75% of the box was smashed9/6/2018 4:29:14 PM

Pros: leds work

Cons: volume is iffy very low not sure about whether or not mic works, Packaged was thoroughly taped up you could see and feel the odd shape but I assumed it the design of the package the headphones came in since outside packaging showed no signs of damage. I was really shocked upon opening it...

Overall Review: Can't tell if someone stomped this box or just stacked it under much heavier packages but adding foam or cardboard might help protect the next customers purchase.

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4 out of 5 bad!5/17/2017 5:51:59 PM

Pros: So far have 3 of these lighting up the window of my Phanteks Enthoo Luxe.

Cons: One strip has a burnt out led... The last one I purchased actually, one odd led was almost purple as soon as plugged in, but then yellow-ish (this one led did not go off when the pc was turned off), oh well out of sight in the very top of the case.

Overall Review: Now 4 of 5 of these all purchased between February 23rd 2017 and April 16th 2017 all have this copperish semi circle showing with a very faint blue glow. Odd that the very first one is still going strong just anything purchased after it seems to have burnt out! I bought blue LEDS for a blue glow, not white or amber! Guess I'll have to stick to fans if I want a blue hue in my case.. Or maybe I'll look into that LED Panel I saw on another site!

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Eh..4/19/2017 4:22:13 PM

Pros: Fast shipping lightweight case.

Cons: Top usb ports are all bent, rubber dust guards barely in one side standing up off of them. Real pain just to change fans, instructions say something about removing screws to take top off. I found 2 screws that cannot be reached by a screw driver, luckily top actually comes off by squeezing one peg at the back of the case. In order to change front fans you have to remove the drive cages, 4 screws located on the bottom of the case 3 on the inside and you're good to go!

Overall Review: Would be nice if it came with RGB fans to match the window and save people the hassle of practically having to take the case apart to change fans to a color that suits them. Have yet to test the led window and make sure it works - doesn't seem to be much bigger than the mid tower it's meant to replace probably the smallest full tower case I've purchased.

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Bad HDMI ports, my third one3/21/2017 12:54:08 PM

Pros: 8GBs simple to install hardswap fans

Cons: First one arrive after install black screen, RMA'ed second one arrived just a black screen still - however worked in my kids pc. His uses a DVI cable while my monitor uses HDMI. RMA'ed again ordered a HDMI to DVI cable. Third card just arrived. Again with HDMI hooked up only black screen. But using HDMI to DVI cable finally have a picture!

Overall Review: Unfortunately unable to get the rebate had one at original time of purchase but when I went to print it out I found it to be for dates after my purchase date. I see there's a rebate again (so far there has been a rebate for the entire month since my original purchase, but none of the dates match up with my order now). If there is a known HDMI issue with these cards please consider throwing in an HDMI to DVI or Display adapter; spare your customers the headache of multiple RMA's.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, It sounds like you may be have a low resolution issue where windows cant properly send the HD signal through the GPU. Its a simple fix if you're still having issues. XFX Support neweggsupport@xfxforce.com
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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Free3/6/2017 7:57:54 PM

Pros: Purchased 2 cards got 2 codes for a free game.

Cons: I'm not a gamer; just a designer...

Overall Review: Since designers also use graphics cards maybe one day one of the graphics card companies will alternate and give us a choice, between these free games and something we could use, or something we would choose to use.

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Looks nice3/6/2017 7:48:44 PM

Pros: Looked good on my new card...

Cons: Now Newegg is giving them away.. :(

Overall Review: Had to RMA my card waiting to get replacement.. Too bad i had to pay for the fans - card has already gone on sale since I purchased it, now there's a rebate and free fans :(

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX Neweggsupport@xfxforce.com
So far my kid isn't complaining (knock on wood)3/1/2017 3:23:12 PM

Pros: LED, 8GB gigabyte (always purchase their boards and previously some NVIDIA cards from gigabyte - rarely had an issue).

