Great storage drive for my games12/11/2013 7:12:11 PM

Pros: Read and write average about 178MB per Crystal Disk benchmarks. Excellent warranty. Great US based customer support.

Cons: Must switch to IDE mode in Bio's to use their SeaTools in DOS to check drive. Also windows version of SeaTools will cause BSOD if your in ahci mode.

Overall Review: I had a 512Gb SSD for my Steam games and ran of space. I read that there was an advantage to use a SSD for your game drive and so I was reluctant to switch back to HDD. Well I have seen no difference in the loading of open ended environments or respawn speed. Games feel as snappy as before. I'm glad I switched and happy with it.

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PNY again shines for me3/29/2012 11:32:38 PM

Pros: I have to say I was not sure if the one 680 GTX could match my PNY 580's in TRI-SLI. Well it did and even better. For example I play Metro 2033, Saints Row 3rd, Battlefield 3 and Batman A.C. with max setting and MS AA using NVidia 3d vision 2 kit. V sync is now my favorite it just works great and no more tearing in cut scenes, also FX AA is really nice and in some games looks just like MS AAA or better , the best part but no frame hit penalties . No thermo issues versus the 580's. Its quiet and doesn't get over 60C @ 57 percent fan speed in Battlefield 3 and saints row 3rd, Metro is about 70c @ 63 percent fan speed. So if you have Tri-sli 580's its ok to get one of these GTX 680 ‘s and still have all the eye candy and much easier cooling solution.

Cons: Two things I don’t like is that they don’t have a 30 day trade up program and the rebates take about 3 months.

Overall Review: As far an the PNY cards this is the 4th one and all of them never had any problems. PNY has Good phone support as far as pre-sales. Life time warranty after registration for original purchaser but anyone is covered under the 1 year warranty with proof of purchase. I never had to call customer service or tech support ever.

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Makes great ram disks1/17/2012 12:09:36 AM

Pros: Purchased 2 set for my R4E with the 3960X @ 4.2 and running @2133 XMP mode enabled. have made a couple of ram disks, reading and writing around 7.2Gb/sec. I am getting ready to try ram cashing with my Samsung 830 512Gb X 2 (purchased from Newegg, verified baby), yea in a nut shell, welcome to heaven on earth Gamers, the red carpet is extended to us chosen few who can pay.

Cons: No fan accessory and it comes in a small cardboard box

Overall Review: Ill give update to the ram cashing to the SSD's performance

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Buyers Beware12/30/2011 6:47:25 PM

Pros: I really dont know. drive never performed better than a HDD on an x58 platform

Cons: bottom line when you buy a 1200 dollars drive, you should have to go through a "forum" for support. This is provided through endlees and endless disaray of information and the constant new threads apearing every minute asking why thier drive is not working not being reconized by the OS. customers giving testimoials to the lack of creditiable support. My nick name on the forum is the one here.Gphish, please look at the companies modirators response. The forum is and repersent the company as a whole. They have gone as far as saying and quoting that intell marvel controls and the x58 chipset is flawed , they blame microsoft and intel for harware deficiency which were so slated im still beyound words. My opionion this is a sham of a company and way to due buisness like this to hide behind a froum to do their resposiblitities to there customers. THEY FORGET THEY NEED US WE DONT NEED THEM. I have been able to return the drive, OCZ is partner with Intel and their forum bashes intel

Overall Review: my opionion is that this forum is used to pass the buck or the libilitly away for the company. And should the forum say or offer support that causes harm, the company would not be held accountable

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Only for the patient enthusiast11/22/2011 2:04:41 AM

Pros: All you want in the X58 platform. onboard sexy red START and reset, led posting of cpu mem vga able to shut of pci lanes. XMP mode does match exactly with 24 Gig Dominator GT Triple Channel PC16000 DDR3 Memory - 2000MHz, 6x4096MB, 9-10-9-27

Cons: unsuccessful boot sometimes, I dont know if its the Samsung 830 series 512 SSD at the cause or what, but one good thing this board has is the cpu "restart" button on the M/B in the upper right hand corner, what it does is cuts the power to the cpu for a second and the restarts almost all the time with no problem.

