Good Product7/20/2007 7:44:47 PM

Pros: This PCI network adapter has a good range (picking up networks from 200 yards+). I get an "Excellent" connection at around 35 db, which is amazing compared to the "Low" connection I was getting from the D-Link USB adapter I was previously using.

Cons: The drivers for this card are decent at best, but seeing as the Windows networking utility is (believe it or not) worse, you are stuck with it. Furthermore, the drivers do not work at all for Windows x64 edition.

Overall Review: Fortunately, Gigabyte's drivers do. Search for their GN-WIAG02 drivers on their website and install the 64-bit version, works like a charm.

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Money Well Spent12/17/2006 12:06:23 PM

Pros: This has everything you could possibly want in a power supply. It has plenty of juice for any SLI setup. As usual, was fast, UPS was reliable, and I received the PSU two days after I ordered it.

Cons: Very expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Overall Review: My setup includes: CoolerMaster Centurion Tagan 900W PSU AMD X2 5200+ 2x GeForce 7950GT 512MB in SLI EVGA AM2 nForce 590 SLI MoBo G.Skill 4x1G DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) 2x Sony 16x DVD+/-R Burners Acer 22" 5ms LCD Monitor

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