Cons: Set the color to orange but a reboot and now it cycles back through.

Overall Review: Bought this to replace my son's 4GB GTX SC 970 FTW saved a lot of money opposed to NVIDIA's 8Gb cards. Really hoping that every telling me AMD does not violate the rights of their customers in Data collection are right. Nvidia's on going theft is what propelled me to purchase AMD. Should have purchased 2 of these, instead I purchased the XFX RX480 as well only it DOES NOT work, wish Gigabyte offered LED fans like XFX does, I would have purchased a few more of these if that were the case.

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Looks great but..3/1/2017 2:57:00 PM

Pros: Leds, Blue in particular.

Cons: Not as roomy as I assumed, this thing is larger than the Thermaltake Mk Chaser it's replacing. Cable management might be nice but barely able to reach to plug in hard drives. Fans installed are not led not a big deal since I purchased blue led fans for this, but I could have sworn the specs state it comes with led fans. USB 3.0 header is a real pain refuses to stay put after looking at it I noticed one of the holes seems to be off mark a bit, silly little hole in the middle might be causing the issues, which practically makes the front panel useless if this was a selling point for you.

Overall Review: Only 3 external drive bays - now I knew this before purchasing, but still bit the bullet and sacrificed one of my blue ray drives for the LEDS. Have yet to figure out how to remove the front panel so I can add the 200mm led fan. Not as roomy as you'd think. But my 240mm corsair cooler fits nicely in the top and still room for a 140 mm sitting right next to it. Will be an absolutely beautiful blue glowing machine when I'm finished but so far it's off to a good start...

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Definitely not what I thought1/5/2017 3:59:52 PM

Pros: Was under the impression this thing was fast...

Cons: 5GHz Motorola modem, USB 3.0 speed maxes out at 144.5 according to the specs I would have 300mbs on usb 2.0. Since this thing arrived i have been dealing with pages unable to load rebooted the modem several times hoping to fix it, internet drops from time to time, now tonight I cannot even get online with it - currently attempting to reinstall their latest driver.

Overall Review: Was planning on purchasing more of these one for every laptop in the house but I might just be better off spending less and settling for the usb 2.0 300n models.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Sir/Madam, We are sorry for the difficulty you are experiencing. We appreciate your feedback and would like to help you solve the problem. We need more information from you to provide possible solutions to solve your problem. Please contact our tech support at 1(800)652-6776 or write an email to "support@edimax.us". Our tech support team will assist you with the issue. Best Regards, Edimax Customer Support
Not quite 17"9/25/2016 4:47:02 AM

Pros: Arrived yesterday, looks sleek, very quiet (not silent).

Cons: Initially thought it was broken when the box rattled, then realized it was the usb cord. I had assumed this would give me an additional usb port, my fault there I guess I didn't read the product specs well enough. Purchased for 17.3" laptop, laptop seems to be about an inch and a half too big for the 17" cooler...

Overall Review: Since my CPU is on the right side of the laptop I would love to see a cooler designed to assist in cooling it, I'm having a hard time finding one that actually fits the laptop without any over hang... years ago purchased a couple Antec coolers that fit perfectly but can't find anything like them these days... Fan basically sit on surface of desk, I can only assume that means it's not getting much of an air flow so, maybe add a little lift so it can actually suck some air up? Maybe a little switch to allow customers to choose which way the air should flow, just L or R for those of us with HPs that have the CPUS on the right hand side. My 3rd cooler for this laptop since February, guess I'll keep looking for something bigger maybe I'll find what I'm looking for one day...

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Not sure yet.9/12/2016 3:23:50 PM

Pros: Tested 2 so far so good.

Cons: Was hoping more of the cord actually lit up. Made 4 separate orders so far only received one. Did not receive tracking information for this order. Did receive tracking information for other 3, however after receiving this one in mail today I attempted to track the other 3 and USPS tells me no such shipment.

