Good board, though mine's flawed.7/3/2014 5:45:04 AM

Pros: Easy setup with a lot of useful features. I built my system to be used in the living room connected to a 50" TV for gaming. So far I have had no problems except for one which may require an RMA (listed under cons). The case I choose had USB 3 ports, indicator lights, and buttons located on the side panel which made cabling a little difficult, but this board came with some removable jumpers. You connect your lights and buttons to the jumpers and simply plug the jumpers onto the MoBo. This makes it really easy to disassemble if needed without having to squint to read and reattach each of the wires. The utilities that MSI provides for this board give you complete control over BiOS and OC settings as well. I haven't touched any of the OC settings since it seems to run very fast/stable as is.

Cons: System will not reboot. I can shutdown the computer and turn it back on, but anytime a system reboot command is issued (either through windows, or just save/reboot through BiOS) the system will not complete the reboot cycle. The system will go down to a low power state with the power LED still lit. Display will turn off, then nothing happens. I can then turn the system off and back on and it's fine. I initially thought the issue was the display but after extensive testing of both video card and integrated graphics, as well as checking and double-checking jumpers and PSU connections, it seems the board is not handling the reboot sequence properly. Subtracting 1 egg for having to send it back.

Overall Review: If MSI/Newegg provides an RMA for this board I will be more than happy to continue running it. I thought about running it and just ignoring the reboot issue, but since I only build a new computer once in a blue moon I figured I would only regret it down the road.

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