Fast. Reliable. Corsair9/27/2014 8:54:51 PM

Pros: Amazing SSD. Fast read/write times for the price. Reliable. Booting up in my OS is like a snap of the fingers. I can't even read the "Welcome" text or the "Shutting down" text. Definitely worth the money.

Cons: Didn't install itself

Overall Review: Amazing SSD for the price of $119.99 during the sale. Definitely beats out all other $200 240 GB SSD's. Great Shellshocker deal. Once again, Newegg prevails with the cheapest price!

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Good Airflow, Not SUPER Silent9/23/2014 10:25:26 PM

Pros: Alright, I'll begin with this, the LED's are pretty good. The airflow is absolutely amazing too, 69 CFM. Wow, just wow. The fans have kept my case very cold and are worth the money. Picked some up during a sale for $7.99 each. Not bad.

Cons: Some cons that I would say is that if you have them behind a mesh or a front panel, they are definitely loud. Actually, they're SUPER loud. BUT, with a little modding, (which is extremely easy) I was able to reduce the voltage from 12 v to 5 v. I had the fans connected directly into the PSU so, it was pretty easy to reduce it to 5 v with the 4 pin molex connectors.

Overall Review: Just by reducing the voltage that was channeled to these fans, they dropped in noise level. Out of the case, they were extremely silent, but add something that obstructs the flow, it gets loud. Would highly recommend IF you are able to lower the voltage of the fans. Great fans overall. High airflow.

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Does What it Needs to Do... But Better9/23/2014 9:13:17 PM

Pros: Ever since I got this CPU cooler, I've seen my CPU idle temperatures at around 30 degrees Celsius. It looks aesthetically appealing as well. With the smoother tubing and not the ridged tubing, it looks like a more smooth, and sleek liquid cooling loop. I gave it 4 eggs though, for the reason of compatibility. Read in Cons.

Cons: Although this cooler is very nice, and Corsair has many quality products, the instructions weren't updated to the most current piece that was added. Although it was really easy to install, you sorta have to figure it out yourself. ALSO, on the box and on Newegg, it states that it is compatible with LGA 1150 sockets. It is, BUT the backplate on your motherboard has to go on at a very, VERY slight angle. That lost an egg for me, but overall this is a quality cooler, and does what it needs to do.

Overall Review: Worth the money for a low tier, but effective liquid CPU cooler. It looks nice in my case too! Highly recommended.

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