Works, but no rebate4/22/2014 5:21:19 AM

Pros: The unit worked out of the box. It is reasonably quiet. In my system is does hot swap.

Cons: You need to removed the casing to actually be able to swap the drives. Getting the middle drives out is still difficult. Could really use some sort of drive puller or ejector. It seems to be picky on which order the drives are populated.

Overall Review: I am very good about sending rebates in correctly. I had never missed a rebate that I sent in on time, even got a late one years ago. I bought this last black friday and sent the rebate in less than two weeks later. It is now late April and I have not seen it. Usually people cry about rebates and I do not worry much about it. I figure they are mad because they did not send it in time. I did send on time and included all needed information. Sounds like sans digital is running a scam. I honestly only bought it because of the price after rebate. I hope there eventually is a class action suit about this.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Sans Digital products. Sorry to hear that you have not received your rebate. Please contact us at for rebate status. Please provide the rebate number and contact information so we can check on the status of your rebate.
Decent for the money1/2/2013 12:03:13 PM

Pros: I am running this card in a PCIe 2.0 slot and it installed as expected. Had a $30 rebate at the time which attracted me to it, we shall see if it ever comes. There is no stuttering while playing high bitrate 1080p video. I have not tried any games on it, it was only meant to do light application on my server. I have been pleasantly surprised how well it does given the price point. Worth noting is that this card is very short. If you have a small case this card is worth looking into. I have seen cards twice as long as this one.

Cons: For the price there is nothing wrong with this card. Do not expect to play MW3 on highest settings.

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Great TV11/27/2012 11:55:12 AM

Pros: The Sony has a nice array of inputs. The screen looks great, truly great. It is better than anything I have seen within $1000 of it. It is much better than my 55" Samsung LED. The settings are easy to use. It even has a power button on back side of remote. I thought this was dumb at first but I actually really like it. The sound is not bad and can be used, but still should be replaced by true speakers.

Cons: Not Newegg's fault, but the shipper's truck broke several times down and I had to meet the shipper at a gas station to take delivery. I really should have been refunded shipping on this. The stand is a bit wobbly. My older Sony has a rock solid stand. It seems pretty much all newer flat panels are on weaker stands as the like to assume everyone will mount, cheaper manufacturing.

Overall Review: I have owned two Sonys now and a few other brands. I will be buying Sony in the future. I have had very good experience with them. It really is worth paying the extra 10-15% for the Sony quality.

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Fast Rebate!5/27/2012 9:03:36 AM

Pros: Just wanted to give ZOTAC some credit for getting me my rebate in record time. I got my rebate within 19 days from the ORDER date! That includes Newegg processing and shipping time, time for me to make sure the card worked, and time for the rebate forms to go through the mail both ways. I expected it to be two months yet, if at all. I did go on ZOTAC's website and register the card and registered the rebate with them there, took about 10 minutes. Still had to send in the standard rebate package. Windows Vista rates the card as a 5.9. Did not try it in windows 7 yet.

Cons: I really hate the process of rebates and especially hate having to cut up the box for this. All rebates should be instant.

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Careful with these12/3/2009 5:12:49 PM

Pros: High density and very fast. The absolute best deal when it comes to price per GB. Seagate has a no hassle return policy, so if it goes bad on you it is not a headache to get a new one, well actually they send a refurb with warranty. I have had sustained data transfer over 100 MByte/s across two of these drives.

Cons: "Clicking of Death" is no rumor! I have owned 7 of these drives, 3 of them have been sent back to Seagate already. I have been a long fan of Seagate so I am very disappointed with these. Seagate traditionally offered 5 year warranties with there products, so you know they know something when suddenly they are dropping them down to 3 years for this 1.5 TB product line. Also worth noting, some have mentioned placing the drives vertically, two of the three defective drives were vertical. One of them failed after several months of use. Losing 1500 GB of stuff is likely not on anyone's To-Do List.

Overall Review: The deal is great on these drives, but they are just more risk than usual drives. Hopefully Seagate is working out the issue and has it corrected, or will shortly. For now I would recommend using these as back up or as part of a mirrored set, or RAID5.

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Not Reliable6/25/2009 2:06:04 AM

Pros: Best price per GB. Great capacity and fast.

Cons: Very unreliable. I have heard so much about these drive failing lately. I just sent one back to Seagate with 1200 GB of data on it, an absolute loss. Tonight another one fails and in the same way. No chance of me being able to recover the data myself and professional recovery fees are simply rediculus. Notice how the warranty is shorter than their usual 5 years?

Overall Review: It really is a shame about all the issues with these drive. Especially since I love the size and speed, plus I am worried now about the other 5. I think I will stick with WD for a while again. Buying this drive can be a risk, can you afford to chance your data?

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