Snappy drive, difficult w/o OS disks8/6/2011 12:25:21 PM

Pros: -WEI drive score went from 5.9 (Seagate 5600rpm) to 7.4. -Noticeably faster- especially once aligned/configured for Win7. -Battery life seems greatly improved (no longer need high performance settings to keep laptop feeling responsive)

Cons: Hard to get running without OS installation disk. My laptop didn't come with install disks, requiring user made recovery disks instead- these don't seem to cut it (I'm guessing because of move from 320GB to 64GB drive, even though I only had 28GB used on OS partition). Third party cloning software made a backup of the partition, but out of alignment. WEI score only 6.7 without alignment.

Overall Review: Found a guide to using gParted for copying OS partition with proper alignment. Booted with windows rescue disk, and now works great. Thank you Linux! Will always wonder how much better a clean install would be... The drive itself is not quite as instantaneous feeling as I'd dreamed, but overall a vast improvement. ASUS UL20FT 4GB DDR3 Crucial m4 64GB Synology NAS (for bulk of data)

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plays nice3/18/2006 8:38:38 PM

Pros: 1. Cheap 2. Runs 2.4 Ghz on Zalman air easy, little to no increase in temp (~39C) @1.4V 3. Requires less juice than the Newcastle that I passed down to little sis. 4. CPU Benchmark scores in Sisoft over an FX-53, nearly FX-55.

Cons: none

Overall Review: So tweakable on DFI Lanparty 2x512 Ballistix DDR4000 Antec TruePower430 Thank you newegg!

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