Great Case - exceptional company9/7/2021 9:08:01 AM

Pros: Case has comes ready to cool, 2 big fans up front and 3 below. Fans are quiet. It's not flashy without looking totally non-descript boring.

Cons: This isn't the case for you if you need 3.5 inch drive bays.

Overall Review: I have used their Meshify case on several other builds. I selected the Torrent after seeing the review on Levelone. The system is going into a hot, dirty environment so I wanted the fans and the removable filter screen. When I received this case, the office opened it to steal the box for shipping something. While moving it still in the plastic wrap, I managed to drop it and break the front cover. Just cracked, it can take a pretty good fall lol. I reached out to Fractal's support page about purchasing a replacement. During this time, the information about the fan hub recall had came out (GamersNexus). Fractal responded to my request about the cover within a day. What was nice, is their email also included all the information about the hub recall, instructions on how to remove it if I wanted to keep the case and continue using it without the hub, and how to request a replacement once it becomes available. It is a rarity to see a company address an issue across all departments so quickly. When shopping for a case, Fractal will absolutely be my first stop.

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Costs more, you get the best1/28/2019 7:12:26 AM

Pros: Everything you would expect, adjustable height, excellent tension for heavy monitors. I hung a 32 inch gaming monitor on this listed as 15 pounds ( and it had no issues with it.

Cons: People questioning why you paid so much, coming from same people who have a cheap mount who's monitor is always sagging or never stays straight.

Overall Review: The finish is rather shiny compared to an older model that I have. It seems to scratch easy or the scratches are more noticeable than mine. A bit flashy for a business desk perhaps. Very minor nit picking. This is the gold standard for monitor mounting.

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Great monitor1/22/2019 7:00:31 AM

Pros: Monitor looks great visually and physically. Covers all the bases with USB. Actually using it as a workstation monitor. It never hurts to keep HR/Payroll in nice gear.

Cons: Just fyi - the stand does NOT rotate as in switching from landscape to portrait mode. It says rotate in the text description but if you scoll down it shows that it "swivels" as in rotating side to side. This isn't an issue for me and no one is likely to want to rotate a gaming monitor. When putting the stand together I thought it strange that a monitor that cost this much didn't rotate and I happened to be looking at the specs again today and saw that is mistakenly said it does.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Ralph, Thank you for taking the time to post your AOC product review. We are glad to hear of your overall satisfaction with the monitor. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please feel free to reach out to support department through the link below and one of representatives will be happy to help you. Thank you for choosing AOC! Best Regards, AOC Support
A great board with a few important notes10/4/2018 7:44:16 AM

Pros: I used this board previously in my home system with a custom water cooling and again today for my work system. This board is amazing looking and the weight of it is massive. I have had nothing but solid results on both boards from initial startup. If you are looking for a threadripper system and don't want all the gamer colors and graphics this is a good way to go. Your wife will like it :)

Cons: Theses aren't strictly "cons" but design factors that you need to watch out for that are unique to this board. The rear IO shield is built onto the board itself. This is a great idea but it caused me some trouble. I have a Thermaltake Core V51 case that has re-treaded for countless builds. I have a bad habit of carrying cases by the rear motherboard opening when they are empty and due to the size of the V51 the rear area got bent a little. Normally there is enough "squish' area between a rear IO shield and the motherboard to allow a few mm of adjustment. The built in header on this board really doesn't have much give to it so I had a very hard time getting the motherboard screws lined up. Something to watch out for given this is an enthusiast board it is likely to be going into a case that has seen some action. The other place I ran into trouble is the expansion slots. The big silver cover with "Amp Up Audio" on it runs under all the slots. This interfered with my slots both where the pointed end of the cards go down between the case and the motherboard and in height. The cards hit the cover before it was down completely. I didn't want to remove the board and look to see if it was removable (I'm sure it must be). Not all the cards had issues, the video card (RX580) was ok but I had trouble with a dual USB header panel and the LSI raid adapter. They fit but if I had known about it before install I would have pulled the cover off but I really shouldn't have to do this on a board that cost almost $4xx so that's -1 egg. If you air cool, or with any cooler really, the RAM is really close to the CPU so you need to get low profile RAM or the appropriate form factor on your cooling solution. The Noctua NH-U9 I used worked great. The fans latch on the sides so I could move the fan up a bit to clear G.Skill RAM with a typical heat-sink.

