Very good USB rechargeable light12/4/2019 12:12:58 PM

Pros: USB rechargeable! I've had this for almost a year now and use it regularly on the job (I'm a lighting contractor). USB rechargeable! Sturdy: I've dropped from 6 and 8ft ladders. Good throw: 180° beam spread, useful light to 20ft when on high. Long battery life: use it for 8 to 10hrs a day and still have plenty of light. USB rechargeable! As you might imagine big battery=long time to charge (I usually charge overnight so not sure exactly how long). USB rechargeable!

Cons: Would prefer 3k (warm white)

Overall Review: USB rechargeable!

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Highly recommended6/25/2016 10:53:26 AM

Pros: 4 gigs of ram make this one of the best tablets out there! Over the years I have learned a good rule of thumb for the "average tablet user": the order of importance for specs. 1 is ram, 2 is CPU, 3 is internal memory, 4 is screen, 5 is sound. this tablet outperforms expectations for mid priced tablets. my son was playing Minecraft PE and had 32 additional apps running in background and only 65% of ram was used. this tablet is as future proof as you are likely to get at a mid-range price point. as for bloatware, what can't be uninstalled can be deactivated. Deactivated means it doesn't use resources other than storage. Since you have 64 gigs of storage that is essentially a non issue.

Cons: USB-c cables are pricey (~$8) to replace. also, thin and light = fragile. so get a case and screen protector. also, because there's been high demand and production issues recently, don't count on insurance to fix even simple things like cracked screens. (I sent mine in for a cracked screen and they ended up sending a check for original price a month and a half later.)

Overall Review: I've had 2 of these tablets and haven't experienced the issues others have reported. Also not all chargers are created equal so if you have a problem charging the battery switch chargers.

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good little tablet2/15/2016 10:52:58 AM

Pros: excellent tablet for the price. doesn't start crashing/slowing/hanging until you have 20+ apps running. Handles videos well. Asus keeps it updated pretty well. after a year of heavy use battery life is about 4 hrs watching videos and 20~ apps active.

Cons: the sd slot caused it to overheat when sd card was inserted. it took some effort to get sd card to work, but was able to do it. cheap plastic back will chip/crack if dropped.

Overall Review: bought this for my 4 year old autistic son.

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okay when charger works8/29/2014 4:39:24 PM

Pros: worked well enough for first month.

Cons: charging problems cropped up after warranty expiration. now it won't charge at all.

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as advertised4/13/2013 12:35:29 AM

Pros: was as advertised, new unopened. (mx882 printer) The reason I chose this printer (and there by this ink) was because of the photo quality. The ink in combo with the printer produces some of the best photos i have seen.

Cons: a little expensive but only a few dollars more

Overall Review: many people have complained about printer using color in greyscale printing. This printer performs a slight maintenance function to make sure the head and lines stays clean. It does not use much color, just enough to prevent system clogs. I have been using this printer (cannon mx882) for a year and a half and average 15 greyscale pages a day and 25 photos a year. In that time I have bought 4 sets of color ink and 13 big black (225). It may not be the greatest value ink but it isn't that bad. And it prints FANTASTIC photos. If detail in prints are not important to you, you should have chosen a different printer/ink combo. If detail is important, then this ink is among the best currently on the market. Also, if detail is important, then you should go with cannon ink instead of generic/refill. The difference isn't much, but it is enough.

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typo on keyboard3/23/2013 6:54:41 PM

Pros: on sale for $18, compact,sturdy, easy to use, paired very easily

Cons: typo on at least two of the keys, the button next to the 1 key SAYS: `@~ , but activates `"~ , the 2 button says 2" , but activates 2@ .

Overall Review: other then the typos on the buttons (silly screen printer) the keyboard probably rates a 4.5-5, bought it a couple of weeks ago from 1 Sale A Day for $18. Bought it for a xoom tablet that my wife uses.

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it functions well enough3/2/2013 4:25:37 PM

Pros: tested with SpeedOut v0.5 on usb 3.0 port. Tested at around 114 mb/s read and 20 mb/s write. not great but better then 2.0

Cons: formated drive is 28.8 gb. Transfering a 14.4 gb folder from drive to computer on a 3.0 port the speed was around 50 mb/s.

Overall Review: further testing with vconsoles' flash drive/card tester v 1.14 test data" for drive D: 29573MB, ", USB DISK 3.0, PMAP, PMAP1234", 512b in 0:34:01 with 14.498MB/s 00:38:45.66 - Completed "Reading and comparing data" for drive D: 29573MB, ", USB DISK 3.0, PMAP, PMAP1234", 512b in 0:04:23 with 97.671MB/s So if you think of it as more a suped up 2.0 you will be happy. also buy on sale!

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quiet2/26/2013 3:03:36 PM

Pros: quiet, inexpensive, gold certified, did I mention quiet?

Cons: not free?!

Overall Review: htpc (home theatre pc) cpu: AMD F-4300 vishera quad core motherboard: gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 AM3+ ram: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600 video: on board hdd: WD WD Green WD15EARS-FR 1.5TB psu: Rosewill CAPSTONE Series CAPSTONE-450-M 80+ gold os: win 7 64bit case: no case/custom mounting

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excellant value2/26/2013 2:48:56 PM

Pros: plug and play, waterproof keyboard, mouse is responsive as long as you are line of sight to dongle. that is to say no electronics or speakers between kb/mouse and dongle.

Cons: no way to turn either keyboard or mouse off, except to take out batteries. thats a really bad thing for mouse as it eats through batteries in less then a week. (htpc so i don't use it as often as some people might). Anyways if you get GOOD rechargeables you should be fine. If your mouse starts glitching just change out the batteries and you should be fine.

Overall Review: htpc (home theatre pc) cpu: AMD FX-4300 vishera quad core motherboard: GA-880GM-USB3 AM3+ video: on board ram: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600 psu: Rosewill CAPSTONE Series CAPSTONE-450-M 80+gold hdd: WD Green WD15EARS-FR 1.5TB case: no case/custom mounting stock cpu fan

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