Switching back from ATI after long hiatus.12/15/2011 11:20:31 AM

Pros: Built Well, and Solid. -the ram has heat sinks as well. Installation to driver update was simple went along without a hitch. Runs all the games i play on Ultra, or a hybrid of High/Ultra with at least 45 FPS average.(dont usually go above 4x AA) Its pretty small for newer cards, and not that large when upgrading from older cards. (In a Rosewill Challenger case) Runs cool and quiet all the time - i set the fan my on my own with Afterburner to 80% at 62C, i dont think it ever gets past 60C. It's fans drone with the rest of the case, but not louder

Cons: None that i can think of, maybe that it doesnt come with an SLI bridge, but i'll worry about that later anyway.

Overall Review: I got this card as an upgrade from an Asus HD5830, which was a solid card too. At first i ordered a Sapphire HD6970 which didnt seem to give me the frames i wanted or run as well as i thought it should. This might have been a compatibility problem with the card or my system but i had to RMA it to newegg, which was as painless as ever. They did however keep a good chunk of money for restocking or whatever, which is cool, but it decreased my card budget a bit. After reading many days worth of reviews and testing, i settled on this card, figuring it would be solid. I was right. It's not the newest most amazing chipset, but it's rock solid and you will get playable frames from any game out today. My common games are Skyrim, Battlefield3, Star Wars: TOR, RAGE, and a few older games. They all run nice, on the newest drivers. I've yet to have any crashes or crazy problems. Also, I run the card at the speeds it came with. I've seen it OC'ed quite a bit, but I dont think i'll n

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Solid tiny little nic12/7/2011 11:53:16 PM

Pros: Was almost plug n play, had to scan disk for drivers. The antenna screw deals on the card itself fit my desktop antenna. Great signal.

Cons: none that i can think of?

Overall Review: Cute little card, but puts in it's share of work. Only had a PCIe x4 to put it in. (Stupid ever growing video cards) But it works just fine in there.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It's a mousepad12/3/2011 9:22:46 AM

Pros: It doesnt seem to slide around on my desk, the bottom seems pretty grippy to me. It doesnt have MUCH drag, but there is some, but that's how i like it. It's black so it wont look AS grimy in a year.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: It's a little small, like a typical mousepad, which is all i currently have room for. I'm pretty happy with it, it doesnt slide, and i play BF3 pretty hectically on it. I bought this pad more for the size than anything else, and it kinda surprised me with how much i like it.

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R.A.T. = Really Awful T&%#11/3/2011 7:07:15 PM

Pros: Laser tracks well even on shiny surfaces Can customize to fit your hand has a nice braided cord its sturdy, it just survived it's 100th or so beating

Cons: Still feels horrible even when you 'customize' it horizontal scroll? NO! you can set it to right and left arrows though very heavy even with no weights. the slides are rough, even greased up they cause crazy friction

Overall Review: This mouse sucks so much. please, do yourself a favor if you ever thought about buying this, and punch yourself in the face. I bought it 6 months ago as a travel mouse, and it's sucked in every game. yeah that thing that looks like a horizontal scroll wheel? its not. the best you can hope for is to install the junk software(bloatware) and program it to the left and right arrows keys. think about that when you play your next game. maybe hit those keys and really think. i can go on and on about how this mouse sucks. i am on the verge of going to walmart to buy a 15$ logitech which i am SURE(have used before) will be better than this 100$ piece of junk. This is a Madcatz peripheral through and through, if you are a real gamer you will know what that means.

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There's not much to say that hasnt already been said.6/30/2011 2:05:19 PM

Pros: -You get what you pay for in terms of components! -The screen looks huge on your lap or desk. -The "important" plugs are in the rear. (network, power, VGA, HDMI) -Everything youre supposed to touch has a nice texture and the plastic has a pseudo-futuristic look. -The fan booster is great and at least 10 degrees effective.(CoreTemp) -Also the 'Quick Launch sensors' are cool and useful for their functions. -The function keys are on the bottom row. -Everything you could want for a gaming laptop!