Overall Review: This has been a great board for me and other than the few minor installation issues it is about the best system I have built in a long time. I'm running the IVMS/NVMS IP camera software (high CPU usage) with 32 cameras per screen with about 4% CPU. If you are running a single video card, you can probably put it in any slot. On my home build I need to clear the water pump and res so put it in the 3rd slot down. It worked fine when i tried it in the top 3 slots.

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Beware - NON Standard bolt pattern!2/28/2018 3:37:33 PM

Pros: I'm sure these are quality drives as any Seagate Product worthy of a 4 or 5 star review. However they did something stupid and ruined it. I gave them a 2 because Synology also needs a swift kick for their part of this.

Cons: For some reason Seagate decided to not put all the standard screw holes in these drives! They are missing the center two holes on the sides and the four holes in bottom are non standard locations. This has the unfortunate affect of making them completely unable to be installed in my Synology 1513+ drive trays. The side rails require all three holes. I could ditch the rails and use screws on the side holes but there are alignment pins in the bottom of the tray that don't line up so the drive can't fit flush into the tray.

Overall Review: This isn't my first rodeo so I made sure to check the compatibility list. This drive is on the list. If you expand the notes for this drive there is only a foot note than the drive is only approved for units newer than June 2014. Of course their units don't have any product date on them so you can tell if the note is applicable to you or not. Since the 1513 is a 5 drive unit that's some pretty hefty coin spend only to discover you can't use them. Bold text or red font color doesn't cost anything Synology, how about a real warning next time. Maybe I'll feel better in the hour it will take me to search my purchase history to find out if my NAS is older than 2014 or not.

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Nice Workhorse combo kit3/23/2017 3:51:49 AM

Pros: On the smaller side without being too small Price Texture on the mouse wheel No extra multimedia shortcut keys. The basics are covered on the FN shift of the function keys. Volume/Mute Play/Pause Track up-down. Normal keys - Big Backspace & Enter, Full sided inverted T arrow keys, Fullsided Ins/Del Home/End PageUp/Down keys located where they are supposed to be.

Cons: Nitpicking but I like a little more weight in my mice. This one has a single AA so it's pretty light

Overall Review: Been waiting for logitech to come up with a new combo. I have been using the MK320/520/710 for what seems like ages. They all have their good and bad points. I wanted a better mouse than the stock one on the 320/520. The 710 was a good set but it was expensive and the keyboard was kind of big and I've had issues with the letters wearing off the keys This set is the Goldie Locks model. Inexpensive but doesn't feel or look cheap (time will tell on the durability). <edit> After having several of these in action for awhile I'm dropping the rating down to a 3. Quality issues where the keyboard has died. These do NOT use the unity transmitter so you can't add another logitech keyboard and keep using the mouse without using up a second usb port.

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Very Nice Case12/23/2016 8:01:20 AM

Pros: Size - Big enough but not a huge monster like some "mid tower" cases these days. Looks sharp- not typical a black monolith, enough color to look nice without being to flashy for a business. Construction seemed every bit as nice as cases that I've paid a lot more for. Price - There are $1xx.00+ cases out there that are nowhere near the quality of this case. Fans were nice and quiet. OEM case fans are like a box of chocolates. These were nice and quiet. Wiring management in this case is very nice.

Cons: The two SSD trays are a little hard to install the wiring. Unless you use a Molex-SATA power adapter there the power connector comes straight out, you really have to bend the wiring at 90 degrees.

Overall Review: The top fan area can handle a 140MM fan but they only give you a 120MM. Not that big a deal but it's an area that where it is very noticeable. I had a 140MM laying around so I swapped it. Couldn't cost much to put a 140 on it or just put the 120MM in the front where you can't see it.

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Solid Basic Case10/28/2016 7:56:08 AM

Pros: Lots of space. Rotating Drive bay is a nice extra. Quiet. Not invisible quiet but you can put it near people without it being overly noticeable. For a business setting it's not overly flashy or shiny piano black. The flip down 'lock' over the expansion slot covers is handy, no tool needed.

