Works as described12/28/2020 8:58:29 AM

Pros: Fast way to get direct web into a netbook, tablet or other device for upgrades. if you are not aware of this windows and some flavors of linux cannot upgrade all of their files over wifi-- once a month you need to directly connect to the web if you need bugfixes and want upgrades. it cannot be done over wifi, if you dont believe me dive into some microsoft support pages or get into a linux forum or just google it. some things just cannot be done on wifi, read your fine print people. this will fix what ails your netbooks and tablets and slimline lappys that have no Ethernet jack.

Cons: Should come with a type c adapter too but i had one and it worked for what i needed it to do, not enough to lob an egg for.

Overall Review: I would buy it again and again. Priced right, works fast, solves the problem.

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Is what it is, does what's expected12/28/2020 8:49:18 AM

Pros: Purchased for backups and consolidation. The drive does everything it claims its supposed to do and the write speed isnt terribly bad however it still goes to sleep constantly but if your just using it for backups thats not that much of a problem. If i actually needed constant performance id shuck the case and put it in a different one because its the interface in the case that calls the sleep command not the drive itself.

Cons: Rubber feet issues. They are only barely stuck on and they didnt remove the processing powder from the rubber before they added the adhesive so the feet practically fall off. they were off within minutes of removing it from the box. I nearly knocked an egg off for that but thats par for the course with adhesive feet. I have seen other reviews about the breathability and I have an open bottom rack for all my pc things at my daily machine so thats not a problem for me but your mileage may vary. its a 10tb drive, if your writing a lot its gonna get hot, no way around it so make sure it has plenty of air. This thing averages around 110-120mbs per which is typical. For the gamers out there if you add this for extra gaming storage and think its fast then you really need to get a look at the new nvme's and find a way to add one cause there's nothing fast about this one, its a backup drive and runs like a pack mule or a tug boat, aint gonna win a race but it will get you home every time when the others wont.

Overall Review: YES I would buy it again, its WD built and well done, and its actually a single drive done right, interface sleep still sucks but as I say, im using this for backups and not constant work so it does what its supposed to. I would recommend anyone that gets one of these to full format and test it first to make sure its working proper and to full capacity which is windows will show up at 9.09 tb because of 1024 based math in windows and your not getting ripped off, thats just the way the math works out. The total capacity in actual bytes is 10,000,795,693,056 bytes, divide by 1024 and you get 9.06. Remember there is no such thing as 1000 in a pc or phone or any other electronic device and the negative reviews from people that dont get it just makes me shake my head, 1000=1024, its that simple. For those of you still using any of that worthless backup software thats built in or comes with your antivirus you need to get educated. just save your files here. Dont worry about backing up windows, its too easy to do a clean install with windows 10 and things go wrong and if your more than one upgrade beyond then your backup wont work anyway and your going to waste half the drive backing up windows garbage that will not correct itself. PC's are an eraseable medium. the fastest fix for the best performance is a fresh clean install. Takes an hour and you get better than new performance every time if you read up and learn how to do it right. cloning and restoring is batting your head against a wall trying to fix an endless nightmare. clean install it and be done with it in minutes. All you need is an 8gb flash drive and its free.

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Do not buy this at all. 100mbps MAX is all you get no matter what you put inside this.12/28/2020 8:20:58 AM

Pros: Great design, ample amount of teflon heat transfer tape, torx screws, comes with its own screwdriver, also comes with a nice type c to type a usb cable with a type c adapter on it that's reasonably secure and the case includes no scratch footpads. The design of it is great and I had hoped for great things here but that's where everything stops.

Cons: I had purchased an original XPG SX8200 Pro 2tb Nvme drive for my prime x470 pro when the drive first came out for that build and I have seen it do 3500 read and 3000 mb or better write every time I have ever checked it. This year I built a X570 with a 3900X to go to PCI4 4 and used a Force MP600 for the c drive on it and made the XPG my secondary. So I was thinking man it would be great to have a NVME portable that would do whatever the speed the drive is capable of, got it, put it together and ALL it will do is 100mbps MAX, no matter what nvme drive I put in it or what computer I try it on. Turns out they designed it with a common usb to scsi chip for the interface. In windows it says "SABRENT SCSI DEVICE" Its no faster than an old IDE external drive. Put my XPG back in the X570 and it went right back to normal 3500 read and over 3000 write. I tried the case with the XPG, a 1tb 970 pro and a 1 tb sabrent rocket and on 3 different PC's all of which have native type c and usb3.2 gen 2 and no matter what I tried it would not go beyond 100-110mbps. very disappointing.

