DO NOT BUY, shame on PowerColor6/7/2021 6:55:30 AM

Pros: good cooling

Cons: Crashing frame drops texture issues leds never synced no customer support

Overall Review: I was so excited to have a new graphics cards but the excitement quickly turned to frustration. Destiny, GTA and COD all have crashed and have had major issues. I was averaging 30fps on destiny at 2k... My RX580 has better performance than that. I am past the return date and powercolor refuses to respond to my multiple emails.

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Looks amazing, performance is almost there. 3.5/53/21/2019 2:56:15 PM

Pros: Looks great, like really great. The leds are pretty bright and it synced up well with my phanteks p350 case leds. The remote works well and is easy to use. Addressable leds are the way to go!

Cons: The fans... now the fans seem to be about the same level as a stock fan and maybe a little worse. The controller only gives you two speed options; One that is very quite and doesn't seem to move much air and the second one, that is really loud and seems to move an okay amount of air. (too much for normal internet use but not enough for gaming) After 2 months or so of use, I had one fans start to rattle/vibrate so that was also a bit of a let down. If the fans were a little better, with maybe 3+ speed controls, these would beat the high-end led fans the cost $120+

Overall Review: I would say they are worth it for the price, especially if you're not too worried about temps. I am running some hot headed AMD hardware and these fans just didn't cut it as my intake fans but I left them for the top exhaust ones (mostly because they looks so sick).

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