Cons: -All the Bloatware you dont want for a gaming laptop! (Given) -The 'Quick Launch Sensors' feel like the type of plastic that will be clear instead of logos, in a year. -Will burn your legs. Power Supply makes a nice foot rest, since it's almost the same size as my foot. Will burn your foot. -Some of the keys make the mechanical springy noise loudly, some are silent.

Overall Review: Windows Experience Index only gives it a 5.9 due to disk transfer rate, but you would never notice anything slow about this PC. I havent noticed any lag or long loading times. I play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on it mainly , and it runs just as smooth in DX11 as my desktop. Also runs all 3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games perfectly(as perfect as you can get them to run) other games: Fallout: New Vegas, APB, and Sims Medieval all run like champs on max settings at it's native 1080. (soon to add my Gf's games to it, Shogun 2 is the only one of note) This is my first Intel Chip in years, and the first i've personally owned, (if that makes sense) and i'm impressed. The first time you run anything on it you know it's a good pc, and once you get the bloatware off and set it up the way you like, you have a beast ready for whatever. The few Cons it does have are the standard with most gaming laptops, and who cares if the little icons for your LEDs are rubbed off, when youve got a machine like

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Junk12/23/2010 11:31:56 AM

Pros: Sounds great. easy setup

Cons: Junky HDMI boards that WILL go out. the only question is WHEN.

Overall Review: I was a total mark for samsung when i bought this unit. (owning 2 TVs, a blueray player, and 2 monitors) Now, i have vowed to NEVER buy any samsung audio product again. I have returned this product to samsung 3 times. (now i have to dispute the charge, because Newegg has erased all record of my purchase of this junk) Once for repair where it came back working fine, then suddenly HDMI ports 2 -3 go out again, so i send it back. They say its fine and send it back. so i break down, and use it on only 2 HDMI ports for a month(change cables in back of unit) until it starts blanking out video and audio every 10 minutes. i send it in to get it replaced, and WOW, a new unit comes back with THE SAME PROBLEM. But wait, it gets better. While samsung had the unit for repairs, i bought another unit (HW-C5600 because i tried in vain to match my samsung tv and blueray player) and it had the same problem as well. so if youre counting, that is 4 different HDMI boards, that have all went

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Great Processor, but i was unlucky12/20/2010 3:35:39 PM

Pros: Great Processor, Fast, Stable at high Speeds, and great dynamic overclocking.

Cons: My Temperature Diode is majorly messed up.

Overall Review: I failed the Electronic Lottery, big time. Temps read unrealistically in BIOS(100F after cold start up) and totally wrong on OS based temp readers(0F). Diode problems are not uncommon with these processors, but my case started 6 months after owning. Will try to contact AMD non the less.

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Decent Case, but some flaws.8/13/2010 1:41:29 PM

Pros: - Good price for what you get - Cool matte black interior with no sharp edges - Faceplate snaps off for easy dusting - PSU sits at the bottom of case and pulls air from underneath with tall case feet for good gathering - Airflow seems great with 4 large fans (Bottom and front include a dust covers) It is very quiet with 7 fans running(with PSU, GPU, and CPU) - Nice and spacious to work in - Slide rails for HDD and easy locking brackets for CD drives (Bonus - it came with a bracket to hook my SSD in with!) - Simple and somewhat stylish without going overboard with its looks

Cons: - Slide rails for HDD. I dont know if its my hard drive or the rails, but the rail wont use the other set of screw holes on drive its self. So when you put them on and slide the drive in, it hits the side of the case and the rails prevent the the other side from closing. I had to break off the ends of the rails, so the case side would go back on. Now the drive doesnt lock into place. - The power supply is almost too far away from my 8pin 12V. This could be a problem with the position of the plug on my board, or it could be the PSU(OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP) has a shortish plug. Either way, it seems like the cord is stretched around the video card . It rests right between the heatpipes of the video card. Nothing can be done about this, because an ATX motherboard will sit only a MM or so away from the PSU and most performance video cards are pretty wide.

Overall Review: It's just a minor gripe but, the only real spot to put a case badge is on the top just behind the shiny face plate. i usually dont use them, but i did kind of want to show off this shiny new AMD Phenom II sticker.. Mostly I bought this case for plenty of air flow, since i will be running it as a decent machine that will produce some heat. I think it will work just fine.

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