Musical3/25/2021 12:13:39 PM

Pros: Feature rich. Unaware co-workers within earshot of the 1st boot comment the BIOS beeps are neat.

Cons: The BIOS speaker sure likes to play music! I've purchased 3 and so far 2 I've had to troubleshoot BIOS beep codes that were only fixed by replacing the motherboard. If you really want this board, buy two (or three), and return the one that doesn't POST.

Overall Review: 2 eggs because the beep codes caused funny/casual conversation with co-workers, but this is really a 1 egg review. I've purchased dozens of these lower end uATX Gigabyte motherboards spanning several generations of Intel processors. Gigabyte was my go to for so long, but I will not be purchasing any more Gigabyte boards.

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Works with Intel B150 MOBO1/21/2016 5:36:15 AM

Pros: Even though mobo/memory chipsets do not match, I was pleased to find out when I installed these into my GA-B150M-DS3H MOBO they were recognized and are running fine.

Cons: None yet!

Overall Review: I've used G.Skill memory in my last 6 PC builds and will continue using, but I have to wonder if the chipset advertisement is just a marketing tactic...

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Great Buy1/17/2008 10:17:05 AM

Pros: VERY easy to install, easier than the stock cooler. Lowered my temperatures about 7 degrees (Celsius) per core. Low low price.

Cons: Some of the fins were bent near the bottom of the heat-sink to send air towards the voltage converters near the faceplate next to the processor, but looked dented and wasn't very aesthetically pleasing.

Overall Review: I compared this product to a higher end Zalman cooler in the sixty - seventy dolla price range. However, you have to take out your motherboard to install those types of coolers. NOT THIS ONE! It slips right into the slots your stock cooler came from and comes with thermal grease applied to the heat-sink. HONESTLY, this is really ALL YOU NEED for air cooling!

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Fantastic12/9/2007 7:56:18 PM

Pros: Scored 10768 on 3dmark06 out of the box with no overclocking of any components. Got a really good deal on it using Paypal and Newegg MIR.

Cons: Didn't come with molex -> PCI-E adapters, so I had to had to use my friends, which was lucky since he upgraded his power supply and I purchased his old one. You want a larger LCD screen (22+) because smaller screens don't give this card justice. I fried my motherobard by hooking up headphones (there must have been static on the cord so when I plugged it in the computer went off and won't turn on) so I currently can't use the card!

Overall Review: This card was my first 8000 series graphics card. My system is Quad core Q6700, 4 GB Gskill ram with 5 CAS, 320 serial seagate, and 500 Watt X-connect (first series). I was very pleased with this card out of the box.

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