Sicker than a pair of Oakleys6/19/2017 9:04:42 AM

Pros: Fans look really good with the white LEDs Fan Controller is a nice touch Plenty of room to route cables on the backside Lots of room up top for my Antec Kuhler 1250 radiator (the biggest around, I think) Glass panels look fantastic Dust filters are nice to touch, and dp their job SO MANY CABLE MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES

Cons: PSU shroud is a little tight, but my PSU fits. Just that routing through a single, large grommet is kind of messy.

Overall Review: I would recommend this case to anyone. I have an ATX mobo and this is the perfect size. Plenty of room to work, but compact enough to fit on a reasonably sized desk. I can't get over how well thought out the cable management is. I came from a much smaller, cheaper MSI case. This blows it away.

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Good laptop replacement12/19/2016 8:27:30 AM

Pros: --Excellent price (same specs on a surface pro would be 3x higher price) --BEAUTIFUL screen (2k, very bright, touch capability is there, but I find myself avoiding having to put a fingerprint on there) --Premium feel (you know how bead-blasted aluminum feels... really, really good) --LOUD speakers --Good battery --works out of the box -- not really the place to review the flip/type cover, but the matching accessories for this are DOPE (backlit keyboard, huge touchpad with excellent click-feel)

Cons: --Gets very hot while working or charging, and pretty hot even when just web browsing --More of a spec than a con, but just 1 USB Type-C port, and that's it. No other holes in the unibody haha only valid if you buy the type cover, but this thing has to be on a flat surface if you want to do any work on it. It get's too hot to hold in your lap (seriously), and the type cover is really unstable if it's not on a flat surface.

Overall Review: The SSD on this is too small to live on, and the single USB Type-C port makes me nervous because if it wears out, the whole device is getting thrown away. However, for the price this can't be beat. I took a chance on this for black friday, and I was not disappointed. This thing (min spec; Core M3) runs Word, PPT, etc. just fine, so it works for school. What you can't know from looking online is that this Matebook looks/feels like an Apple product, but better.People will be stunned that something this thin is running full windows.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the detailed review on your Huawei Matebook M3! When it comes to power, the HUAWEI MateBook doesn’t disappoint. With an innovative power saving mode that maximizes the use of an already impressive 33.7 Wh high-density lithium battery, you get hours of use on a single charge. We understand your concerns with the device running "hot" and type cover only working on flat surfaces. We will forward your concerns to our product development team to further evaluate. Enjoy your new tablet! (NS)