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Otherwise Great Product Ruined by Defective Blower Fan (Ball Bearings)8/30/2018 3:34:13 PM

Pros: Lightweight, powerful, quiet operation. It feels as smooth as a desktop with separate CPU and dedicated graphics card. Premium fit and finish.

Cons: Like other reviewer, my fan started making noise after a couple of weeks. Impossible to repair on my own and I fear that it may be a common problem for this model since there are several reviewers stating the same thing. Expensive for what it is. True cost is a few hundred more than a traditional desktop with similar performance (Even at $800). Factor in additional costs for HD, RAM, and Windows 10 license. Large power brick.

Overall Review: This is a niche product for someone who has limited space, but wants all the I/O ports. For me, it simultaneously connects to my headphones, speakers, external monitor, mouse, webcam, USB-C keyboard, printer, and ethernet while also charging my USB-C devices. I don't think you will have buyers remorse unless it breaks. But with newer CPU and GPUs recently launched, it will be like paying current generation prices for an older generation PC.

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