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Good product, dangerously sharp.5/15/2021 8:14:07 PM

Pros: I've used several machetes over the years for clearing Himalayan blackberry patches on a very hilly and rocky piece of property. I've found the Kukri shape to be the most effective for my application, and this is a quality knife. It's quite thick and the blade is of noticeably better quality than most machetes you'll see in a hardware store. Puts my Fiskars to shame.

Cons: This machete arrived with a very sharp edge. If it isn't obvious, an unnecessarily sharp edge on a tool like this presents a much greater danger of accidentally cutting yourself than it does to add any cutting capability.

Overall Review: Great product, I would just caution anyone buying it to be careful of the blade, any accidents while using it for its intended purpose will turn out way worse than if it was a bit duller.

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Good price, good airflow.10/11/2020 7:35:56 AM

Pros: Half the price of the "super low noise" fans, while also providing much better airflow. In general a superior product for people who don't mind a few more decibels.

Cons: 2 decibels louder than alternative models

Overall Review: Money well spent.

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B-die performance in a slick package6/19/2020 10:14:56 PM

Pros: My kit hits 3466 CL14 with very tight timings at 1.45v. DIMM's don't get over 40c. Fits just fine on a mini-itx board.

Overall Review: An excellent kit if the price is right. There are a lot of vendors selling different bins of B-die, but 3200C14 and 3600C16 kits will usually be a good choice for overclocking.

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Super basic4/10/2020 8:07:10 AM

Pros: No sharp edges. Hole in the side panel allows mounting a 120mm fan on the side, as well as a 92mm on the rear. The 3.5" and floppy drive bay is a blast from the past, but makes sense on an office PC case such as this. There is some (limited) space space behind the Mobo tray for cable management. I was able to cram SATA cables back there without too much trouble.

Cons: Riveted construction means you can't remove the drive bays or front panel without special tools. There are mounting spaces for 120mm fans at the front of the case, but they are trapped behind the front panel.

Overall Review: Great case for the money. Requires a little bit of time for proper cable management due to the dated form factor.

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Cheap and it works3/31/2020 11:01:43 AM

Pros: I bought this PSU for a cheap HTPC for my parents. Paired with an Athlon 200ge, 8 gigs of ddr4, and an hd7850, it's been powering the system fine for about 6 months now. I was skeptical about actually using the 6 pin provided with this unit, but it handles the load i'm putting it under just fine.

Cons: Ketchup and Mustard cables. (not REALLY a con, but definitely gave me a blast from the past) the CPU 4-pin connector is too short to connect to an m-ATX motherboard when mounted in a case where the PSU sits at the bottom (more and more common nowadays). This was the only actual problem i had with this power supply, but luckily some metal shears fixed my cable routing problem. The fan runs at a fairly high RPM at all times, but at maximum it couldn't be more than 30dba. Not exactly an issue for me, but it could be for the sound obsessed.

Overall Review: Definitely worth it for the money. I plan on replacing it before the end of it's 2 year warranty.

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Good, cheap RGB mechanical keyboard. Nonfunctional software.3/5/2020 6:44:15 PM

Pros: The keyboard is mostly metal, and entirely metal where it matters. Button presses feel very authoritative and make a loud clicking sound.

Cons: The software that patriot advertises as able to control it's rgb equipped products is completely incapable of addressing this keyboard, so you just have the keyboard's stock settings to use. I don't care because it was cheap, but that's what I get for not buying a higher end brand. At least their bloatware WORKS.

Overall Review: This would be better if Patriot bothered to support it.

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Excellent case for the money!2/1/2020 8:18:41 AM

Pros: Looks good, 3 preinstalled fans for the price is pretty great. Installation is easy and cable routing is good enough. Removable filters on the bottom and top are a great addition.

Cons: "Removable" Front panel is hard wired to the case, so when you take it off, don't yank it too hard or too far or you'll ruin your front i/o. Has a preinstalled piece of black foam, about an inch thick, completely blocking the front intake fans from ever moving any air in to the case. I just ripped it off. Not a huge deal.

Overall Review: You get what you pay for! And if you compare this case and competitors that cost $50 more with the same feature set, you have to wonder what you're really paying for there...

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Great RAM for the money12/6/2019 12:14:14 AM

Pros: My kit runs at 3600mhz stable with the factory timings, on an ROG Strix X470-I.

Cons: It wasn't free.

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Great, reliable board.10/4/2019 11:34:48 PM

Pros: Have used this board in 3 builds now and have had zero issues. Cheap, simple, and straightforward. BIOS is quite good considering the price point, with full overclocking and fan control capability.

Cons: I wish there was a way to retain the backplate to make it easier to install a cooling solution.

Overall Review: Great product for the money.

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Fast, Hot, Broken9/4/2019 8:00:22 AM

Pros: Ran fast, when it worked, about double the performance of my PowerColor RX590. The stock fan profile is silent but allows the card to get in to the 80 degree celsius range. However with a custom profile it's pretty quiet and stays in the low 70's.

Cons: Card stopped working in less than a week. When it did work, I had issues with driver crashes. Even touching Wattman while in game would just hard crash my pc. I had similiar issues with my RX590 as well. I am extremely unimpressed with the current generation of AMD's GPU drivers.

Overall Review: If I had only had software or only had hardware issues with this card I wouldn't be bothered. But having BOTH bad drivers AND requiring an RMA is the worst product experience I've had in 20 years of building PC's. I wish I could get my money back on this card and spend it on a 2070 super. Not entirely AsRocks fault, but they're the one that sells the card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Harold, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please try following. • Reseat the VGA card. • Install the latest graphics card driver ver: 19.8.2. ( Note: Please remove previous drivers first.) Link: • Install "ASRock Tweaker" to adjust fans setting. Link: • Allow better air circulation inside the chassis by installing case fans. If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
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Awesome performance, super quiet.8/16/2019 9:50:39 AM

Pros: Bought this to use in the front of my Corsair Obsidian 250D mini-itx case. As soon as I powered it up there was an obvious difference in the exhaust pressure from the "hot" side of the case. Dropped my GPU and CPU temps both by 3-4 degrees C. You will not hear it running above any of your other components, even my power supply is louder under load.

Cons: Not really a "high performance" fan. There are models with higher amperage and more RPM capability, although they have a price premium and obviously are not going to be as quiet.

Overall Review: Great fan overall. It makes a 120 or 140 just look inadequate as far as cooling performance. If you've got mounts for one, go for it.

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Fast card. Loud cooler. Worth the price.7/10/2019 9:09:15 PM

Pros: Performs as advertised, plenty of VRAM for playing 1080p games at max settings.

Cons: Runs extremely hot, unless you turn up the fan speed, and then it is rather loud. Like, "I can hear this over my headphones loud."

Overall Review: It's a good card for an amazing price, quite worth it.

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11/26/2018 9:30:06 PM

Pros: Works exactly as expected - zero issues. There was a tiny nick on the IHS, but it's a refurbished part so little visual things are to be expected.

Cons: Shipping takes a long time, it's coming from China.

Overall Review: This is a great product at a great price - despite being 10 years old it easily offers enough performance to cover day to day tasks with ease.

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