Cons: Would liked a little bigger PSU but at this price point it's good enough.

Overall Review: It's a little deeper front to back that what normally passes as a "mid-tower" these days, so keep an eye on the dimensions if space is an issue for you. If you are building anything with a SuperMicro motherboard this is a no brainer. All the power/fan/front panel connectors are the right length and plug in natively. I built a E5 powered ESXi host with 4 SAS drives in about 20 minutes. Pair it with a bigger modular PSU and this case is going to work great for 99% of your builds.

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Best headset I've had3/17/2016 5:33:04 AM

Pros: Buttons are easy to use. Voice command for Pairing. Pairing has worked flawlessly on phones and PC. Comes with multiple charging options. The charging base is a nice addition verses the typical usb cord and having the headset just laying around. Talk time says 7 hours when fully charged. I haven't tested it that long but I've used it for 3-4 hours straight and it still says 4 hours remaining. Unit is obviously small and unobtrusive so it's easy to multitask and listen to music or a podcast on the down-low during a meeting or such. Range seems very good though it varies depending on if I'm connected to my phone or tablet. I can go about 50 feet before it starts cutting out with my phone, it is still solid when using the PC. That's about as far as I can go without going outside so I don't know the max distance for the PC. It's got enough range to get you to the bathroom without bringing the device :)

Cons: On the top end of the price range but if you're someone who needs a device like this it's going to perform 1000% better than some $50 unit.

Overall Review: Use this on my Samsung Note 5 phone and Microsoft Surface 3. Calls are great. Using it to listen to podcasts and audio-books is pretty awesome compared to a wired set of ear buds or the cheap around the neck stereo Bluetooth unit I have be using.

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Good Solid machine. Usual Refirb Caveats12/23/2015 10:48:20 AM

Pros: -Price -free upgrade to Win 10 -Speakers a lot bigger than current tiny models.

Cons: Not really cons since these things obviously aren't included if you read the specs but they are missed if you don't have them: -No USB3 -No HDMI video out (does appear to have DP but I didn't have a cable to try it) -Lower screen resolution (1366x768) -No SSD

Overall Review: For the price this is a well performing laptop. I had to send the first one back because it had what first appeared to be just a cosmetic crack on the bottom, turns out the DVD drive had a huge dent in it and was inoperative. Return was painless and my second unit is very clean and free of any defects. Look yours over very carefully and a get the extended warranty. Got the message to upgrade to windows 10 immediately on starting up window 7. Upgrade went fine. remember to run "Disk Cleanup" then advance (I think) so you can remove the "Previous Windows Installation" to get back the 20 gigs and remove the windows.old folder.

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A lot of bang for the buck.12/1/2015 1:12:13 PM

Pros: Price Size/Weight 30+ amps

Cons: No Oil included / Filling oil Removing the shipping mount Ail Filter Cover is hard to remove

Overall Review: I have debated getting a generator for awhile. Two recent power outages pushed me over the line and the price on this made it impossible to say no. I'm not too worried about being off the grid electronic wise but wanted something that would cover a few basics: Heater - winter time Refrigerator - extended outage Sump pump - if the King Kong El Nino ever shows up Unit came well packaged and without any fluid in it or the box. This is nice so I could turn the unit completely upside down to help remove the metal brace and wood block that holds the engine firmly in place for shipping (it has rubber mounts that isolate the engine from the frame under normal use). You are going to need some basic metric hand tools for this 12-14ish MM socket or end wrench and a hammer. I don't know if its typical or not as the instructions actually shows two metal brackets. I really had to hammer the wood block to get it out enough to remove the bracket. Had to make a trip to get oil since it doesn't come with it, I used Mobil One 10-30. Takes about 20 Oz according to the book. While you're out, get a good smallish funnel otherwise it is going to be difficult to get the oil in the hole. I removed the spark plug so I could rotate the engine over easily with 4-5 pulls on the cord after I filled it with oil. I'm not sure if these engines are test ran so I wanted to make sure oil got where it needed to be prior to startup. Put some fuel in it and it started up on the second pull. Don't fill it up with a lot of fuel unless you plan on running it or use a fuel additive. Our oxygenated fuels don't store well in small engines. As with any small engine it's best to run it out of gas to avoid trouble due to the previous mentioned fuel. It takes a good while with this engine so just turn the fuel to "off" and go get a coffee. There is a set screw for the running RPM in case you need to adjust the frequency sine wave of the AC output for connecting to a UPC. There are a lot of other reviews about this unit on the internet that give it high marks by people running it hard and with long periods of ownership so I'm feel really good about adding this to my "what if" tool kit.

