Great bag2/3/2013 8:30:04 PM

Pros: Good quality (not for trecking in Sahara or every day use) Non-conspicuous Huge capacity (also deep, you can put a lot of stuff on the top of lenses/cameras) Fits on the floor under the front seat even in smaller planes like CRJ700, if not overstuffed. If overstuffed, you can take it as a carry-on through checkups and unload some not fragile gear in grocery bag and put in overhead bin. I love the padding on the back. The soft spongy covered with mesh for breathability goes on both sides and bottom, leaving a hollow space for the backbone. It distributes the weight evenly w/o any plates, stakes etc. Very comfortable fit and lightweight. The hip belt is solid, not sure why some people are complaining. Velcro compartments are configurable and suitable for normal use. If you do smth extreme like dropping on rocks every other day, get a sturdier/heavier bags for >100$. I like ThinkTank

Cons: None. Bags of such capacity go for >90$, even less well designed. Excellent starter bag - try it, use it and decide what do you want from your next bag

Overall Review: The bag is deep, almost cube like. Still, sits and distributes the weight very well. If you want a shallower bag with a bit smaller capacity, I recommend Tamrac (~$70). They have a bit thicker an rigid padding all around and fit in overhead bins on planes. The material is sturdy, with other budget bags the weakest link is where the straps go into the seams on the top. If they start coming out (usually one at a time) don't wait, saw it in with thick tread

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beware of Corel rebates!!!2/6/2012 9:55:25 AM

Pros: Very capable

Cons: Very cluttered interface, in most cases at least one more level/click compared to the Photoshop. Took me a year to get the rebate through their Indian CS - they denied everything, gave all rounds around from the book and when it finally came, adding and insult to the injury it was in "Canadian funds". Guess their promotion department added these pennies saved on the exchange rate to their Christmas bonus...

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So far amazing12/27/2010 5:34:36 PM

Pros: Color, ergonomics, height adjustment is "air cushioned" -light pull or push and it slides in place and stays.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Ordered 12/22/2010 refurbished for $209. Had my doubts after reading consistently negative reviews about packing. Couldn't resist the price for photo editing. Mine came in a huge box that looked brand new and was filled with form fitting foam to the brim. Power and DVI cable, no CD, not a scratch or dead pixels.

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exellent value/performance12/3/2009 7:33:41 AM

Pros: Our office building has a lot of metal elements that make wireless/cell phone reception a nightmare. Was having problems with different "respected brand" wireless adapters <$100 price range for 2 years and when saw this for $15 on sale decided to give a last try. Day and night, the tiny thingy just works!!! (XP SP2)

Cons: none

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Decent mid-level. Not for frequent user8/15/2008 10:05:28 AM

Pros: Compact, nice feel, decent cap. Good for unfrequent backups. Can't complain for the price. OCZ rebates are the best rebate experience in my whole life (purchased 4 differnt sets of OCZ RAM and this USB within last 4 months). No hassle, in about a month you receive e-mail that the check will be sent within 15 days and 2 days after this mail the check is you hands!

Cons: Long start up time under Windows. If you click Open Files in pop-up menu it takes 1-2 min, if you plug and click MyComputer (after some delay, only in the right moment) it opens a bit faster but still annoying. Not sure if this is flawded design or a a defect of my particular drive but in 4 different computers when I plug it in the LED is on but computer doesn' t see it. Have to push it in and out, grind into the USB port etc. Eventually it connects, the effect is irreproducible, most likely defective USB connector.

Overall Review: If you want a FAST drive for average/somehow advanced user (not for copying whole DVDs, decoding DaVinci code or whatever else people are complaining :-), get Corsair Flash Voyager. Yes, it's a bit bulky, yes - the cap has the friction of non-stick Teflon skillet, yes - the lanyard loop is soft rubber but if you can carry it in your pocket or bag, the thing is pure pleasure. Price is comparable with Rallye.

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1/28/2008 7:28:48 AM

Pros: Good board for the money. Loaded with features. Future BIOS updates will make it even more versatile

Cons: Windows installer for the latest and most feature laden BIOS update A78XA116.BST (see other posts) doesn't add required installation parameters and screws up the system. Manual command line install works:

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