Wonderful case, if you get it at the right price2/11/2015 3:56:18 PM

Pros: +Very spacious +Plenty of expansion slots +Plenty of expansion slots for SSDs and HDDs +Top mounted HDD quickswap is neat +Looks nice +Blue tinted glass allows internals to be seen easily +Comes with five very nice fans +Front I/O very balanced +More space for CD/DVD drives then I would ever need +Cable management is easy with this much space +Steel feels very quality and strong

Cons: -Heavy and Large (Kind of expecting that though,) -Price at time of this review is pretty high

Overall Review: This case is definitely a premium case, and thus it should sell for a premium price, but make sure that you get it for a price that you feel is worth it. I feel that this case is worth about 100 dollars considering the heavy and strong materials used to build it.

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A motherboard that has the utility and extra features that I needed.12/14/2014 3:07:57 PM

Pros: -SATA 6Gb/s because yes. -Gaming I/O's that really are built to last -Lots of USB 3.0 -Looks absolutely wonderful -Comes with all the included extras you could ask for (Case badge, door hangar, SLI connection, screws, etc.) -Light yet durable, absolutely does not feel cheap -I picked it up for 80 dollars, which is an incredible price point -Lots of extra features like a really good included audio, military class components (Which basically make your motherboard more durable) OC genie, and an awesome bios -Amazing looking heatsinks

Cons: -The current price at the time of this review of 160 dollars is too high -No legacy support, but that is understandable since it is mATX -On a side note for legacy, it really could use DVI, again, understand that this is mATX so they can't put everything on it, but DVI is wonderfully compatible, and if it had one this would probably be the motherboard that I would buy for every PC that I build/upgrade.

Overall Review: I really like this motherboard, if you can get it for a good price I completely recommend it for 1150 builds.

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Definitely worth a serious look for anyone, including gamers.12/14/2014 9:22:08 AM

Pros: -Top fan mount supports water cooling radiators -Windowed case is a nice touch without being overbearing -Included front dust filter that is easy to access and an included bottom dust filter that is removable for cleaning -Lots of expansion room -Pre-installed standoffs with a single peg replacing the standoff in the middle to aid in motherboard alignment -The best thumbscrews I've ever used (Way better than the older solid metal ones that people insist on over-tightening) -Included 120mm LED fan -Cable management and routing is easy -Feels solid externally -Nice rubber feet to keep the case off the ground -The two 5.25 drive bays make installation quick, although the plastic retainers were no help at all and I ended up using screws -Case comes with extra screws -The case is light yet still feels sturdy -Price. This is even more awesome when you consider you're getting a corsair product.

Cons: -Cheap plastic 3.5/2.5 combo drive bays. The plastic inserts feel very cheap and I ended up breaking one when I tried to uninstall a drive -Very very easy to lose screws in this case. Get needle-nose pliers or something of the like -Front USB ports audio jack and microphone jack are above the drive bays, meaning if you are using long wires in any of these ports, they might interfere with CD operation. Just a nit-pick on that one though -The case window is tinted just enough to where you really need LED's to light up the inside enough to see it. (Thankfully there is the included LED fan, and it is bright enough to let you see the inside) -All of these cons are definitely present, but I don't see that all these cons add up to anything worth noting or removing an egg for. On this case's worst point, the cheap plastic 3.5/2.5 inserts, I'm sure that sturdier inserts could be found or the plastic could suffice for some. It wasn't necessarily that the plastic was weak, just that it was weak enough that it warranted more caution than I generally use.

Overall Review: In closing, the few cons this case has amount to at the most, a half an egg deduction, if even that. If you would have told me this case actually costs 80 or 90 dollars, I would have believed you because of how functional it is. I love the price and I love the brand, and both delivered a case that surpassed my expectations.

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