is awesome compared to the 19 or 20" and nothing beats wide screen!

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