Overall Review: Unless they revise this with a better interface NO I do not recommend this drive case at all for anything. There are others on the market and I will be looking as soon as I RMA this one back to Newegg. A proper type C usb interface is capable of speed beyond the capabilities of any drive that could be put in it as of this writing. If need be then make the case bigger. There is absolutely no excuse for this except poor or budget electrical design. Someone at Sabrent should be fired for this and allowing it to go to market or even thinking it was a good idea. Extremely disappointed with it and with everything else I have gotten from Sabrent I expected this to be a winner. This is a waste of aluminum.

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Trusted and reliable.8/24/2020 2:26:44 AM

Pros: I have lost count of how many of these I have installed since they first hit the market years ago and although model numbers and chips and prices and cover designs have changed a lot since then I can honestly say I have never had one fail AT ALL. I know some of the ones I first installed have to be around 7 or 8 or so years old at this point with some of my regular customers and some have had me move them to newer laptops or towers along the way when something tragic happened to the one it was in and they were one of the easiest to find and usually the best priced in the beginning years and are on average with most, will they win a benchmark? Probably not and I've never tried but for the average daily user doing average things on average machines they still run laps around anything with a motor. There's a lot more competition now with faster speeds and better prices but never sell one of these short, they are here for the long haul

Cons: Haven't had one yet.

Overall Review: I'd bet to guess I've had a hundred or more of them pass thru my hands and all of them are still in service, no complaints from customers so no complaints from me either and usually available locally when I needed them in a hurry. Hard to beat.

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First time with these and super impressed8/24/2020 2:06:47 AM

Pros: I used a pair of these on a customers Asus Prime 570 Pro Ryzen 9 3900x build and was the first try with them after several other identical builds and I must admit I tend to favor Gskill but I was able to tighten timings up on these a bit better and in the end I got better performance from this build than any of the rest on the same board and cpu these are the only parts that were different. Plus if you are tight on cpu cooler space these are cut lower than most of the others they are competing with and they look good in a case if you don't need lights on them. I was so impressed that I now have a set of these in my daily driver at home and they out price pretty much anything in the same class. I see a bright future for this brand if they keep the performance /price ratio the same. Trust the owl, that is their icon but not the slogan. You cant go wrong with these if you know exactly the numbers your trying to hit. I don't know who they are using for their chips but these benched right past a set of trident z's in my daily driver. I'd rather have speed and less heat than lights........

Cons: None

Overall Review: Yes I would recommend these but triple check your specs and get what you need. No fair to anyone writing a bad review if YOU didn't do your homework first.

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Hard to beat8/19/2020 4:31:57 PM

Pros: Its lives up to its rep. Solid. works good, looks good. Trusted. Quiet. Would always buy more.

Cons: If you have audio devices or docks that require a floppy (berg LP4) power connector better add that to the list. Also no cloth cable bag not that there's much extra for one but that was only slightly disappointing but I did half expect the adapter but I guess those only ship with the top of the line models.

Overall Review: It's a Seasonic. Just buy it

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Update: 4-20-20 edit4/20/2020 2:06:46 PM