Overall Review: I am loyal to ASUS. And they are my only choice in motherboards Gphish Steam/Gphish There I was. Face-to-face with the mother of all ugly. So I say "Come get some", and BLAM, no more Mrs. Nasty Face. Intel I7 990x With Intel Extreme CPU fan Corsair Obsidian 800D customized 3 AeroCool Shark 140mm Black Edition fans 4 GELID Solutions FN-FW12BPL-18 120mm Blue LED Case Fans NZXT SEN-001LX Sentry LX Aluminum dual bay fan controller ASUS X58 Rampage III Extreme Corsair AX 1200 Power Supply 24 Gig Dominator GT Triple Channel PC16000 DDR3 Memory - 2000MHz, 6x4096MB, 9-10-9-27 2X Samsung 830 Series 512GB, one for OS one for Steam HT | OMEGA CLARO Plus+ 7.1 2x Nvidia GTX 580 in SLI Asus VG236H 23 Full HD 120Hz 3D w/nVidia 3D Vision Kit LG CF3D Projector FAVI 16:9/100-Inch Electric Projector Screen (HD-100) Klipsch Pro Media 5.1 plus 1 surround speakers Logitech G510 Keyboard Logitech G13 Game Pad Logitech G9X Mouse Black Viper power user config Windows 7

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dont beleave it11/22/2011 1:31:11 AM

Pros: see 2nd reveiw

Cons: wrong info given out

Overall Review: hey that guy could not be anymore wrong regarding the magician software, he installed on a vista more dought, the software uses trim fuctions and does help if installed on win7 OS, Vist doesnt have native trim hey NO MOVING PARTS IN SSD FACT

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You get what you pay for11/5/2011 3:11:02 AM

Pros: I love them this is my third one.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Hey, dont upgrade anymore unless your like me and dont care. get the 580GTX now PCI 3.0 will hit Mid 2012, and USB3 is going to be the new dead format like HD DVD. Intel will kill it with their " THUNDERBOLT " technology that Apple is backing. Intel I7 990x (No OC really why?) Danger Den cooling ASUS X58 Sabertooth board Corsair HX 1000 Power Supply 12 Gig Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 @1800 WD VelociRaptor Sata 6Gb/s 600 GB HD 2x Nvidia GTX 580 in SLI LG CF3D Projector FAVI 16:9/100-Inch Electric Projector Screen (HD-100) YES THAT IS A 15K projector!!!! Klipsch Pro Media 5.1 plus 1 surround speakers Logitech G19 Keyboard Madcatz Cyborg RAT 7 Mouse Black Viper power user config Windows 7 64 Gphish See my profile at There I was. Face-to-face with the mother of all ugly. So I say "Come get some", and BLAM, no more Mrs. Nasty Face.

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Great personal service12/21/2010 4:36:52 PM

Pros: Great reference card. Runs cool and quiet at 96% load playing Metro 2033 at 10 DX highest settings 1680 x 1050. I have the G15 keyboard and use Evga's Precision (yes that's right EVGA's Precision does work with this card). But the best thing is the tech service I have upgraded my cards at least every 8 months for the past 7 years. PNY by far has the best tech support. they called me several times to make sure the card was working and they took the time to ask me about my other hardware and the games I'm playing, they even give you a extension number to get a hold of the tech that called you and when you call they actually answer the phone. Service after the sale better than BFG or EVGA ever was in my opinion.

Cons: Support not open 24 hours. But they do answer and follow up with you in a quick time frame.

Overall Review: If your holding out for an OC 580 GTX. Dont, just get the EVGA Precision software and it will work. I"m at 797core clock 1594 shader clock and memory clock at 4050. Heaven 2.1 benchmark for DX 11 ultra high full AF and AA regulat tes. 50.41 FPS with a temp no higher than 56C. Hardware EVGA 780I sli ForTheWin, Intel QX 9650 3.0 Quad, 4 Gig Corsair 1066 Dominator series ram, VelociRaptor HHD and Corsair HX 1000 power supply, Creative XFI Platnium sound card with Klipsch 5.1+1 THX certified speakers.

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