Overall Review: Would like to see the entire cable light up. After testing the first one my family was quick to say they wanted one too. Glad I purchased several, hopefully the rest will get here soon. Oh would love to see an orange cable, so I can purchase one for my son who's favorite color is orange.

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Not suitable for my 17.3 HP3/10/2016 1:46:58 PM

Pros: inexpensive.. been awhile since I purchased any laptop cooling but paid about x4 as much

Cons: cheap.. Last ones I bought were sturdy and more durable with built in usb hub... Advertized as supporting up to 17.3" it does not have half the laptop hanging off.. My cpu is on the right not the left.. Blows cool air to the the left so I doubt this will be very useful come summer

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Impressive3/1/2016 3:06:12 PM

Pros: IT works, all 7 ports work, switches perfect for bit locker drives.

Cons: 2 of the switches stick. Cord is a bit short for my needs but I'll make do for now.

Overall Review: This is the third USB 3.0 hub I've purchased since January and the very first one that actually works. Well so far I have only unlocked my drives haven't transferred anything yet. Previous hubs I purchased Orico 10 port USB hub would not work, 4 ports completely dead - other 6 required external power before devices even showed as "unknown devices" on the pc. Then tried my luck with a Rosewill 4 port hub which only 2 ports works on, but it couldn't power my external hard drives and threw tons of errors when trying to transfer files.

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2 of 4 ports work somewhat2/26/2016 4:30:09 PM

Pros: USB 3.0, arrived today.

Cons: Purchased this hoping to use some of my usb 3.0 devices at usb 3.0 speeds. Tested all 4 ports only 2 will even show a device is connected to the pc. Tried copying files to usb 3.0 flash drives expecting to see the huge speed benefit - unfortunately instead receiving IO erros and error messages telling me the original files are no longer available, This is not the case they are clearly available. Oh doesn't seem to be powerful enough to use external hard drives with, neither of my hard drives register with the pc at all even in the "good" ports.

Overall Review: Having terrible luck finding a usb 3.0 hub that actually works (my second one in 2 months and the second one that does not work) without costing an arm and a leg. Until then I guess I'm stuck at 2.0 speeds.

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Don't know yet2/5/2016 1:12:56 AM

Pros: Fast delivery and touch screen.

Cons: Designed for left handed person, no mention of this in description or specs. FEDEX HUGE problem knocked once and door and left on porch... Was expecting other items on the order to be delivered today as well through FedEx, but so far only this? In this neighborhood, let alone in the times we're living in it is NEVER OK to leave ANYTHING on someone's porch.

Overall Review: Really hope the rest of the items which were also scheduled for delivery today by fedex actually gets here Ok.. so my follow up, this things has been on all day and hasn't even gotten the slightest bit on the hot side.. Pretty fast still working on getting used to the backwardness, but if all else fails my moms a lefty and would love it. Odd noise all day possibly fan... Also seems to have what sounds like a screw rattling somewhere. Still a little irate with the way FEDEX handles the deliveries (I've always held fedex in the highest regards but leaving a laptop in plain view on the porch are you kidding me? If I weren't home it would not have been there when I came home! Then hours later leaving a massive full tower just sitting in my yard).

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Fast delivery2/4/2016 8:56:44 AM

Pros: Ordered yesterday.. So extremely fast delivery.

Cons: Haven't opened it yet.. just brought it inside heard some rattling in box hope it's not damaged. FEDEX, this is extremely messed up, been waiting 2 hours since they dropped off the laptop I also purchased yesterday... Had 3 packages from newegg out for delivery today so far I got 2, by chance. First they knock once and leave the laptop on the porch before I can get down the stairs and by the barking dog to the door they're gone! Not cool at all! That was 9am now nearly noon I check my email and see the tracking status "delivered" no one knocked nothing. Anyway I run to check the porch? And this HUGE MASSIVE box is sitting right in the front yard waiting for anyone to just grab it! 2 out of 3 packages so far today. No idea where the next one will be if I even get it!