Pros: Update: 4-20-20: I now have 6 of these builds on this board to friends and customers and it is my go to build for anyone looking to break into pcie 4.0 nvme drives. One of which was with a 3950x and a 2tb Sabrent rocket that hits 5100mbs+ write constantly, those are the kind of days I live for. Honestly one thing that I am so over and done with, I get why people build to overclock cpus and graphics and anything they can and I love it too but I prefer reliable builds that hit strong numbers every day and do it for years but the reality still comes down to the biggest two bottlenecks we face daily are still storage and networking. We are finally breaking storage barriers that have plagued us for years as the biggest bottleneck in mainstream PCs. The one I am waiting to see is the new Adata Sage nvme (SEARCH THIs 7000mbps read and write speeds) they showed at a trade show recently. At this point, unless I need more than 2tb of storage in a single device I am done with sata anything. Sata is still more economical for large storage archiving devices and chances are good it will be for years to come but NVME OWNS the productivity side of the market now and theres no reason to run sata for windows drives anymore. I take back any bad thing I had said earlier about this board. It has proven itself for over 6 months now. I dont overclock so if you do your mileage may vary but 6 rock solid builds with 3900x s and 3950x s running 3600mhz ram every day in high production and gaming rigs with absolutely no issues speak for itself. Just buy it. If you are still running sata drives waiting to pull the trigger on a new build you are wasting time. NVME is the future and make sure you are buying strong drives capable of hitting the 5000mbs mark. The best drives I have seen are the Corsair mp600, the 2TB Sabrent rocket and the Seagate 520. The Seagate proves its better at smaller file writes than the others and is now my preferred windows drive. There are a lot of budget nvme drives barely making 2000mbps. You get what you pay for. Get a good one the first time and dont buy anything twice. PCIE 4.0 and nvme bring mainstream PCs into a whole new era. You need to get at least a 1tb nvme drive to get this speed as they have more nand chips to write to simultaneously. Put it this way. You are here reading this because your looking at a pcie 4.0 board, then get a CPU made for it and spend the little extra for the better bigger drive. 500gb and under just cant do it and its seriously worth the extra $. This is the new high performance PC era and the cpu ram and drive are the very heart of the system. Everything else is the icing and the cake once you get to this level. Because of both Asus and Newegg replacing the bad boards promptly I have now updated this review to 5 full eggs. This is a good, solid board for the money and is a good choice for getting to PCIE 4.0.

Cons: I had said earlier I wasnt crazy about this bios and I am still not but it has proven itself over time and that is the real bottom line here.

Overall Review: Considering how badly I raked Asus over the coals with the 1st review they deserve better, I had said this is a well built board but has bios issues, and I must admit I am still not crazy about the bios but the board lives up to its design and the Asus reputation when you finally get a good one, that being said, I think some quality control issues need to be addressed, 2 bad boards out of 8 is not great but I can honestly say now that I have run a working one daily of my own and have 5 others out there, its a good board and would buy it again and I plan to. Both Asus and Newegg made both of those right as fast as they could. One last thing here, Do yourself a favor, DO NOT CLONE! CLEAN INSTALL A FRESH O.S. with the proper drivers! Its worth it no matter what your building! The only time you should ever clone is when you have software that can not be replaced. You want the full benefits of your new hardware then dont be lazy. Do it right. The corners you cut will be the performance you lose.

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Does what it says and hits the numbers.4/17/2020 2:13:00 PM

Pros: I have built several machines now that are nearly identical. Asus Prime x 570 pro, G.skill or OLOy 32 or 64gb of PC 3600 ram, Ryzen 9 3950 CPU, Be Quiet Shadow Rock 3 cooler and this nvme drive with various graphics cards and pc cases the future owner chose plus I have one of my own for my daily driver. The only nvme as of this writing that can consistently outperform this as an operating system drive is the Seagate 520, I still prefer this one because of its heatsink and the fact it performs solid and predictable with every build so far. The price has also dropped since it first hit the market. If you need a good C drive for windows and software, this one is best geared at large file traffic so if your editing, rendering or recording large audio or video files this is the one to get. However if your doing a lot of high texture virtual world gaming, along with photo editing or office and database type work that uses small files then get the Seagate 520. If all you need is extra storage and your not loading windows on to it then ANY gen 4 pcie 4 drive is fine. it all depends on how you plan to use it as long as you match the drive to the type of board you need. Just remember only pcie 4 motherboards need pcie 4 drives. Large files work well on anything, but smaller files need better drive and cache optimization. Your mileage may vary but this has always been the golden rule going all the way back to the first IDE drives made.

Cons: None really, if you do the homework and plan for how you use a pc then this is one of the top 3 nvme drives made as of this writing.

Overall Review: As the review says, plan your hardware for how you use your PC but most of all NEVER clone an operating system then complain about your results. Windows optimizes itself to each hardware configuration as it installs and discards anything for things your hardware don't have so if you clone it to a different device its not going to work as good as it could. Period. There are no arguments available there. When you clone an operating system from a different machine you will NEVER get full proper performance. You only get the performance for the effort you put into building it. You cut corners and you'll get cut corner performance and don't come crying in a review when you don't get the results you want. Cloning should only be an option when you have specialized software you cannot replace. Files can be moved from device to device with flash drives or externals. There's no excuses for being lazy.

