Works, but authenticity in question1/18/2021 10:27:51 AM

Pros: works

Cons: can't be positive its a genuine Logitech part

Overall Review: Received in a rather plain yellow envelope. The receiver seems to work fine with my Performance Mouse MX. The fit and finish of the receiver causes me to question its authenticity, however. First, and least importantly, it doesn't match the image provided in the description. It matches the newer style, only it seems a bit off. The angle of the black plastic cap is a bit different, the edge is noticeably sharper at the mold line. I'm not positive, but the ink on the orange star logo seems ever so slightly different than on my daughter's receiver. The interior circuit board, where the contacts are located, has a bit of a gap that seems uncharacteristic of a genuine product. All this could just be that it was made in a different factory than the others (many manufacturers use more than one factory), but it seems rather suspicious to me. Like I said, though, it's working fine so far.

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