Overall Review: Seriously newegg you need to have a clause that these things must be signed for spent around $1700 here yesterday - it's amazing that my purchases can just be left laying about for anyone walking by to help themselves to!

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Free?2/4/2016 7:16:57 AM

Pros: well free game with the purchase of very expensive my new video card.

Cons: I'm not a gamer so have to find someone to give this to. Newegg charged me $0.99 for the free game lol. The credit me $0.99 on one invoice and still created a separate invoice for the game... And still somehow managed to charge me. Not a huge deal but still it's not free.

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Dead1/13/2016 5:12:03 PM

Pros: Just arrived.

Cons: Took a little longer than expected to get here. No tracking updates provided, Arrived today while the rest of my order arrived 2 days ago! But arrived DOA.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Sonya: Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To deal with your problem and serve you well, could you please tell me the problems by email? our email address is Newegg@orico.com.cn. We will reply you within 48 hours and try our best to help you, sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. For the defective products within warranty, we can send you a replacement. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards Maite
Lasted 2 days1/12/2016 10:49:07 AM

Pros: Arrived fast, I even forgot I ordered it when it showed up in the mailbox. Was cheap 12.99 at the time of purchase, by far the cheapest I've even paid for a optical drive...

Cons: Installed Friday.. Lasted until Sunday. My kid opened the drive and put a disk in and it would not shut. For the life of us we were unable to get it to close again. Took it out of his pc and something inside was rattling like a chain, threw in the garbage and replaced it with an LG BluRay drive.

Overall Review: First samsung optical drive purchase probably my last.

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Purchased second kit11/19/2015 7:12:37 AM

Pros: Great so far. So good I came back for a second kit!

Cons: I keep missing it on sale. Well it has gone done quite a bit since my first purchase, but still would love to get a few more. Would also love to see these in 8GB sticks :( but Crucial says they don't make anything larger than 4. Still fairly expensive, I've been seeing DDR4 16GB kits running around this current price, so hoping this comes down a bit more before Christmas.

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Fan died11/4/2015 4:56:45 AM

Pros: Keeps the cpu cool.. but gives off wrong temps.

Cons: According to AMD this model is not rated for 220w AM3+ processors, after thousands of random freezing had to switch to the old processor. Used this with an FX9590 never showed temps reach 40c and usually ideled at 18-19 which people tell me is impossible for that processor. Pc would lock up several times a day with minimal cpu usage - all the while supposedly barely beaking a sweat.

Overall Review: Purchased 2 in February after reading tons of iffy reviews. For the past few months been pretty loud one fan kicking off and on lots of whining moaning noises coming from it.. Just figured that was on par with several other reviews stating this. Started sounding like a jet engine, even on low... Decided to look in the link software fans showed no rpms checked connections and only to find one was just plain dead. Luckily the other cooler I purchased has yet to be used just pulled out one fan and switched. PC is running much quiter now on Proformance mode, I barely hear the fans. Oddly enough with only one functioning fan speed shoots up to nearly 3000rpm. I chose these after reading several amazing reviews of this thing paired with the FX9590. In between lock ups I must admit my pc appeared to be running smoothly while staying nice and cool. I am getting the same exact temps using FX 8350 (125w)

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Front died in under 6 months9/27/2015 8:05:42 PM

Pros: My kid likes it.

Cons: Power button has stuck fron get go. No matter how many times I've tried to clean around it nothing works, has caused numerous corrupt bios messages when my kid first turns it on because the power button sticks and stays in a continuous on/off mode until you manage to get it unstuck. Now the orange led fan has gone caput - not a major issue I guess since I did buy several other orange led fans to fill the case with and guess I can buy another - but this case has only been used for around 6 months.