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Pros: This entry below I wrote when I first purchased the drive. That information is still true I just installed this with a Riitop adaptor with heatsink ( Item#: 9SIA6V87HX5336) to an Asus crosshair v formula z with a FX9370 and in crystal diskmark I am seeing 3x everything I had with my vector 150. Considering this is only a gen2 board I was expecting some improvements but this is way better than I had thought. If you own a crosshair v-z you will need to use a modded bios but it too has firmware updates and several things for your mobo Asus hasn't done anything with in ages and will bring it to current spec. This is not for the faint of heart or novice. Follow this thread and you can run this in your 4x slot : Please read my update below in CONS--dated 5-7-19

Cons: None with the product at all, Newegg and Fedex dropped the ball huge on this. I paid extra for 3 day shipping and it took 3 extra days but I can't drop any eggs on the product for that . Update and read on : EDIT 5-7-19; since my original review I now have this same drive in a Asus Prime X470 pro and after running near around the clock since it's purchase and having been thru at least a dozen clean installs of various betas of windows 10 and linux distros, today it's running Win 10 64 20H1 yes thats build 18890.100 as I am in the windows 10 fast lane, this drive is still performing just as good as it has since day one EXCEPT, I haven't seen any smart data on it EVER. This has been a known factor since build 1803 however theres 2 ways to look at this. 1, properly installed with a heatsink there shouldn't be any major heat issues. 2. there are enough hard drive tools available for performance checking that this is not a real issue for me, HOWEVER-> I had no clue this drive had reached its end of life virtually as I purchased it. This speaks VOLUMES about Adata and also Newegg and I am not very impressed here with their company policy and procedures as a whole. The bottom line here is they could release a firmware update to fix this issue. If this were an Nvidia device it would be getting something every month and that is the mark of a well structured and organized operation that believes in customer support and future proofing aging products and building a repeat customer base. Unfortunately in this business they are one of the only hardware companies that keeps up with windows changes as quickly as they are released but that is also why Nvidia is the market leader in their products. It would be nice if all hardware manufacturers did the same thing. So the question remains for you the person reading this and wondering if you should buy this or not. As I said, the drive is still living up to all of its specs at 7 months in and I could not ask for any more from it. and it's definitely been worth the price. YOU the buyer should realize at this point this drive is at its end of life and now you have a decision to make. Guess what, things do wear out. this one has given me a great run, however I just cant see it's smart status and Adata from all I am reading on the web is not doing anything about it. This drive should not be at end of life this soon and they should have released updated firmware by now as well as some sort of public notice of doing so. Would I buy another one, No. Not until I see updated firmware for the one I have. I was looking at purchasing a second one for another build I am doing but not anymore. Adata, this one is on you. You can dig us into your own marketing grave or dig us all out of it. I am knocking off 2 eggs, the product is great, the company support of the product after end of life is non existent and thats a shame really, it's a great drive but if I don't see a fix for this I will never look at another Adata product again. Shame on you Newegg for still selling this drive at full price after it's end of life, that says a lot about your marketing and management as well, in for the penny and the pound no matter how old it is.

Overall Review: DO NOT BUY THIS DRIVE UNTIL NEW FIRMWARE IS ISSUED!!!! it is and has been stated by the company that built it that it is at it's end of life. YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED NOW. MOST LIKELY this would apply to ALL of the Adata XPG SX series drives as they were all released at the same time.

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Good design, works like it should AND with Windows 712/14/2018 3:14:23 AM

