Works well10/26/2018 10:00:42 PM

Pros: Running a 1080 at 2100 Mhz and a 7700K (not overclock) on it, have well enough power for the whole computer.

Cons: I knew it, but someone who bought it fast could thing it's a modular power supply. It's a semi-modular.

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Beautiful, but what is those splitters ???7/28/2017 9:52:46 PM

Pros: - Beautiful - High intensity - You can glue them or simply use the fact they are magnetic

Cons: - What's wrong with those splitters ? It's split from one female (plug into your motherboard) to one female and one male ! So to use it I had to plug one of my RGB strips from the "wrong" way... And why are you using different type of plug on the splitters than on the strips ? The way they are made, you can't plug a splitter at the end of a strip. The end of the strip is male pins in female ending. The start of the splitter is a female pins in a female ending... - With those male pins inside a female ending, you simply can't plug anything on there except the other RGB strip. I had a RGB fan, but I can't connect it to the ending because of that... I had to void my warranty and get the wires out of the plug to plug them into my RGB fan.

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Perfect !7/28/2017 9:45:46 PM

Pros: - Looks great - The plugs are exactly standards, so it have no problem fitting

Cons: None

Overall Review: For the ones asking why there's a lacking pin on one of the endings, it's because your computer can't receive 2 RPM informations on the same wire. So you'll only get the RPM from one of the 2 fans.

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Looks good but...7/28/2017 9:41:57 PM

Pros: - Looks pretty good

Cons: - Pins on them are bigger than what you usually see on motherboard, fans and RGB strips. So you simply can't plug anything in those because of that, or at least not without using a lot of force and risking to break something.

Overall Review: Why most of RGB cables I've seen are using different standards making their uses so hard ?

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Beautiful7/28/2017 9:38:13 PM

Pros: - The RGB lighting is beautiful - When used at low RPM, it's really silent

Cons: - Get noisy around 50%, so I can't really push it more than the fan it replaced

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Beautiful7/8/2017 4:34:15 PM

Pros: - Beautiful - Works at rated speed as long as you turn on XMP

Cons: Not really an G.SKILL issue, but Asus Aura could get better... No settings to turn off the lightning when in sleep mode and buggy when using the rainbow effect. Which is my favorite... So I just uninstall it, as the default settings when there's no driver is rainbow.

Overall Review: Would totally recommend, but it's not really needed to get the 3000 Mhz one as it can be a bit unstable with XMP...

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Really good cooling7/1/2017 9:13:26 PM

Pros: - The watercooling is amazing. Even if the boost clock is supposed to be at 1850 MHz, as it's cold enough, mine can stay at 2005 MHz while staying pretty cold. - Really easy to put in place - Really good looking - Nice packaging

Cons: - Had to install EVGA Precision XOC, witch is a overclocking program that not many people will install to find out that the LEDs can be something else than solid white. Somebody who don't know it will think that the leds are just white leds... Yeah I know about the CD, but who got a CD reader on a gaming computer nowadays ? - A bit more noisy than I expected, but I think it's the radiator fan the issue, so it's probably something easy to fix. But still, would have expected better. EDIT : Just understood why the radiator fan was noisy : it's always running at 100%... I don't really get it, EVGA Precision XOC only allow to control the fan on the card. Anyway, as this was way too much noisy for me, I used a cable with a resistance on it (had 2 with my Thermaltake case). Dropped the speed about the half and the noise by even more. Still not really getting hotter as the fan on the card finally do something else than staying at it's minimum speed.

Overall Review: I would totally recommend it because of the fact it runs at 2000 MHz out of the box, witch is amazing !

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