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Very happy10/12/2015 8:24:40 AM

Pros: Sharp looks with asymmetrical stand. 4K display is amazing. reasonable Price.

Cons: Lack of stand adjustment and no Vesa mounting. I use this monitor at home and do a lot of remote desktop in to work. This can result in some very small text depending on what OS you are connecting to. I'm sure there are setting to help the scaling somewhere.

Overall Review: I wanted to add my thoughts about this great monitor to balance out the 1 star review. Unless there is something wrong with their monitor I can't see how anyone would expect the image to be any closer to the bezel. Mine is only a few millimeters. The top is so thin in fact that the foot that retains my dash cam actually covers part of the view able area. I listed the lack of adjustments in the con section but did not lower my rating because the product pictures very clearly showed me what I was getting. I bought a $16 glass stand from Mono that worked perfectly. So, this was my first jump into 4k. I recently went to a 34 curved monitor at work @ 3440x1440 and was a little put off my how small the type and icons were so I was a little worried that replacing my home 27 inch with a 4k 27 inch might cause everything to scale a lot smaller. This wasn't the case. If the default size was smaller, the increased clarity made up for it. Other than adding SSD this monitor is the most noticeable improvement I've made to my computer in years.

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Best I've had7/18/2015 4:43:39 PM

Pros: Solid latching system No USBs or other added connectors Full body chassis - a lot of docks barely stay together until you get them into a case a bolted down. Not this one. I don't use it much for what I do but I suppose if you are going to leave a drive in it long term the switchable fan and fan speed on the front is a plus.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I always like to have a dock in my work and home systems since I'm a "computer guy" seems I always need to quickly look at or copy off a drive. Been through a lot of docks. Some were very nice looking, others very industrial looking, yet they all failed. Some just quit being seem by the computer, others with add on USB ports, the ports failed, while others just died mechanically. Doors stopped latching closed, or worse, wouldn't open. I've had this dock in my work system for a good while now and along with a EZConvert MB882SP-1S-2B for 2.5 drives I am totally impressed. I'm back ordering a second one for home.

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Next to perfect6/29/2015 9:28:13 PM

Pros: Compact but not too small Swing out drive bay Designed for Supermicro boards Whisper Quiet Fan

Cons: Power supply seems too small for the amount of equipment and drives you can put in it. No other places to mount a fan other than the one it comes with,

Overall Review: Both cons are subjective and not a real negative. CPU's are a lot less power hungry than they once were and even 4 15K SAS drives might not truly max out the PSU. I checked the onboard temps of a recent build and the highest I saw was 46C so does it really need more than one fan. Given that you can pack an entire company into one of these with ESXi or Hyper-V I'd feel better with a second fan.

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Not my best Netgear Experience4/27/2015 7:57:55 AM

Pros: Like the low profile stylish design. AC speeds. Generally have had excellent luck with Netgear products.

Cons: Web interface is a little hard to use.Typical basic/advanced modes and then a lot of clicking in and out choices to find commonly used settings, Failing after 6 months and no easy path to an RMA.

