so far so good9/4/2021 3:21:02 PM

Pros: works great in 170hz mode looks great in hdr mode gsync works too

Cons: only issue is when switch from hdmi (my switch) back to display port it seems to reset the settings and switches my dual monitor set up around

Overall Review: ill give an updated review later once i keep using it

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great laptop for the price3/13/2021 10:14:14 AM

Pros: powerful Ryzen 4000 series CPU which can hit 4GHz powerful 1660 ti (around the same as a 1070 desktop card) easy to add an ssd.m.2 drive and more ram

Cons: likes to freeze and crash when switching from amd to nvidia cards touch pad likes to keep things clicked while moving the mouse can sound like a jet when under heavy loads on turbo/performance mode plugging in headphones/speakers sometimes cause no audio to be played unless you change it to speaker out/headphones but thats a realtek driver issue

Overall Review: great gaming laptop for the price can run vr too plays most games on high settings 1080P around 60-144FPS (or more if you turn off vsync) rgb can be very bright same with the screen overall im happy with this laptop lets just see how long it last since it can run vr hot (205F on the cpu 190F on the gpus with the fans at 6000RPM)

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