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Works flawlessly9/1/2014 4:26:40 AM

Pros: Stupid simple to use. Hook it into a stereo receiver and power source, hit the button for your transmitter to find, and once acquired it's there.

Cons: None in my application.

Overall Review: This is for a stereo signal only. Left and right audio outputs only. I'm not sure why another reviewer mentioned video. There's no third output to input that signal to a device. This gives new purpose to my vintage stereo through the aux inputs. It allows my computer to act as a server in another room without wires running room to room and without another bulky large device sitting on a rack.

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Very good but tricky9/1/2014 4:02:07 AM

Pros: This dongle does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's not feature rich but then it's not supposed to be. It transmits a stereo bluetooth signal and acquires the device from your computer. It will link to more than one device at once through the software.

Cons: The only thing that keeps a 5 star rating from this the fantastic directions that DO NOT come with this. There's nothing in the packaging nor the manufacturers website to help you understand how to get connected once the dongle and software are installed. I spent several days before I figured this out on my own.

Overall Review: I bought this and another device to move my music from my computer to my HiFi wirelessly. It does this exceptionally well. It's very simple to use once you figure out how to connect up.

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I Stole Them4/8/2014 5:04:55 PM

Pros: Small footprint, Solid construction, Pictures looks are deceiving. Designed to rock!

Cons: Bass is commanding depending on placement, overly bright on some recoedings

Overall Review: My box intended for these is out of order at the present so I hooked them up to my Onk receiver. Playing in all modes, I thought they were terrible until I had the idea to run the Odyssey setup on the system. They blew me away. I have a set of Modula MT's that i built. They are extremely good speakers and can take you there but they don't like some types of music. The 180's takes those and throws it at you and it pops! I feel like I stole them at Neweggs price. They're mine fair and square now and staying here I can assure you. Can't wait till they finally break in at this point, I'll admit that I'm not a audiophile, I'm a enthusiast. I've heard a lot of systems and though these aren't what I'd call high end, those that like to rock, these will salute you. Someone I think would be a fool not to get these at neweggs price point presently.

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