Overall Review: Failing after 6 months. Once a day, starting about a week ago it seems to lock up. I did all the troubleshooting on this. Lights are flashing but both wired and wireless internet connection goes down. Web interface unavailable, pinging the router fails. Power cycle the router and everything starts working. On the latest firmware, did a factory reset. My response from Netgear support was that I have to call them and of course I should buy their premium support package since I'm outside the 90 days of included support. Well NO, since it's intermittent I don't really want to call support at 11:00pm on a Sunday night to have some level 1 tech read me a script of everything I already tried. A top of the line router like this should be backed up with a better level of support.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Raland, We apologize that you are having trouble and want to let you know that there is a higher level of support. You can email us whenever you need. Email: In the email all you need to include at the case numbers that support gave you and a description of what you are experiencing. Regards, NETGEAR Team
Very nice rack mount case4/22/2015 12:45:28 PM

Pros: Simple and inexpensive. Able to use standard PSU and CPU fans.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have several of these, Some actual metal servers and others as ESXi 5.x hosts. This is an excellent case if you avoid a couple trouble areas. If you are going to use 3.5 HDDs then you are limited to 2 as it's almost impossible to fit them in the two lower mounting slots because the motherboard interferes with that area. I always combine this case with a 4 x 2.5 drive cage that fits in the external bay and it's just shallow enough to allow the PSU cables to fit. I can completely remove the two 3.5 drive brackets if I need extra room. If you put the case into an enclosure rather than a rack it can be a pain to remove it just to get into the case compared to a rack on rails but then again this doesn't cost $500+ dollars.

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Dynatron alway good stuff4/6/2015 8:22:58 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, always gets the job done.

Cons: Maybe they could include a cool logo sticker to add to my pile.

Overall Review: Not much to say about a heat sink. It fits the narrow configuration of the 2011 cpu found on the Supermicro motherboards I use. Has no problem handling the load of the E5-2630 v3 with the 2U case fans.

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Best ITX workstation I've found4/2/2015 3:40:11 PM

Pros: Obviously small size, Quiet. Looks nice in a professional office. Solid construction and easy to disassemble.

Cons: Nothing you shouldn't expect if buying an ITX form factor.

Overall Review: I've built several of these cases as well and probably a dozen of the previous 300-150 model. Combined with the Gigabyte GA-H81N motherboard with a mSATA drive and i5-4570S 65 Watt CPU and you have a VERY sleek yet power workstation. The SilenX EFX-08-12 80mm Case Fan is a nice inexpensive second fan.

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Four Years of ownership!3/12/2015 4:28:32 PM

Pros: Dual CPU with lots of cores. Solid ESXi 5.x performance. Less expensive than Intel solutions.

Cons: If I recall correctly for back in 3/2011 it doesn't use a "standard" mounting layout. Not a lot of G34 cooling options out there. The Dynatron A6 coolers I ended up using didn't set very flush but that's not the boards fault.

Overall Review: I have been running this board along with the other components listed below as an ESXi host four years now with absolutely no issues. I am back looking to purchase another one when I saw all the negative reviews and realized I had never posted one. I see a lot of reviews mentioning Asus's poor support. I've used well over 100 of their motherboards and never had a situation where I have to contact them so I can't say much about that. I pretty much figure that after the 30 day Newegg return window closes, I'm on my own no matter who the OEM is. The fact this board has been out so long it a testament to it's performance. There is a reason why servers are "raised" and computers are "built". If you don't have the skills to be a parent and raise it right, then you probably shouldn't order one of these. 2 x AMD Opteron 6128 Magny-Cours 2 x Dynatron A6 8 x Kingston 4GB ECC Registered DDR3 1333 KVR1333D3D4R9S/4G

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Nice case!2/3/2015 3:21:05 PM

Pros: A little bigger than the typical ITX case (see other thoughts), Big cooling fan. Quiet. Lots of space in front of the PSU.

Cons: The plastic holders for the hard drives are a little on the brittle side. One of the flexible curvy parts you grab to remove the drive snapped right off just getting it out empty. Still works ok but they seem overly cheap compared to the rest of the case.

Overall Review: I love the ITX form factor and build a lot of home and work stations. One downside is all the ITX cases are seemingly made to be as small as possible (rightly so) but this makes positioning them difficult at times. They are too small to go on the floor where they wobble around on carpet. Monitor cables are too short to reach ground level. Then if you want to use a USB drive or external DVD drive, you have to crawl on the ground to plug it in, On the other hand they are pretty big to set on a desk and then you have to worry about heat and noise issues. I used this case on my home system, swapping out a Lian Li that is a great case. This one was easier to install, especially the PSU since it sets below the motherboard with open space in front of it. The size and dimensions are about perfect. It's got enough width so it's very stable and being slightly deeper and taller allows the cables to reach the rear ports and the front of the case is reachable to use DVD drive and USB ports.

