sick psu6/3/2012 11:29:55 PM

Pros: Lots of connections blue LED super quiet! crossfire or sli and its Corsair

Cons: not modular but knew that when I bought it

Overall Review: For some reason I love this psu!!! Got with a promo code luckily because it is a little expensive but the quality and performance is amazing! My build: i5 3570k biostar tz77xe4 Corsair vengance 8gb crucial m4 WDblue 500gb corsair gs800 hd 6950 Nzxt phantom 410

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I feel spoiled!6/3/2012 3:26:45 PM

Pros: FAST! I am new to the ssd community and I must say I have no idea what I was waiting on because I absolutely love this thing. Boots my windows so fast, bout 10 seconds, its amazing!!!!

Cons: none whatsoever

Overall Review: this is the boot drive and stores some of my most played games on my new custom built computer!

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Can you say amazing!6/2/2012 10:17:03 PM

Pros: Fast! overclocks almost as good as sandy, and I agree with others that those who have hot temps need to check their paste job or buy a CM 212 cooler because my temps are amazing! 1 core has hit 60 at full load other three havent passed 58C and I am running it at 4.5Ghz on CM 212 EVO, barely had to bump volt. I hit 4.4 straight out the box no voltage increase!!!!!!

Cons: wont cook me breakfast!

Overall Review: for those of you saying you shouldnt have to buy a third party cooler for this processer, why the heck are you buying an unlocked processor, if your not going to overclock nor buy a much better cooler. 20-30 bucks and your set! Also I upgraded from a Phenom IIx4 965 that I thought was fast, well I was def wrong!!! intel has converted me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Phantom 4106/2/2012 8:37:04 AM

Pros: Where to start, this case has it all, its got tons of room, sleek design, and the blue led's look nice. has fan control and connectors for four more fans that you can connect to the onboard fan controller, could not ask for more. Removable hdd if needed, toolless design, wire management holes. I could go on and on about this case, NZXT PHANTOM 410!!!!!!

Cons: while I gave it 5 eggs there are 2 cons that you should know about before getting but would not hinder me in buying this case again, 1) the hdd drive cage toolless design is the worst I have ever seen, let me have screws please! 2) the rubber gromletts for the wire holes came off easy, fortunately I prefer them off since my holes were mostly filled anyways.

Overall Review: did fit my 11.4 inch hd 6950 gigabyte without having to remove the removable hdd cage, if that can give you an idea in fact i had some room plenty. Awesome case got it with 15 percent off promo thanks to the awesome newegg!!!!!

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