Do not buy for HDTV, XFX support is garbage9/8/2008 6:29:23 PM

Pros: cheap

Cons: I wanted to use this for my buddies HTPC setup. When we got the card it would not post to any hdtv, just an LCD monitor. So I toyed around with it for a week or two and then e-mailed their tech support. They basically told me there is nothing they will do, and that their cards are "hit or miss" when working with HDTV's. Shouldn't that be a disclaimer on their specs on their website? Below is the customer support response from xfx

Overall Review: [MICHAELC 9/9/2008 12:45:59 AM] Hello Richard; if you are connecting the HDTV as a secondary display, its not abnormal for the display to go blank after showing some of the BIOS information on screen. We typically do not recommend using an HDTV as a primary monitor exactly for some of the issues you have described here, as they are typically hit-or-miss and tougher to use when trying to troubleshoot other issues. We do not offer BIOS updates for our video cards as that type of thing generally will not have any effect on this type of issue. If the TV has any other inputs such as VGA, please give that a try just as a test to see if there are any different results. Regards, Michael

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Pros: Insanely awesome sound. I have been watching a ton of movies and playing games on my HT system now that I finally have dolby digital on it!

Cons: The Montego drivers are horrible. I was really upset with the sound card, until I remembered someone in the reviews suggesting the reference drivers. The difference was night and day. The Montego drivers make it sound like it's being played out of a kids boombox. The Cmedia reference drivers make it sound like you in a hurricane! is where I got them

Overall Review: get the reference drivers! they should be included out of the box

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