Pros: Straightforward design, comes with heat conductive pads in various thickness, for between the board and drive and the drive and heatsink even a small screwdriver to assemble it with if you need it. Those of you trying to run windows 7 with these it can be done 1. Install windows 10 and get it working proper. 2. prepare a CLEAN install of windows 7 from a usb flash drive using rufus. 3. DO NOT save settings use custom install and when you get to the disk window delete the main drive partition and leave the efs and recovery partitions alone, or if you want to dual boot just resize the partition in windows 10 disk manager first. Intall windows 7 to the empty partition. When you boot you will boot into windows 10 boot manager, then you can select the operating system you want to run. Linux users can do the same using grub (but they know this already). Search engines are your friend here. It's been done before many times. NOTE: YOU WILL NOT GET THE FULL PERFORMANCE FROM A M.2 DRIVE OR ANY OTHER DRIVE, SSD OR OTHERWISE USING CLONING. Clean installs are always best unless you have some irreplaceable software. That being said I cannot say for sure whether cloning windows 7 in the above method would work at all as I never clone and never will but the partition being created here will be GPT and most 7 installs are mbr so chances are it would not. Your mileage may vary and don't blame me if you try and it fails. Once again, search the web, it has been done and done well. THIS IS FOR M SLOT DRIVES ONLY, not sata based m.2! Know what you are buying first before you complain

Cons: Instructions for people that like instructions? if you are a system builder with any past knowledge this is easy and common sense prevails, if your not common sense still prevails. Shipping sucked but its right before the holidays.

Overall Review: Yes I would recommend this product and if you want one with a mountable PCI slot frame they have those too on this page this was on.

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1 year and an rma later - a follow up for those doing some research11/29/2013 5:09:44 AM

Pros: I said I would update this and since there are still vertex 4's for sale these days, one year later all is well and the 2nd time was the charm. I use this strictly as a OS drive with a 1tb seagate for storage and have no issues.

Cons: Not long aftter the second one arrived OCZ mentioned in one of their own forum posts the 64 would not perform as well as the larger drives because of headroom. Had I known this then I would have gone for a 128 in the beginning. I'd bet money this would apply to any ssd. I ended up doing the rma with OCZ and the turnaround was faster than the original delivery so the 1 egg off with newegg still stands, but the drive by itself is a 5.

Overall Review: As mentioned in the previous review I have owned OCZ ssd's sionce the beginning. I have installed other brands for other people in their comps and these still outperform any other brand I have seen and OCZ is second to none for support. The vertex 2 I have in my other comp is now 4 years old and still solid as a rock. Doing your homework and optimizing your os to the drive is THE key factor in long life and also, one more thing, to all of you image cloners or anyone that beefs when ssd's don't show a marked improvment always keep this in mind: A OS optimizes itself to all of your hradware as it installs to the drive, some settings will not change even though you improved your hardware. The only way to see the full impact of improved performance is a clean install of your flavor of os whatever it may be with all the proper updates and drivers installed in the proper order-- yes the order you install things in makes a difference, ESPECIALLY with the Windoze family of OS> That goes from XP to current as I have done 1000's of clean installs. it's not just worth it, it's the golden rule. Don't bother with the driver doctors or settle for a quick fix, use the freshest manufacturers drivers you can get straight from their website. If you settle for anything less and you get subpar performance then remember, your the lazy one that cut the corner and whoever you bought the transfer / cloning software from is laughing to the bank because you didn't need it to start with. Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING beats a clean os install for performance, even if your just a websurfer with a basic computer and NEVER if you can work around it , use the "factory image and all its bloatware. if you do, you will never see the true performance of your gear.

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works, fits , does what I needed it to12/8/2012 3:31:59 AM

Pros: had a tight slot spacing situation with a 1x slot and had no choice but a single slot card. i also needed one slot to be vga for my utility screen..the card was the best bang for the buck and does everything i expected it to do and upgraded me from the HD 4000 series.- if your not a hardcore gamer and need to do video editing and virtual world games and are on a budget then this one fits and works.

Cons: the cooling area is still a tight fit with the next slot-- wish the blower was end fed as the asus xonar dx audio card nearly blocks the fan completely but that dont change the way it works. was a bit fussy about a minor memory speed tweak but in use it does fine. i knocked off an egg for the time it took to get here after paying for a rush order.

Overall Review: i put this with a asus m5a99fx pro 2.0 mobo. i needed a board with 2 16 x slots and got that but gave up a pcie 1x slot-- id rather seen less 4 x slots and more 1k, or maybe some real good asio pcie4x audio cards would be a better idea. most of what i do is av production , editing and studio recording. lack of space and slotting is what put me in a single space video card--as usual -also when will sombody wake up and see the market for 64 bit only mobos and 4x audio? that pci 32 slot is a complete waste of my space and have no use for it.

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