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Love my ProCurves11/17/2014 10:07:08 AM

Pros: Works great, lifetime warranty with top tier technical support. The web interface is easy to navigate and setup.

Cons: 48 port 10/100/1000 POE switches are pricey

Overall Review: I added this switch due to my 24 port 2920 running out of space. About the highest recommendation I can give a product or service is if I go back and buy it over and over again. I had work done by an outside vendor that blew out the POE power supplies in two of my 2910 switches. HP support overnighted free replacements and bumped me up to 2920 models even though I explained the units were damaged and no a workmanship issue.

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Works Great11/17/2014 9:58:47 AM

Pros: Simple, does what it's supposed to do. I have started building NUC and BRIXs for workstations so I quickly discovered the need for a way to plug an mSata drive into my workstation for testing.

Cons: Seems a little pricey but hey anyone can make something cheap that doesn't work.

Overall Review: I combined this with the USB to SATA adapter that comes with SSD drives. Makes it very easy to work with mSata drives. If you have some smaller mSata drives around it's an easy way to repurpose them such as ESXI boot drives.

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Works Well11/14/2014 1:00:22 PM

Pros: Great test bench or place to pre build a system before moving into a permanent case. Couple minor issues but way more convenient than using a case.

Cons: The way the PSU bolts on can be a hassle. The Expansion card holders aren't that great.

Overall Review: I ended up getting a power cord with a 90 degree end so it fits better. Tough to get to the PSU power switch. Some motherboards I have to remove the board before I can remove the aux power cable because it's a tight fit between the CPU cooler and PSU.

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Good kit - not a great experience8/11/2014 11:00:47 AM

Pros: Does a good job working with the matching ITX case. Haven't tested it's thermal performance yet (see other). Kit includes a fair amount of extra cooling line if you make a mistake on the install or want to add other water blocks.

Cons: While I appreciate water fittings have to be tight so there are no leaks, these fittings can be VERY difficult to get the line into. You also must use the line that comes it the kits or find something exactly the same. I have some very good line from a previous custom water build and the wall thickness of the line was just big enough it wouldn't go on the fittings. You get enough line in the kit but if you are thinking of using colored line from a third party be prepared for it to not fit.

Overall Review: I've had various water cooling systems. Some kits. some custom build. The "Hydro" setup with the case and cooling kit is really very well done for going into an ITX form factor. Things are a little tight here and there but that should be expected given the size of the case. My only complain is that while test running the system I found it had a leak. I wasn't in a hurry to use this computer so I left it in my garage for about a week with the pump running. I noticed the fluid level in the reservoir had gone down. I didn't notice any obvious water in the case but there was dried up coolant on the bench under the computer. Best I can tell there is a leak in the gasket or o-ring that seals between the pump and the reservoir. Which means I pretty much have to disassemble the entire unit. Since I took my time on the build I am passed being able to return it so I'm off to find out how easy the EVGA RMA system is. I know products can be defective on occasion, just this time it's going to cost me hours to fully R & R the system.

1 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
Dear Pat A., I am sorry to hear about the problem that you are having with your EVGA Watercooling kit. We are available to assist you should you need assistance with troubleshooting or to set up an RMA for warranty replacement if it is needed. If you have not done so, I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1-888-881-3842 and pressing option 1 or by email, so that we can further assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Worked great10/9/2013 8:28:33 AM

Pros: Same performance as OEM without the big $$

Cons: None

Overall Review: My only problem was that I completed my order for quantity 5 and Newegg revised the order down to quantity 2. This totally hosed me since I was running new fiber across my campus and you can't do that without enough modules. I think more and more items on Newegg are drop shipped from the manufacturer so you're at the mercy of their inventory once you place an order . Also, it's worth mentioning that fiber modules are picky about talking to each other even if installed in the proper brand switch. This is a "C" model so it wouldn't communicate with some of my older "A" models.

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