Overall Review: Keep trying to talk my son into letting me buy him another case but he likes this one... Quality control could be a little better; this was my first and probably my last purchase of raidmax cases.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry to hear you have some issues with this case. If there's anything we can do for you, or if you need any spare parts, please send a email to rma@raidmax.com for faster respond/service. We appreciate you choosing Raidmax products. -Raidmax Support Team
Been a Gigabyte girl for years9/9/2015 2:07:26 PM

Pros: It works I guess. Does work to an extent with FX9590 and BIOS FCh.

Cons: Since February I have been facing random lock ups... I have replaced everything on this system in troubleshooting efforts. Reseated EVERYTHING hundreds of times on this particular board. Refuses to read 1866mhz memory. Managed to set the memory to 1866mhz in BIOS but it fails to boot with more than one stick (rather pointless if you have 32gigs); setting memory to default speeds automatically OC's processor. Called their tech support spent an hour on the phone with a woman who attempted to assist me with the memory settings but only continued to get the same result - every time system would fail to boot. 2 failed attempts to boot before reverting to default BIOS settings. Anyway after chiding me for not having an SSD (rude) the tech finally gave up telling me that as long as it functions at 1600mhz it would be fine.

Overall Review: Finally have this system running stable using my old FX8350. Had to jump through hoops and make a call to AMD corporate to RMA my FX9590. However, AMD tells me that this board does not support the processor - but Gigabyte says it does... (someone's not on the same page). Board does support the processor to an extent. AMD tells me the processor will only function with 1866mhz or higher memory (which I do have although board automatically clocks it at 1600mhz). Have no intention of OC'ing 4.7 ghz is plenty fast for my needs. But with these flaws I'm afraid to try the replacement processor with this board. Board under clocking memory seems to damage the memory after awhile; had to RMA my Corsair 32GB kit. Which is once again running at 1600mhz. Noticed the BIOS is no longer beta - now FC (rather than FCh) but serious lack of documentation; so I have no idea if trying to update from FCh to FC might resolve the issues or just give me more of the same headaches. Actually purchased 3 of this model in February; and have tried the FX9590 in all before (quite possibly unjustly) RMA'ing it. Anyway; all produced the same results.

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Amd just lost lifelong customer8/14/2015 4:24:32 AM

Pros: Thought it was a good deal after doing tons of research when I purchased it in January.

Cons: This thing has locked my computer up for months before I finally realized it was the processor at fault!

Overall Review: Contacted their tech support asking to RMA after 6 months of frustration, before finally figuring out that it was the processor (silly me I've always been an AMD girl and assumed the processor would be the last thing to go bad especially considering I never OC). Their tech support basically assumed I do not have enough knowledge to buy a board to support this processor (Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 r.3 BIOS FCh which supports the FX 9590 LOOK it up AMD!). Also blamed me for having the wrong cooler (Corsair H100i which has several amazing reviews when paired with the FX 9590) although it seemed to keep the temps idling between 8 - 17c. Assumed I do not have the brains enough to buy a sufficient power supply... Assumed I didn't have the brains enough to use at least 1866mhz ram (Corsair 32GB) (okay, so I'm a chick and been a life long AMD fan.. I really must be stupid!). This stupid girl who typically purchases 3 AMD processors at a time at least once a year... Has not only changed motherboards, but ram, video cards, and power supplies (including having gone through 2 of the Thermaltake power supplies AMD recommends and now on a 1000 watt Rosewill). But NOTHING has stopped this frustrating freezing! Anyway, luckily I didn't sale the old FX8350 yet, and now I seem to have a fully functioning pc again and a $239.99 paperweight I guess. I will not be putting another AMD product in our pcs.

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Hm..5/27/2015 3:28:04 PM

Pros: was eyeing this. Has the same features as my current board.

Cons: doesn't look as though gigabyte has read any of the customer reviews here - still have the northbridge heatsink in an impossible place if you'd like to use your expensive sound card

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